By Pastor Johann Melchizedek Peter


This afternoon we are going to talk about the USA prophecy − it’s not a wrong prophecy; it was misinterpreted in timing. So the prophecy will still take place. Then there are some aspects, as I looked back and I saw a bit more clearly, that we can talk about. After that, we will open for questions and answers.

This is a worldwide session. In fact, all our sermons are delivered worldwide. I follow a certain policy: anything that is delivered worldwide and from the pulpit has to also be addressed worldwide. If something is delivered to only 10 people, then to the 10 people it will be addressed. That’s one of my leadership principles (out of 17 principles) by which I live.

The one good thing is: this is a teaching church. So whether there are misinterpretations or mistakes made, whether there are successes or failures, whether we are in a valley or on the mountain top rejoicing, we are accountable and responsible. There is no other place or ministry − I can assure you because I can list a whole group of people internationally (with some famous names), all the way from India to the USA, all over the world, and even in my home country (Australia), where prophecies have been made wrongly and none of them has been willing to discuss or analyse. So this is the privilege that we do and have. This is the type of leadership that we have . We will always be transparent and open, and we will discuss and analyse all things, so that we can go forward from there. So let’s lay some foundations.

This is the second service. In the first service I taught on the area of spiritual revelation and interpretation, and I touched on some points that I would like to bring forward also to this service. Then I’ll go straight into the USA prophecy analysis. You can ask about other prophecies too.

First, how and when this kind of mistakes can be made. The easiest mistake to make in the reception, interpretation and application of a prophecy is the timing. Timing is one of the most difficult things to discern in a prophecy (when you receive a prophecy from God). Yet in our modern world, everybody is concerned about the timing. For example, you can prophesy the price of gold going up. People know it’s going to go up and down. How does it help people if they don’t know when, right? You can prophesy about prosperity and recession, but nobody can benefit or act on it unless they know the “when”. Our modern world is concerned with the “when”.

We do not need prophecies; we need signs and wonders which are important to us. And not just signs and wonders, but signs and wonders that bring healing and wholeness to people. Also, the preaching of the gospel which is more important to us. We have never needed a prophecy to validate anything. Prophecies have been given not with the motive of validation. We always have the solid teaching of the Word and the proof of my 40 years of ministry of the Word. That’s our validation.

As we look at the interpretation of prophecy and its application, we look first at some scriptures that we touched on this morning. Look at the difference between the spiritual time and the physical time. But in terms of that, some of the background on what we touched on this morning, for example, in Acts 10 when Peter saw the vision of the unclean animals coming down three times. You see, hindsight is easier than foresight. We know from Acts 10 that it refers to the three Gentiles coming to Peter, sent by Cornelius to ask Peter to go and preach the gospel to him so that he can be saved. We know the interpretation.

But inside the vision (in Acts 10), the basket contains the unclean animals which Jews do not eat. Of course, to us Gentiles, when we see the whole basket, we say: “Wow, hotpot, good!” Lobsters, prawns, crabs, all these unclean things for us, fantastic! But to Peter, it was unclean. Then the voice said: “Kill and eat.” Now, definitely that cannot be literal interpretation.

So again, I show that even the vocabularies of a vision: “Kill and eat” cannot be interpreted literally because when Peter saw the three Gentile men: three baskets, three Gentiles, three baskets, three Gentiles, “Kill and eat”, “Kill and eat”!Obviously he could not. That’s not what God was trying to say. Instead, it had to be re-interpreted as “Go with them, preach and save.” So the “kill and eat” was totally changed.

I want to show some parts in the Bible, where the chronological time in the earth plane is different from the spiritual time in the spiritual dimension. Let’s look at Genesis 15:13 − (God told Abraham) “Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years.” See, the words “four hundred years”? Later, it says in verse 16: “in the fourth generation”. So that’s a prophetic word uttered by God.

Now, Exodus 12:40 − “Now the sojourn of the children of Israel who lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years.” Now, where did the extra 30 years come from? How did it happen?

One of the things that I showed this morning is that, in the Bible, in the measurement of the laver during Solomon’s time, they measured Pi as 3. We know Pi as 3.142 onwards. This is because the Bible sort of summarises something. Of course, we also don’t know what else was spoken. But four hundred years plus another thirty years − thirty years for humans is a lifetime.

Thirty extra years − where did that come from?

Prophecies are given in part. Then as you are about to go in, you know, when at the beginning of the 400 years − 400 years, 430 years − no difference at the beginning. But when you are at the ending, you’d have already experienced 400 years.

Towards the end of the time when the Israelities were about to come out of Egypt, it was the worst time − people were dying, babies were being killed by Pharaoh, any child under two was being killed, new babies born were being killed − they were suffering. They went in happily but towards the end they were suffering under the oppression of Pharaoh. Thirty extra years − it’s a whole generation; people might not be alive. In 30 years, more people would have died.

So when you are inside it, it becomes more important. When you are outside before entering in − 400 or 430 years − nothing much. And then from historical perspective, we might look back now − 400 or 430 years − nothing much. If you were one of those in Egypt suffering, you would say, “Hey, don’t say it doesn’t matter much, we will die here.” So it was important to them. Because for another 30 years, their fathers might not survive, their uncles might be gone, their children might be taken. So to them, it was life and death. From our perspective, it’s so far back in history. So remember, don’t look at it lightly. An extra 30 years is significant.

So I’m asking the question: Why? Why was there a delay? As I said, sometimes a prophetic word can be delayed.

And let me add this fact: Remember the prophet Jonah? He was told to go to Nineveh to tell them. From the time he stepped in, they had 40 days. So the time was from counting the time he stepped in. Remember his prophecy? At first, he didn’t want to prophesy because he didn’t like the Ninevites. He preferred that all the Assyrian people be killed. Let the judgment of God come upon them. He didn’t want to deliver them from God’s judgment because he was afraid that if he preached and they repented, God might change and consider that. So he tried to run away. As you know, he was thrown overboard, a big fish swallowed him and vomited him onto dry land. He then went back to Nineveh to prophesy. He went up and down the city of Nineveh (the capital of Assyria) and said, “In 40 days everything will be destroyed.” And surprise, surprise, everyone repented (from the king to the people on the street). The king commanded a fast, so everyone fasted. And God delayed the judgment. Guess who was unhappy? Jonah. He was sitting there waiting for the judgment and the judgment never came. Then God tried to teach him something. God created a plant that shaded him and then the plant died and he was also upset. God was trying to show him: “These people didn’t know their left hand from their right hand. If I show mercy and delay, who are you?” But what was the prophetic word? “In 40 days everything will be destroyed.” So the prophetic word was changed by people’s response. Did Jonah know it was changed?

Now, here’s the part we consider: Why couldn’t we see something?

Why didn’t Jonah see something? Because he was emotionally attached to the fact that God was going to destroy them. Hallelujah for him! He wanted God to destroy them. Obviously, if you read the book of Jonah, he wanted God to destroy them. He was delighted that God was going to destroy them. He was delighted that finally the judgment was coming on the Assyrians. You know, when you read the history of the Assyrians, when they fought with other people, the nation of Israel included, and they were very cruel to their enemies. Do you know that one of the things they practiced was to skin a person alive? Horrible things, which the Israelites might have seen and witnessed. So Jonah was delighted and he was emotionally invested in his original prophecy that it must come to pass. That was a blind spot.

You see, whenever we become emotionally invested, we are no longer objective. When you are no longer objective, God cannot talk to you about something different, which is the purpose of dreams. Sometimes God cannot talk to you because you are emotionally invested. God has to wait till you are knocked out, then show you a dream to try to tell you something else. Which is why we always tell people: In prophecies that people have emotions invested in, like prophecies on soulmate, or prophecies on things, even on a job or anything, any move where you are emotionally invested, you need somebody from outside to hear for you. You need the counsel of multitude. You need people from outside to hear for you. You can trust, to a certain extent, your own receiving provided you know how to remain objective, but you cannot fully trust. You’ll have to wait till somebody from outside hears for you, because your own emotion is your blind spot.

Jonah was emotionally invested. And I’d say that, at a certain point, we were emotionally invested in Martin O’Malley becoming the President. Same with Aruel. I’ll talk about some of the things that Aruel saw when I analysed the details after that.

So when the prophecy changed, Jonah realised it at the end: “Okay, God, You have mercy.” And then the book of Jonah was left hanging. It was left open-ended to show that God has the power through His mercy to do and change anything.

If we are not emotionally invested in the original, we might see the changes that are coming.

In the end, the judgment on Nineveh was actually delayed. It was postponed and God gave them a reprieve. You know when the full judgment came? During the time of Nahum the prophet… Nahum the prophet was raised by God much later and he pronounced the judgment that came to pass on Nineveh (the capital of Assyria).

Let’s turn to 1 Kings 21 − Naboth didn’t want to let go of his vineyard. In the end, he was stoned by false witnesses and died. In verse 16, Ahab was there to take possession. In verse 17, the word of the Lord came to Elijah, saying, “Go and speak this prophecy to Ahab.” So Elijah said (verse 19): “… ‘Thus says the LORD: ‘Have you murdered and also taken possession?’ … ‘Thus says the LORD: ‘In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, dogs shall lick your blood, even yours.’” And then he spoke about all the evil that was going to happen to him (verse 22): “I will make your house like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasha the son of Ahijah, because of the provocation with which you have provoked Me to anger…” And it says in verses 25-26: “But there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the LORD, because Jezebel his wife stirred him up. And he behaved very abominably in following idols…” Then a strange thing happened, something that even Elijah didn’t expect. Ahab fasted. He put on sackcloth and ashes, which is a symbol of repentance. Elijah said, “Wah, this man can fast and pray.” Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah, saying (verse 29): “See how Ahab has humbled himself before Me? Because he has humbled himself before Me, I will not bring the calamity in his days. In the days of his son I will bring the calamity on his house.” It was pushed to one more generation. Interesting, isn’t it? The same judgment was pushed back and delayed.

So I’ve shown you Bible incidents. Remember I showed you earlier in Exodus 12 where 400 years became 430 years? But look at this one in 1 Kings 6:1 that we covered this morning: “And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel had come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.” Hey, look, it says 480 years. From the time they came out (very clear, when the Israelites came out of the land of Egypt) to the time of King Solomon was 480 years.

Now, if Exodus 12:40 says 430 years, that only leaves 50 years between the time they came out to the time of King Solomon, which is impossible in the natural. Because you have the time of Joshua, approximately 20 odd years, then you have the time of the Judges which was a long period. And then you have the time of Eli and Samuel − Eli’s was quite long (40 years); Samuel’s was also quite long. That’s a long time. Then you also have the reign of King Saul (40 years) and King David (40 years). Add 4 years of King Solomon (in his 4th year). You say, “Wow, so many years unaccounted for, how to squeeze 50 years inside?” It’s already impossible to be 50, because if King Saul’s is 40 and King David’s is 40, and that make 80. And King Saul and King David lived before King Solomon. So it’s impossible.

How come it’s only 480 years? The Bible cannot be wrong because we believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Well, the Bible did know about these other years.

In Acts 13:20 − “After that, He gave them judges for about four hundred and fifty years, (that means after they entered the promised land, after Joshua died, and we didn’t count Joshua’s time) until Samuel the prophet.” So 450 years up to Samuel the prophet, plus the time of King Saul, that makes 490, plus King David’s 40 years, so that brings you to over 500 years. So the 500 odd years was squashed into 50 years. What’s happening here?

When you put both verses together, you learn something. See, we learn something all the time. God did not count the time of permissive will. That’s when they diverted, once they landed in the land of Canaan and every time they diverted, God did not want to count that. The time of the Judges was not counted. When King Saul reigned, he was only good for 6 years. He actually reigned for 40 years. So from the time they entered the Promised Land to King Solomon’s 4th year was an extra 50 years − 480 minus 430, left 50. Why did God only count 50 years? Take away 4 years because it was the 4th year of King Solomon, so that left 46 years. Out of 46 years, for King David, you can count 40 years. Where were the other 6 years? King Saul’s. For King Saul, God only counted the temporary years that they wanted a king until David could rise up. Six years. Then when King Saul went astray, God didn’t even count his 34 years − completely not counted. And the Judges’ time − completely not counted. So God had His counting system. Time was different in the spiritual world (even though the years and dates were mentioned) from the physical actual time on earth. I mean, you are missing 500 odd years.

You also have verses like in the book of Daniel where sometimes time was wrapped inside time, and that’s even more complex.

In the book of Daniel, Daniel was studying the 70-year prophecy. Daniel 9:2 − “in the first year of his reign I, Daniel, understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the LORD through Jeremiah the prophet, that He would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.” The original prophecy prophesied up to the destruction of some sort of a temple, something like that, not just the restoration, so he was looking at it and it said 70 years. And Daniel lived a long life. So to him, he was a young captive when he was captured in the Babylonian kingdom. To him, 70 years had passed by, he had lived all 70 years in Babylon. In fact, Jeremiah told them: “It’s going to be a long time. It’s going to be 70 years. Live, build a home, marry and have children. Then I will call all of you back.” That’s why Jeremiah was different from all the other prophets. He was really practical. He knew what God revealed.

Do you know in Jeremiah’s time, there were people prophesying that the time they were to be in Babylon was a short time? And they were all the false prophets. Remember Jeremiah made a yoke and put it on his neck, and he was walking around. Then the false prophet came and broke the yoke. Jeremiah said: “So also shall the Lord break the yoke of Babylon.” If they only knew, Babylon was going to be very strong for 70 odd years. I mean, for many, many years, not 70 odd years, because it was Medo-Persian Empire by the time they came back. And Jeremiah was writing letters to the captives, saying: “Stay there, build houses, have a family, get married, enjoy your life, because it will be 70 long years.”

Timing is very important to live this life.

If you are in Babylon and you think it’s 5 years, it might change your perspective. That’s why sometimes we go out on a limb and we stretch out and say: “This is the rough timing.” In some things, God shows the timing. But in terms of timing, put it this way: Because of the spiritual chronology and our physical chronology, plus our own sub-conscience (sometimes we don’t even know ourselves), investment in a prophecy, we cannot pick up any delays. Until it happens, when we say, hey, what’s happening here? And then we pull ourselves out of it and relook at the situation. So that’s our situation in that.

Pastor Aruel has not contacted me since the USA election. I’m sure he is going through these things. And I want to encourage him, that the first thing is, all the visions are still true and are from the Lord, except the application in our time dimension that is there, that we need to become more accurate in its transfer into our time.

Now, I want to read about Daniel and him praying over the 70 years. Then here comes angel Gabriel at the end of Daniel”s fasting. The message of the angel in Daniel 9:22-23 − “… ‘O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you skill to understand. At the beginning of your supplications the command went out, and I have come to tell you…’” Then he says the 70 days are (in verse 24) 70 x 7. Seventy years, each of the year times 7, that makes 490 years. That’s a long, long time! Only God can speak in mysteries like that. Did Jeremiah know that the 70 years was 7 x 7? No. Did Daniel know (up to verse 23) that it was 7 x 7? No. He needed the angel to come and say, “Actually it was 70 x 7.” So some things are like that.

Like I mentioned this morning, if a prophecy is given in part, it’s given in part, but overall, we must be accountable. We must progress and go further.

So let’s now bring the chart on USA prophecy. I’ll show you what has happened. This is our timeline, a thing that does not change. This is the end-time timeline, nothing to do with any country. Remember we gave dates like around 2020, 2021, 2022, and then the exodus date (exodus will have to be before 2026)? And remember we gave the super-growth of the church and what God has prophesied, about how we will do signs and wonders? It’s good that God uses more than one prophet − through Pastor Aruel, we begin to see details of what will happen in the exodus, that the miracles and signs and wonders of Moses will be restored, and all those things which were not seen clearly by the first 7 Thunders prophet. We only know of great signs and wonders. And we also have the names of some of the archangels, like archangel Phanuel is going to come and stand on my right side every time that I minister from 2022 (confirmed) but he can manifest earlier. So this was the original timeline with a lot of other timelines all the way to 2070. We have taught before and it’s all recorded.

Then this was the prophecy on USA particularly. The prophecy on USA was only effective from 2016 to 2027. Remember that? It’s just that short period. There were more revelations in between this sector. It was more to do with the civil war. In the prophecy, it says Martin O’Malley from the Democrat would have won the election. And here’s the thing: Nobody was doing the detailed counting. But in my mind I did ask the question. Because I know that every US President can only do two terms of 4 years, which means that the two terms can only last 8 years. But he must be re-elected also. It doesn’t mean that he might win the next term.

If Martin O’Malley has become President in 2016, he will have one term up to 2020, and then he will have another term up to 2024. I was looking at it. In fact, when the prophecy came, I was looking at it and I asked questions, like: How did he extend the 3 years until USA in 2027 is completely destroyed (in the 7 Thunders prophecy)? Remember the serpent that went to Spain? So it was in the year 2027. So how did he extend these 3 years? Our explanation: How can a person rule 8 years + 3 years which is 11 years? We say “martial law”. We just put the words “martial law”.

But no one did a proper research, and I finally had a look at the proper research. No US President has ever declared an extension of his term without election. Martial law had occurred in the time of President Abraham Lincoln, where there was a civil war. It’s the best comparison. But here’s the thing: In the US laws, the powers are divided between the Legislative, the Executive, and the ‎Judiciary or the Courts. They are all divided, although each influences the other.

If martial law has occurred, this would have become a dictatorship technically because there’s no more election. And that has never happened outside the term of the US President. There are limitations.

Here are some comments of various people on the possibility of martial law in USA and to what extent. It says there are limitations on the martial law and it can be declared by not just the President. Do you realise that? It can be declared by a governor, a mayor, individual generals − they really have spread it out and they have all the various armies.

I’ll read some of the actual occurrences afterwards. Typically it’s very limited in scope and only in the complete breakdown of public order for brief periods. It had been declared by: President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, President Ulysses S Grant during the Reconstruction, and President Franklin D Roosevelt during World War II. Each case was limited.

In fact, in President Lincoln’s case (which was a civil war), he suspended the writ of habeas corpus (which is like rights of government over individuals, but only on suspected confederate agents), so he needed extra power. It was later approved by Congress. President Grant declared martial law in response to Ku Klux Klan violence. President Roosevelt declared in Hawaii immediately after Pearl Harbor. If any President was to declare it without just cause, there would be severe consequences under the First Amendment Rights.

Here’s another fact: The US Military does not swear an oath to the President. They swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. That means they can choose to disobey the President. Here’s the other thing: There was a law passed where the Army of USA cannot legally operate within the borders of US. Another comment: The Army took the oath to the Constitution, not to the President and the power is checked at every turn.

So for martial law to operate successfully in an entire country, the President will require the co-operation of Joint Chiefs of Staff all the way down the chain of command. He also will need the co-operation of every governor, every mayor of every metropolitan area, along with all (50 states) national guards, state troopers, police chiefs, sheriffs, all the federal employees, along with a list of a number of state and city employees to pull it off. That’s not an easy feat to pull off. And there have been historical cases of it being declared.

Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution is about the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus. We are not going to read everything. I’ve read the entire Habeas Corpus Suspension Act of 1863 (USA), to research whether it was actually possible to extend the 3 years. I found that it is impossible. Not in our normal situation which I did not research before.

Article 2 of the United States Constitution is about the executive power of the US President. The US President is quite limited in his power and he actually cannot declare martial law and succeed without Congress approving (you can read Article 2 of the US Constitution that limits his power and the limitations to his power even on the declaration of war). It says regardless of the inability to declare war, the President does have the power to unilaterally order military service in the defense of the United States.

So you notice, in the end they’ll have to pass legislation on the declaration of war. It cannot be done by one man. We must not forget, the United States was founded on one of the most widespread democratic principles and distribution of powers. So it’s not easy for the President to become a dictator.

I have also researched President Lincoln’s original proclamation of martial law which he had to do very carefully. You think it’s easy for the President just to declare martial law? This is the United States of America with over 300 million people. Each one of them, in a sense, has the right to own guns, although not every one of them has guns. There are more than 300 million guns distributed in the country and the right to own a gun is in their Constitution and the nation was founded that way.

So we who looked at the prophecy did not know the details. I’m just surprised that no US person has risen up, done this research and told me, “Look, your assumption that the President can just simply declare martial law is that easy? It’s not that easy.” I found that it’s not that easy. And even less easy in President Lincoln’s time, because nowadays you’ve got internet, Wi-Fi, various means of communication not available to ordinary citizens, phones and everything based on satellite system.

I’ll use President Lincoln as a research example, a case study, because he was the one who governed during the Civil War. So he is a good prime example about the power of the President, and even when he declared it, there was opposition. So it’s not so easy for the President to become a dictator, even within his term that means within his normal 4 + 4-year terms. And you are talking about something even greater if you go beyond the 4-year term. No one has done that. Of course, if anything possible come, it must be very disastrous. You can only look at it this way. The disaster must be so great to allow a President to extend 3 years outside his term without election − which we did not look closely at the prophecy and what it meant and entailed.

If the prophecy is fulfilled, this would be required to reach 2027 under Martin O’Malley, if he had come in in 2016 to rule for 11 years.

So in the original declaration by President Lincoln, this was Poclamation 113 declaring martial law, and for him he did it a bit at a time. For him, it was the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus in Kentucky and then it was slowly extended. Even President Lincoln needed Congress behind him to have military law to fight the civil war.

So would Congress give to Martin O’Malley the 3 years’ extension based on whatever happens here? Whatever happens here, is it so horrible that all Congress is one?

Let me read this part about the history of previous military declarations that had taken place. “On September 15, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln imposed Congressionally-authorized martial law…” So he needed Congress behind him. Anyway, that’s one. There are examples of martial law that had been exercised during the history of USA, aside from the Civil War (obvious example is the Civil War).

During the war of 1812, General Andrew Jackson imposed martial law within his encampment at New Orleans, which he had recently liberated. Martial law was also imposed in a four mile radius around the camp. When word came of the end of the war, Jackson maintained martial law, contending that he had not gotten official word of the peace. A judge demanded habeas corpus for a man arrested for sedition. Rather than comply with the writ, Jackson had the judge arrested. After the civil authority was restored, the judge fined Jackson $1,000, which he paid, and for which the Congress later reimbursed Jackson.

In 1892, at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, rebellious mine workers blew up a mill and shot at strike-breaking workers. The explosion leveled a four-story building and killed one person. Mine owners asked the governor to declare martial law, which he did. At the same time, a request was made for federal troops to back guardsmen. Over 600 people were arrested. The list was whittled down to two dozen ring leaders who were tried in civil court. While in prison, the mine workers formed a new union, the Western Federation of Miners.

In 1914, imposition of martial law climaxed the so-called Coal Field Wars in Colorado. Dating back decades, the conflicts came to a head in Ludlow in 1913. The Colorado National Guard was called in to quell the strikers. For a time, the peace was kept, but it is reported that the make-up of the Guard stationed at the mines began to shift from impartial normal troops to companies of loyal mine guards. Clashes increased and the proclamation of martial law was made by the governor. President Wilson sent in federal troops, eventually ending the violence.

In 1934, California Governor Frank Merriam placed the docks of San Francisco under martial law, citing “riots and tumult” resulting from a dock workers strike. The Governor threatened to place the entire city under martial law. The National Guard was called in to open the docks, and a city-wide institution of martial law was averted when goods began to flow. The guardsmen were empowered to make arrests and to then try detainees or turn them over to the civil courts.

Martial law and San Francisco were no strangers – following the earthquake of 1906, the troops stationed in the Presidio were pressed into service. Guards were posted throughout the city, and all dynamite was confiscated. The dynamite was used to destroy buildings in the path of fires, to prevent the fires from spreading. Troops were ordered to shoot looters. Though there was never an official declaration of martial law, the event is often cited as such. However, at all times it appears the troops took their orders indirectly from the civil authority.

Though not a state at the time, Hawaii was placed under martial law in 1941, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Many of the residents of Hawaii were, and are, of Asian descent, and the loyalty of these people was called into question. After the war, the federal judge for the islands condemned the conduct of martial law, saying, “Gov. Poindexter declared lawfully martial law but the Army went beyond the governor and set up that which was lawful only in conquered enemy territory namely, military government which is not bound by the Constitution. And they … threw the Constitution into the discard and set up a military dictatorship.”

There have been many instances of the use of the military within the borders of the United States, such as during the Whiskey Rebellion and in the South during Reconstruction and then later with the civil rights crises, but these acts are not tantamount to a declaration of martial law. The distinction must be made as clear as that between martial law and military justice: deployment of troops does not necessarily mean that the civil courts cannot function, and that is one of the keys, as the Supreme Court noted, to martial law.

Declaring martial law is already tough in a democratic country and to have the support of all − state governors, military, who actually swear to the Constitution, not to the President − to get them is already tough. On top of that, you put the hurdle that he has to suspend all legal elections and the rights of people. That is something that has never been done in the history of America. No President of the United States has ever done that beyond his term, not even under martial law. Nobody told me that before. So we have added (and of course all things are possible with God) a higher level of almost impossibility. And no one paid attention to that. I didn’t pay attention myself.

The only thing I questioned was: How did he get past the 8 years? That was all and I stopped when I said, “Okay, martial law; ya, okay.” I didn’t bother to dig up on how easy or how hard it was to impose martial law in a democratic country of over 300 million people.

Now that I’ve done my research, I’ll tell you here: In the natural, it is impossible for a President to get beyond his elected term just by pure martial law. You would have immediate riots and you might not even survive 2027. Already to impose martial law is tough, I mean, people who are used to freedom will not like martial law.

So looking at it carefully, this new line that is there, and I’ll talk about side effects afterwards because there’s another thing to consider. But let’s consider the civil war. You know what I’m discussing? Only civil war. Here’s the thing: I went back to look at all the prophecies. The prophecy just said a Democrat and then later on we discerned that it was Martin O’Malley. But Jesus did not actually say it will take place in this coming election or the next election. Because at the time when the revelation of a Democrat and it will still be a Democrat who is as popular as John F Kennedy. The revelation that it was Martin O’Malley was another different revelation. You ask why do I differentiate the revelation? If you don’t mind me, on this point here, flip back to some drawings that I have.

Now, let me draw it in red. I draw it in degrees of authority, being this to be the highest. I realise that, when God speaks or when Aruel has a vision or when I look back into his vision, depending on who speaks is important. So here’s the question: Can God give a revelation that is completely non-negotiable? That means, as it comes, it is dry cement. So at the dry cement level, I will put when it directly comes from God the Father, from Jesus (our Lord Jesus making an appearance), and directly from the Holy Spirit. I would put anything that is directly spoken by God Himself. Some of you might not appreciate it, because some of you say, “God speaks, I don’t know who.” You can’t differentiate between the angels and God, the impression, the gift of prophecy which is a stirring inside you − all these you cannot. But I’m talking about as if you can, because I’m also talking to prophets. (Also, Aruel needs to hear this too, so that he won’t be discouraged to know which level of vision he is having. And this is also for all our benefit, when all of you progress in different visions.) There is a level when it’s actually the Trinity involved, it’s always dry cement. That’s it.

Let me change the colour. Then there are His angels. (I leave the colour for God as bright red.) When angels deliver a word, they are at a lower category of authority from God. The word comes from God − some are dry, some are wet cement. Wet cement means it can still change; dry cement means it cannot change where angels are involved. In the Bible, there were many occasions of God sending His angels to do certain things. Remember the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? That’s a good example. It was almost changed by one-man’s prayer, correct? Abraham interceded, from 50 righteous to 10. And God was with him while the two angels went to do the work. Abraham was appealing to a higher authority − the authority that dispensed the angels to destroy. So the angels’ work is to come and destroy, to judge Sodom and Gomorrah. One man’s prayer nearly made a difference. He whittled down from 50 to 10. If he whittled down to one, today Sodom and Gomorrah might still exist because there was at least one guy (though not a very good guy) called Lot. But he did not succeed and Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. But that shows something about the word that comes from the angels. Which is why even in practical application, sometimes when the angels say something, it’s based on their observation.

For example, you all remember very long ago during the first 7 Thunders prophet’s time where he made a statement from the pulpit and I quickly came and corrected him, right? He said that archangel Uriel (at that time known as Shamah) said (because they were in conversation and they were passing by a bread shop) that bread shops will prosper or the bread business will prosper something like that. Do you remember that? He made a statement and I quickly came out and said, “If God never called you into bread business don’t go in. You might not prosper.” Because that’s a statement made by an angel. It is an observation of a created being, no doubt a created being that sees the future.

Now, why do I draw this graph? Because the higher you are (let me draw a different line), the more you can see. So the more you can see, your overall seeing is higher. So God sees everything. Angels might see up to here. Each level sees less and less of the future. And this is how much you see. Okay, this is the extent of what you see. So God can see everything. Angels can see slightly less than God, even if they are perfect. That’s how Satan could rebel because he could not see everything, even though he was one of the highest cherubim, but he thought he knew everything and when he realised that he did not, that was it.

So the word of God − some are dry, some are wet. Because sometimes when the angels deliver something, and God does differentiate different angels. Remember there was one particular angel (and that is actually archangel Uriel) that God said, “Watch out for this angel that I sent in your midst. Don’t do anything wrong because he will not have mercy, he will just kill you on the spot.”? Of course, that is in Old Testament time. In New Testament time, we have the grace of God, it’s slightly different. But it was in Old Testament time, God was warning the Israelite people about how dangerous it was to transgress against God. And not every angel, but He said “I am sending this angel.” Sometimes angels with greater authority come. The greater the authority, the drier the cement. The lesser the authority, the wetter the cement. That means there are some things that are not fully dry yet.

Then on top of that, you have the apostolic or the prophetic voice (where I’ve already shown you). Elijah prophesied, whether he received it from God or through an intermediary (angel), it still can change on the spot. Jonah was a prophet, but the prophecy he said that in 40 days Nineveh would be destroyed had been changed. The question is: Did he know of the change or not? Elijah was sensitive enough to God to know all the changes. There were many things in the Bible that were changed on the spot. The exodus to the Promised Land was delayed by 40 years because they did not follow the Lord. Sometimes the angel takes proactive action to prevent anything from diverting, like Archangel Gabriel shutting Zechariah’s mouth, so that he could not talk for 9 months. You say, “Why wouldn’t He let him talk because after that I’m sure he would believe?” Because the words spoken by Zechariah might change something that He did not want to change, that might affect John the Baptist that might affect the situation.

Let’s assume the other side. We only read one story. Zechariah’s mouth got zipped. At the end of 9 months he really believed and when they asked “What’s his name?”, to everybody’s surprise, he wrote “John”. You know, none of his ancestors was named that, because they renamed down the line. He had fully believed after 9 months of silence.

But what would have happened if Zechariah could talk? We never knew the story. Surely there must be a possibility, otherwise, why, you think for no good reason, Archangel Gabriel just shut Zechariah’s mouth up for 9 months.

Angels are not like humans. There must be something that he was trying to prevent, right? Something significant that God gave him the authority to prevent. The only thing: we never saw what was prevented. But I can tell you, if it’s serious enough to keep a man silent for 9 months, it’s very serious! We never knew the story but it tells us that it could have affected the prophetic wordin some way that we cannot dream or understand.

So with prophets that function in office, I would say (let me use a different colour) − sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s wet. Then with the gift of prophecy (which is at a lower end), if you are not in the office of a prophet, if it’s of your intermediary (everything is still of the Holy Spirit of course) − different level or degrees. Remember you see less and less things? Most of it is wet and then in time it becomes dry. So if it’s of somebody with the gift of prophecy, with tongues and interpretation of tongues − it’s usually wet cement and through time becomes dry.

So if you have a prophecy, like tongues and interpretation of tongues, for example, let’s pick anyone, let’s say you since you are sitting in front, I will do it for you: [Pastor speaks in tongues and interprets]: “The Lord Your God (again, the Lord’s name might be used because everything is from the Lord) loves you, establishes you and your whole family, and the Lord has heard your cries and seen the times that you have travailed, and the Lord has sent His angels to all in your family to draw them in to become a part of this move.” That’s the word that came through tongues and interpretation of tongues. Now, is that wet cement or dry cement? That’s wet cement, but as she takes the prophetic word, believes in it, prays it through, in times it becomes dry cement.

You see, the gift of prophecy and the actual prophecy that comes forth − two different things, two different levels that function. Again, the function is dependent on (in the first service message) receiving a revelation, interpreting it and applying it.

For example, this morning I gave the story of Brexit. Brexit can be looked at in different ways. Because when you look at a prophecy, you need to interpret it. You look at something fully.

And then, because I come from the area of wisdom and the study of the Word (that’s my background), like, if you look at some of the preaching this morning and all that, all right, I bring you something. People will say, “Wah, everything has a Bible verse.” Of course, because we are walking Bibles, right? In everything, we look back to the Bible. The Bible is our basis for everything. When we have to go through hard times, we have the Bible with us. When we want to rejoice in good times, we also have the Bible with us because we know we must not cross the line. We go back to the Bible for more understanding and clarity.

You never saw me using verses, like I use today, they are from your Bible, joining verses from Genesis 15 with Exodus 12 with Acts 13 to show forth that the Bible views spiritual time and chronological time differently. We don’t have opportunities to teach those things. So it’s a good time to analyse where we went wrong in applying the time. That is important for us. And we will talk about in conclusion on how we move forward now, as we go into those areas. But it’s important for us to know, to learn, to progress at whatever stage. So we always go back to the Bible because the Bible is our basis.

And so talking about Brexit − why do we go to the Bible? From my study of the Bible, I know that UK has to be part of the 10 horns, cannot be separated, based on Daniel 7. Anyone wants to challenge me on that? You can’t, because the Bible predicts it is part of the 10 horns. It will function as the 10 horns. And the little horn that came attacked it because it was part of the 10 horns. From Bible knowledge and Bible study…you can cross reference at least to 50 verses, all the way from Revelation to the 10 toes. You know, the 10 toes are 10 toes. The spirit of wisdom reigns above that. And remember; by wisdom you can even discern the Antichrist, the number 666? It didn’t say prophets. It says he that has wisdom, implying the wisdom of God.

So how does wisdom come? The Word of God. Didn’t the Bible says in Psalm 19, right, the Word of God makes us wise; the Word of God gives us wisdom? So I study the Word of God.

So from the book of Daniel. Also from the fact that we have prophecies of the war that was there and UK was one of the 10 tigers. It’s not like, you know, a leopard comes in and separately joins in the fight. It’s one of the same. That means the original first 7 Thunders prophet’s prophecy of where UK stands. It’s very obvious and it’s also part of the prophecy received. You see, sometimes a prophecy needs to be looked at together, otherwise it looks contradictory. And so based on the 7 Thunders prophecy, UK will always be part of the 10 horns and 10 toes.

Thirdly, this is my personal vision: I saw the archangel of Europe (he is based in Berlin) and the archangel of United Kingdom, and they are still facing each other. On the day before Brexit occurs, we happened to be there (UK). And on that day itself and the next day when it happened, it was like spiritually the Lord asked me to do something, like tie a stronger band between the 2 archangels. And now when I look at it, it’s still there, which means: that is the vision, that is the word, right? That is all the revelation.

Now, the interpretation. We can make mistakes in the interpretation. But the original download is still the original download. I always like to give people everything, so they know which part is the vision, which part is the interpretation. My interpretation is UK will never succeed. Even if it succeeds, something will happen to push it back. But most likely, something or a turn of events will come and if it tries to pull out, it will be prevented. Like at all fronts, it is prevented from going in that direction because if the Archangel of UK says no, it will be a no. And he is not one of those electors with the ballot. He is assigned by God to allow or to disallow.

On top of that, when I was talking about that this morning, I had another little flash vison. See, these are visions. So the vision was: I saw the UK currency come down and then after some time it ceased to exist; it got absorbed and only European currency. So something must be happening that will cause the UK currency to totally disappear. Of course, we know by 2029 it will have completely disappeared. But this is so far interpretation. From my looking at it, it looks like even before 2029, before the tsunami. I’ve got to look further, because we only received in part, to discern the time. Because when you know something is happening, it’s still not so helpful. The timing is the part that helps us. So you know why now there’s a greater effort to apply and look at time.

I give you an example of how it’s going to take time. And it depends on how cautious we are. I am a very cautious person when it comes to these things. And then as we exercise caution, then we’ll realise. Sometimes I might be new in something. For example, it’s the first time I am dealing with so much downloads from Aruel and then I let everything pass through. I say, “That’s good; ya, it’s true.” I know that it’s true, all the downloads are true. So the only thing now we will be more stringent in is passing on the timing. The timing of the 3 miracles, remember?

So let me draw a graph of expectancy. Let’s be realistic. When we analyse, we analyse everything so that we can go forward.

So your question is: How are we going forward? What did we learn? Did we learn from the mistakes?

You see, wise people learn from their mistakes. Fools keep repeating their mistakes. You never make a mistake twice. Then you learn. I can assure you, after this incident, you know, it’s different. In the same way, you can make mistakes because you are sincere, you love the Lord, and you are growing. But never make the mistake twice. It means you didn’t learn.

So, here’s the curve and expectation. Let me look at the graph. In our original plan, we were all riding nicely on this end time revival and we were waiting for 2020 and somewhere 2022 when roughly the exodus comes (and this is before Pastor Aruel came in and began to take on the role of 7 Thunders prophet), to 2027, and then there’s a big 2029 thing. And, you know, we’ve got more dates up there. We are just growing, altar building, going round and doing things, all these things, you know, and everybody is just going in and chugging along. Nobody is in a hurry. Nobody is trying to move things too fast. Then for myself, I say, very good, I’m taking my time in all those things. Not to say that there’s no work, but we are happy.

Then there were these, like some things were brought early and then the curve becomes like that, where, although this is 2020 and all these things are there, but this is 2016. We say, wow, we’ve got 3 miracles; we’ve got these other prophecies and all these things; we’ve got the outpouring and all those things. Then when we’ve got the outpouring, we realised that it was the first-part outpouring. And then there were other prophecies about the 2 queens and all those things. So this is a new line that was drawn. Let’s say we are on the ground here, it looks like it’s coming in faster.

Now, when that didn’t come to pass, there was some disappointment. You can’t say there’s none. Now, you’ve got this thing that you’ve got to deal with. I don’t deal with just these dots. For me, I look at the entire thing. You say, “How fast should we push it back to the original time scale?” But we have derived benefits out of many things, some of these new things that have come, more detailed, more clarity. But when I started looking, I said, “How did we miss the timing on the 3 miracles? How did we miss the timing on the 2 queens?” I’m already asking those questions but I put them in what I call my research book.

Here’s the thing: When I analysed the prophecy of the 3 miracles, when it was first given, it was based on only one condition, the condition that I have been willing to go to US. Therefore God was blessing the 3 miracles to Singapore. So US and Singapore. Later on in the year (last year) when it didn’t come to pass, there was additional information that I did not know and it was based on some sort of transfiguration thing that was to take place. Now, the original prophecy did not cover that.

So straightaway all my cautions go up. I have to take all revelations on this now as in part. That’s how we progress. That it’s only given in part, and some parts are not given, and that God has brought forward something, until and unless I am satisfied (because I always took the part as the whole), that there was only one condition to the 3 miracles − that I was willing to go to US (which is a big thing already) − and everything else was by the grace of God.

Now, we indeed did have the presence of God, we indeed did have all the blessings, which show that the original visions are still true. But it shows another factor. People are also not ready for this time scale. Because in the miracle service, everyone was looking at us and nobody was going out. There were good intercessors praying, but nobody was going out to reach out to the really sick people. And people are still looking for signs and wonders when they should be the ones going out to bring in people. Because if you don’t have faith to bring in people, the atmosphere won’t have faith. It’s part of the faith. Some of the people did have faith. But when some people brought some of the sick, as a whole, our faith level was still not reaching that place. It was definitely not reaching. We have reached a very high level; it did change us, but not high level enough, because energy is energy. When God releases the energy, it’s there. That’s why I took it very simply. I said, “If God wants to do this, that was the only condition, if it takes only 15 minutes to worship, 15 minutes to preach, and then the rest of the service we pray for the sick, the miracle should still come.” Because it’s not based on works, it’s based on God’s promise to do something. God said that the angels would be present and they were.

Then when I realised that there was a condition, I said, “Oh, we should worship longer.” I said, “Okay, these are all new things.” You keep changing and adding. When new revelation keeps changing and adding, I look at the whole thing. Then I have to conclude that this is how we move forward. All this is still in part. So it’s still in the Bible, like a prophecy that is still in part.

The second thing, which is in my earlier chart: What comes from the Trinity and Jesus, and what comes from the normal visions or angels − are different levels, which is that part of the chart. The previous chart, here. Then in just visions, whether it is prophets, visions or dreams. Of course dreams are lower, even in quality, except the part of dreams like Daniel’s, visions are all wet cement. They are only possibilities. They may become dry. So that is where, like (Pastor Aruel, I’m sure he is learning through this experience), that when Jesus appears and says to you something, it still needs interpretation. But it is more dry cement.

The only problem we have is, like when Jesus said 3 days, we have to interpret what it means on the chronological side. Remember the difference in spiritual timing and natural timing? But when without seeing Jesus, and then visions appear, for example, in Martin O’Malley’s case and when Hilary Clinton got the nomination, straightaway it was slowly moving away from the vision, right? Then other things came − there were visions of indictment, and visions of Bernie Sanders falling down and having a stroke or something. Those are just visions. Remember, those are just visions. Although they are real visions, there are different categories from when Jesus first sat down and talked about the civil war and then said that it would be a Democrat that would be ruling and that there would be a civil war and this Democrat would be as popular as J F Kennedy. It is a different category. We must now draw a different category. When Jesus said − it is category 1. Then when it’s not happening and we are just seeing visions, these are all possibilities, a lower category − this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It’s category 5, with 1 being the highest. Of course, it’s opposite from DEFCON − 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.

Then dreams are to, like, shake us, remind us of things that we are not seeing and the dreams are to get us back, to try to get our emotions and our minds free from ourselves, so that we can hear clearly without the dreams. And so, that’s the second area because this whole diagram represents the second point, that there are degrees of dry and wet cement. That means they come from different degrees of authority that are there.

Then the question you asked: How do I improve my application in timing? Because for us timing is everything.

I found something. The ability to look into the spiritual world. That means when the spiritual world intersects with the natural world, it has more activities. It’s telling you that it’s like a pregnant woman, when the water bag bursts, then you know it’s close to delivery of the baby. In fact, she has to quickly go to the hospital when the water bag bursts. But before the water bag bursts, it’s the size. But now size is also not accurate. Some women are very slim, 9 months pregnant also look slim, you are surprised: Are they pregnant in the first place? So size is also dependent on the individual. And some babies are huge and some are tiny. So it also depends but that makes it very subjective. But it’s still important. To look at the physical and the spiritual activity that tells you that something is close at hand to the spiritual timing.

So we’ll improve on those 3 things.

Now, I’m going to draw a little chart that will help us. Before you all ask your questions, I need to talk about the changes that are there. This is a new line where the Democrat is supposedly coming in here (now 2020), here you have the Republican (2016 to 2020). Don’t forget that this timeline is the original and this is the part. We are talking only about the civil war. This new timeline helps in that for this extension of 3 years is not so much of a problem anymore. That means whoever is the President in 2020 can easily stretch it to 2027, because 2027 is still within the second 4 years of 2028. So that is not that impossible. What I would say, after my research, it’s an impossible factor on the human’s side. Of course, all things are possible with God but we need to consider.

For example, if God just suddenly gives one of you a vision and He shows you that in one week you will be in another country and you are a citizen, I would say that’s impossible because most countries need a period of time to be a permanent resident before you are a citizen. But all things are possible with God. You know what I mean? That something must change and go beyond human laws, right? How can you be a citizen of another country in one week? We humans use the word “impossible” based on natural and country laws. In most countries, even Australia, you might need 2 years now or 3 years. For Canada, it’s 3 years as a permanent resident before you can apply for citizenship. So something must be violated.

And that was what was being violated that we did not see because no one did this research that was necessary: How easy is it to be a dictator without being elected?

In US laws, that’s impossible. You have to be actually serving as a President before you can declare martial law. So that brings us to that line. But then, not only are we dealing with civil war, we will do with several lines, how the lines have changed. Then you can ask your questions.

Let me draw this original line, so the line is 2016 here. To make it easy, I just put 16, 20 and 24, here is 28, and here is the line of 2027. Then we have the changes in the line, the changes that have taken place in this line are there. We know that around 2021 / 2022 is the civil war that leads to destruction, all the way to 2027. So based on Line No 1 (the civil war line) − How will it affect? In the original case, the civil war only occurs after 2021 / 2022. Then you have the civil war that leads to different things that take place. Let me draw the original points, so we know the original points are still there. There is a factor. (I’m applying the spirit of wisdom besides prophetic studies.) A factor that whatever is determined on this civil war line (let’s say, I call it “X” amount of suffering and rebellion) that is there, whatever degree because God contains all things. God contains all evil, God contains all rebellions.

Remember how God contained (again I’ve got to teach a bit of the Bible) sin? How much sin does God allow? There’s a limit before God steps in. Noah’s flood tells us there’s a limit. Sodom and Gomorrah tells us there’s a limit. The prophecy against Nineveh tells us there’s a limit. Prophecies against Israel and Israel being scattered, also God could tolerate them to a limit. Right? Then when they reached a non-tolerance level, judgment fell.

So there is an “X” limit to what God allows of anarchy and rebellion in any isolated place. Here we isolate it to the civil war.

Then you have another line and this line is a line that talks about the 7 + 7 years. These 2 lines are affecting each other. As you know, we are in the years of prosperity up to 2020, and 2020 to 2027 are the recession years. So here’s the prosperity, right? Approximately plus and minus 2020, that is there. All those things are now affected which we cannot see clearly, because we see very clearly this is going to happen and this is going to happen and all those things. But there are going to be some things that changed.

One of the first major changes − (let me bring back the colour) part of this is taken and it is put into this dimension of unrest. I don’t know the percentage but I know there is. My proportion might be wrong, but that’s the first change that has taken place.

Now, you might ask the question: Originally could it have been that Donald Trump could have been elected, like Martin O’Malley? I would say it was always a wet cement possibility. Because there were visions that were seen of him debating with Donald Trump which can still take place in the next one. Because if you have Donald Trump and you have him, you still can have the debate going on. You see, it includes every vision.

I’ve done this to include every vision that Aruel has seen as accurate, no question about that. And then drawing down the different lines of whether it was received by a vision or the Lord Jesus spoke or an angel spoke, then we mark it out to different levels. But from what I see (and Aruel and I have not communicated since, I’m sure we are going to communicate after this), that part of this has been brought to here, which is why you are already having many protests and riots happening. Part of it is brought, which means that this is actually lessened during this period. And for it to lessen, if the year 2024 is a re-election, there must be a normal election going on. This is based on wisdom, a flow of logic: 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, based on a base of 10. For this election to go on as normally as possible, it would mean that this is more occurring here than occurring here. That’s some of the changes for that to happen.

Second thing: Will the prosperity period still be here and here? Because of the effect of this blue line, a lot of the prosperity is still here, but because of this line here, you will have prosperity in this format, which means you still have the 7 + 7 years generally, but it will be some dips occurring. Then in the recession years, you will have some ups, some ups, until the last stage when once the civil war hits in fullness, it could be during or after the 2024 election, it goes all the way down and never up again. That’s the major change that’s going to affect all our lives. So that’s the major 2 lines − the civil war line has been slightly affected, and the prosperity and recession line (whatever dips that are here are compensated by here). Some sorts of things have changed, although generally there’s this 7 + 7 years.

All right, now, questions and answer...

Prophecy for 2016 − TRANSITION YEAR


(Transcribed from sermon delivered on 10 January 2016 morning)

We have been having different prophecies.  Last year we had the prophecy about the three miracles that were to happen last year.  And I mentioned that it did not happen because we were not fully obedient to receive some of the presence and the glory of the Lord.  We were supposed to have spent a day in Pergamos on 20 September 2015 and wait upon the Lord, and the Lord wanted to bring forth a transfiguration and that did not take place.  Because that did not take place, the three signs and wonders have been postponed, not cancelled, but postponed and we are looking forward to them this year.  And it is also linked to the two queens.  Remember, there’s a prophecy about the two queens in Europe and the two queens were supposed also to go home by the end of last year.  It is also tied to the transfiguration.

This year there will be a new level of presence and power that will be released.  But let me bring forth the visitation that the Lord has.  This one was received − an account by Aruel.  Then afterwards, I’ll give some of the things that I have received on this year.  This was the download that was received on 28 December, as the year was coming to an end. 

Remember that every word of prophecy needs to be called to account, so the Lord never misses.  When the Lord says something, it must come to pass.  If it does not come to pass, we must diligently seek the answer to “why”.  We need the answer.  And that’s why as the year came to an end, we were seeking and praying, “Lord, why?  Is it because we have failed?” 

Remember that in the Bible, sometimes different things happened.  When Jonah prophesied that in 40 days Nineveh will be thrown down, at the end of 40 days it was not thrown down and he was disappointed because his prophesy didn’t come to pass.  But the Lord showed in the book of Jonah that it was because of His compassion.  And because the people repented, so the Lord extended time for them.  That was a different case.

Then in the book of Daniel, when the 70 years were up, Daniel was concerned, he was already keeping tab on the prophecy of Jeremiah about the 70 years.  When the 70 years were up and it was not coming to pass, he was very concerned.  And look at his prayer in the book of Daniel.  He never blamed God.  He said, “Lord, it’s our fault if it never came to pass.”  At least he had an answer.

So what we are telling you is nothing new in the Bible.  In the Bible, Daniel was praying and saying, “Lord, why is this not coming to pass?  It’s our fault.  Forgive us, Lord.”  So in the same way, when the prophetic word (because we treat the spoken word with the same reverence as we treat the written word), when the spoken word did not come to pass, we need to repent, we need to seek the Lord.  And the Lord gave an answer. 

This is His answer: This morning, (Aruel said) I was worshipping and I got on my knees, lifting up holy hands to the Lord, and just praying for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to be able to do what I need to do.  (And then he received the blessings of wisdom; then he said) I worshipped some more and I asked for great mercy.  And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Come, Aruel.”  The Lord said this a few times.  And then I was taken to the new heavens and the new earth where I had been taken many times to this bench in front of a small river.  Behind the river is a beautiful tree that the Lord has shown me and then behind the tree is a field filled with beautiful fruit trees.  I saw Jesus and the Father and they were sitting next to me, the Father on my right and Jesus on my left.  Then Jesus began to speak to me.  He said, “Aruel, I want to talk to you about the two queens.”  I said, “Thank You, Lord.  I have been praying a lot about them and I am so concerned that I had brought reproach on this move.  Please forgive me and have mercy on me.”  Jesus said, “Aruel, all the timelines for this year (this is 28 December, which was 2015, all the timelines for this year, 2015) of the things that were supposed to come early have been delayed.  The queens’ deaths would be delayed.  The judgment on my house of those who were supposed to die has been delayed because you and Pastor Johann did not obey My word.”

Wow, thank You, Lord.  And thank you for all of you looking on who look so holy and righteous. 

“All these were contingent on your obedience to all things I have spoken, but especially because they were tied to the transfiguration.  (And that was supposed to happen on 20 September 2015.  All these things, the Lord said, were tied to the transfiguration.  Jesus continued and said)  Do not worry.  All the things that have been shown to you will happen.”

Now, the things shown are the three miracles that are to happen in Singapore − growing of the new leg, the blind man, and the heart condition thing.  And the pacemaker will disappear and the scars will also disappear. 

(The Lord said) “All the things that have been shown to you will happen.  It is just the timeline has been delayed.  The timeline, because of your disobedience, was returned back to a modification of the original timeline and now things have been given more time.  However, the timeline has changed.  It is not as long as it was.”

So don’t assume that it’s going to change, wah, it’s going to be many years’ time.  I believe it is very short and everything that was spoken last year now belongs to 2016.  I repeat − everything that was last year’s, is of 2016.

And this time we have learned some lessons.  We have learned some lessons about the creative miracles.  Remember the last Thanksgiving service we had?  Brother Leong was here and he is the man with the pacemaker.  And then we ended the service.  Then after the whole service ended, the Lord indicated that if we had extended the service for some time, we would have seen that miracle. 

Wah, so for this year, we change all the Miracle services to Friday, so that in case we need to stay back, no one has an excuse.  If it eats into the Friday all-night prayer, so be it.  If the miracle service lasts until Saturday 6.00 am, so be it.  If it lasts until Saturday 6.00 pm, so be it.  If it lasts from Friday we pray until we look around, wah, it’s now Sunday morning, let’s start the service, so be it.  But our attitude has changed.  We are now prepared to stay through, to see it through in worship and praise. 

So there are some changes that we have made.  And we learn from our mistakes.  You know, it’s human to make mistakes.  But it‘s important to learn from the mistakes.  If we didn’t learn, then something is wrong.  So that’s what we have learned about waiting on the Lord, giving Him more time, and giving Him more worship.  And when the Lord says something and He wants to do it, we need to let Him do whatever He wants and learn to wait on Him − a tarrying meeting, I call that.  So we will improve on that.  And we have been looking forward to the three miracles this year.

Now, here’s something that the Lord says about the two queens.  Now, everything is tied to the transfiguration and the transfiguration is taking place this year.  I cannot let you know when, because otherwise the rest of you will come, all just taking photos and pictures.  We don’t want a Japanese tourism thing taking place.  No, it will be everyone just spending time with the Lord and praying at the Lord’s own choosing.  We just worship the Lord.  So the Lord says now things have been given more time.

“However, the timeline has changed.  It is not as long as it was.  It is shortened.  But the timeline is dependent now on the transfiguration and the level of My presence and power manifest.  But be assured (this is the Lord saying, be assured), all will happen as shown.”  As shown − everything will still happen.  But when it will happen, depends. 

(Jesus then said) “Aruel, the things that were supposed to happen needed a certain level of My presence and power to be released.  The transfiguration was key for this.  (And then Jesus explained) In the book of Acts, you see Herod getting struck down.”  There is no quotation here but it’s found in Acts 12.  Remember how Herod was getting all the adoration and false worship and the people said, “Oh, this is the word of God and not of man.”?  Acts 12 says the angel struck him down and he died.  That is the New Testament, not Old Testament, in Acts 12.  So this was what Jesus was referring to.

“In the book of Acts, you see Herod getting struck down.  How this authority was dealt with is different.  Why did Herod get struck down for receiving worship, but Caesar (the Roman Caesar in Rome) who received worship at the same time did not get struck down at the same time?  (And Jesus answered Himself, His rhetorical question.)  It was because of the level of My presence and power on the region was at such a level that the authority Herod who was directly over that region was judged.”  Because of that, because of His presence and power.     

Now, I pause there.  Herod was over the area of Judea and over this area.  And in Jerusalem, Judea and all those regions, the Holy Spirit was manifesting greater and greater in power.  Herod’s death occurred in Acts 12.  In Acts 5, the power of God was so great that the shadow of Peter was healing people. 

And the Lord says shadow healing will repeat too.  We will have times in this move when the shadows will also heal.  Everything in the Bible will be repeated.

Then in Acts 5, you also see people in the church get struck down.  Ananias and Sapphira died within hours and that is in Acts 5.  Then in Acts 6 was the growth of the church and the appointment of seven deacons.  Then the church continued on in great power.  Within Acts 12 itself, the first part of Acts 12 shows that angels were manifesting, because after James the Apostle was killed (in Acts 12), they also arrested Peter (in the same story of Acts 12).  When they arrested Peter and locked him in prison, the angel supernaturally broke all the prison doors and brought Peter out.  It was a supernatural event affecting natural event, so you can see the glory of God and presence were very strong.  And Herod was the same one who commanded Peter to be arrested.  So remember, he had done a lot of things that were going against God.  And then the time came when he was having his normal worldly ceremony and he gave an oratory and people were saying that, trying to say that he was God and he was struck down.  We remember the context.

So Jesus was talking about how the presence of God in that region affected the rulers around.  So if the rulers didn’t live right with God, they also got killed and judged.  It‘s very important to have the presence and power.  So that’s what He was talking about.  Whereas the same presence was not in Rome.  But if the same presence in Rome had risen up, and a great presence, it might have affected even the Roman Caesar. 

So the presence and power of God in the region can affect the natural rulers of the land.  And the transfiguration was supposed to take place in Turkey which more or less is like the bridge between Middle East and Europe, and of course it claims, it wants to be part of Europe.  And it would have affected if it had taken place there, the European sector that is there.  So that’s what Jesus was talking about.

And it says here that Herod was directly over that region was judged because of that.  “My presence and My power was not at the same level where Caesar was and he was not dealt with in the same way.  This is important because in order to release the judgments I wanted to happen (Jesus said I wanted to happen) and for those authorities to go home (so that they don’t block what God is doing), it needed the transfiguration presence to be released.” 

So up to this point, I have explained about the three miracles and about the two queens.  And it has been postponed, not till the next year, now is 2016, but to this year.  And things are going to happen very fast this year.  It’s going to be compressed and shortened.  As the Lord said.  It’s delayed but not that long.  It is shortened, plus other things that are going to happen this year will also happen, on top of that.

Then after the Lord had spoken and answered our questions, the Lord added some more things.  The Lord says this is His warning to everyone: “Aruel, I also want to give a warning to those naysayers…”  That means those who are going to criticise the move because of this delay, those who are going to go against the move because of this delay, those who are going to go into unbelief because of the postponement − that’s what the Lord is saying.  He gave an actual warning: “Aruel, I also want to give a warning to those naysayers who would speak against this move, Pastor Johann and you for the delay.”  So if you persecute and speak against us because of this delay, this is the Lord’s warning for you.  “Remember, I have given you this word…”  And the word was delivered with a “Thus says the Lord”.  “… I have given you this word before year end.”

So everything from a prophetic sense is valid, because the Lord is saying this is “Thus says the Lord”.  And so He says don’t play around with His word even when it’s delayed.  He says, however, here is the warning: “To those who speak against you and this move, remind them that a servant before his own master stands and falls.”  In other words, when we deliver the word of the Lord, we are servants of the Lord.  If we fail in the delivery or we through our disobedience cause something to be delayed, we have to answer to our Master Lord Jesus.  That‘s what the Lord Jesus says.  We have to answer to that which we did.  “… remind them that a servant before his own master stands and falls.  I have dealt with Pastor Johann and you (yes, He did) and shown you great mercy.  But those who speak against you for what happened and the delay will be judged.  All the naysayers who say, see, it didn’t happen and speak against the leadership and this move will be judged.  And when the delay has come to an end, they will be judged and struck down with all those whose time has come to an end.”  That’s the Lord’s word. 

And so we appeal to all: Keep an open heart to the Lord.  Always be like Gamaliel.  If you don’t understand this, say, “Even if we cannot be for it, let’s not be against it.” − Gamaliel’s stand.  Of course, it would be better to be open and watching.

And this part is mine, not the Lord’s word.  I want to add this.  As I spoke to some of those in Sydney, I said, “Look, are there any people on the planet now, any church, big or small, are there any people on the earth with enough faith to pray for growing of new arms and new legs?  Are there any prayer groups out there praying for this kind of miracles?”  If your answer is no, not that you know of, perhaps there may be  some individuals, then I say, “We are doing things that no other church or ministry is doing.  Give some grace.” 

Not only do we have a desire, a lot of people all over the world desire to see signs and wonders, and the works of Jesus.  We don’t just have a desire, you know what we have?  We have a mandate.  We are told by the Lord specifically what miracles will take place.  That’s not a desire anymore, do you realise that?  To which group on the planet earth, big or small, mega-church or mini-church, has the Lord ever said, “In one of your meetings, I am going to grow a new arm and a new leg” − as a “Thus says the Lord”?  If you don’t know anybody else and we are the only ones venturing into this area, shouldn’t you be praying and helping us?  Can you see the reasoning?  I’m trying to reason with your hearts, and not just all of you (all of you here are supportive), online where people are listening to the messages.  Shouldn’t you be helping us?  Because there are no other groups brave enough to tackle this. 

We ourselves are not that brave.  We are only brave because of the Lord’s grace.  And you know why we are brave?  Because we believe we have heard from the Lord.  We have seen some signs and wonders.  And we have what we call a mandate and a word from the Lord. 

And I believe, you know, in some of the downloads that we have on USA, I can’t read all because I want to give the prophecy for 2016, but I’ll give more of these details on the last week of January when we pray in the 3-day prayer, especially before we go to US.  In some of the downloads, and of course, not all of this is going to happen this year.  But as I perceive in my spirit, not a “Thus says the Lord”, but as I perceive in my spirit. 

Over the next 2 / 3 years in the US, as we launch, among some of those things, of visions of meetings near the mall in Washington DC, there were hundreds of thousands of people.  Then in another vision, subsequent vision, there were millions of people gathered.  During some of the meetings, there were the signs of Moses demonstrated − a rod turned into a snake, water turned into blood, and a sign of leprosy on the hand − with doctors and scientists verifying it on the spot, because we always work with doctors and scientists in this type of miracles.  Every miracle − we must put under the microscope, if it is a sign, and it is.  And among those things was this part that I pointed to, a man came (who was a dwarf), and here Aruel says he saw me: “I saw a man who was a dwarf and you (that is, Pastor Johann) asked him questions.  I then knew everyone has been tested beforehand and there were doctors who were there, who verified the sickness condition.  It was a dwarf.  Then you said something like In the name of Jesus, and it was all on cameras and millions of people, the dwarf grew up suddenly.”  In the history of mankind, there is no dwarf who can grow to normal.  This is one of the visions.  And this comes with a “Thus says the Lord”.  The Lord didn’t give a timeline.  Then there were others.  There was also a healing of a red-headed girl with Down Syndrome.  Instantly as she was prayed for, her face changed to a normal face.  You know, Down Syndrome has a certain disfigurement on the face that is obvious.  Then there was another person who had an accident and his arm and leg were cut off − the arm grew, the leg grew.  And then there were also a lot of transportation.  There was a vision where we held four meetings in four different cities simultaneously.  And as I finished one meeting, I walked down the staircase, poomp, I was in the other one, and after I’d finished, poomp, I was taken to another one − transportation. 

There is no other group with a “Thus says the Lord” this is going to happen.  We are privileged, that it is not just something we desire, something that people dream of.  You know what we have, we have a “Thus says the Lord”.  So any Christian out there, I would appeal to you: A servant is answerable to his own master.  But I want you to know the servants that you are looking at are entering territory when no man has gone before, when no Christian has gone before, when no church has gone before, when no ministry has gone before.  Join us.  Pray for us so that we will not miss God.  Because when those things take place, you know who will benefit?  Our Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole.  And every church and ministry that loves the Lord will be blessed.  We are doing it not for ourselves.  We are doing it to expand into borders and territories that no Christian or ministry has dare tread on before.  We did say we work with angels closer than any other group.  And the angels have loved to do things, not because of our abilities, but because He has shown us this grace.

So in that sense, the Lord says: Remind them that a servant before his own master stands and falls.  And that God says: Those who speak against the move because of the delay, they will be judged and struck down with all those who are going to be struck down anyway last year. 

(And then He added this, and this one is part of my prophecy too.) “… along with the dogs and wolves, and those of My house under judgment.  And there will be a great cry as in the time of Herod when Herod killed all the children, who tried to kill Me (says the Lord).  There will be weeping like Rachel weeping for her children and not comforted, so it shall be when this judgment comes to My house and the earth and the delay of judgment is over, there will be great weeping.”

(Then the Lord added these words, Aruel said) I was gripped with the reality that the Lord Jesus spoke to me.  And then the Father spoke, “Aruel, do not be afraid, you have been shown great mercies and kindness and Pastor Johann before you.  I have used your failures as a testing.  There are many waiting on the sideline, waiting to see before they believe and embrace this move.  Some have failed and fallen away and been replaced.  But this is another warning and mercy: I have allowed for those who are waiting to believe based on what they see or don’t see, instead of based on what the Holy Spirit is witnessing to them in their hearts.” 

Now this second part, the Lord is trying to speak to those who are waiting only for miracles before they enter the move.  And the Lord is saying, right now even without miracles, you can ask your own heart, the Holy Spirit in your heart: Is this move real or not?  Hear what your heart is saying.  Is what these servants of God speaking, true?  Is it in line with the Bible?  Is it what God is doing and saying?  And then check in your heart what the reply is.  Because if your heart replies and says this is of the Lord, you know what the Lord says?  That’s enough.  He says, instead of believing based on what you see or don’t see, you believe based on what the Spirit tells you in your heart. 

(Here the Father said) “They must not wait to believe.  They must believe based on the witness of My Spirit.  (The Holy Spirit is bearing witness in your heart.)  Now because I have shown you great mercies, (thank You, Father) I am giving the voice that cries at midnight great amplification that will resound throughout the earth.  It will come quickly and there will be a great shaking, not like the one in the time of the tsunami, but the amplification of the voice that cries at midnight will cause a great shaking and it will shake the people of the earth to the core.  Aruel, Pastor Johann has been given revelation on this and what it means.”  As the Father said this, holy fear went through me and I said, “Yes, Father.” 

So that’s the download that the Lord has and we have explained on the three signs and the two queens.  The prophecy will still be online, but I will update with this latest prophecy, so that they can see all the updates and explain the previous one and the next one.

I want to thank those who have done that, I think Colin sent me an email showing the prophecies − this has taken place, this has taken place, and everything.  So it did show some things have already taken place.

Now, as you ook forward to the year 2016, more things will happen.  The first thing, as you’ve already heard from this word from the Lord, is that everything that has been prophesied last year is supposed to happen, which means the three miracles and the taking home of the two queens is now also this year.  So watch and see, it’s also this year. 

But again same condition: it is based on me and Aruel pressing into the Lord and receiving the manifestation of the transfiguration, which is why this week, no meetings.  Let me seek the Lord.  I would love to ask for 40 days’ leave but I cannot, so I’ll start the Bible study next week but I’ll be preaching this coming Sunday.  And we want to wait on the Lord.  And really make sure that we can plan everything the way the Lord wants and receive everything the way the Lord wants.  We ourselves need to receive a higher measure, a higher measure of presence and power, and so we are going to seek the Lord on that.  And that’s what we are doing.  So this fast is good, it’s happening in the middle of our 40-day fast.  But here are some of things that the Lord also is showing that will happen this year and I’m going to bring it together with some scriptures. 

And remember, at all times, the most important thing is love, grace and mercy.  Let none of us be judgmental over anyone.  Remember, even those who oppose the move, show love, kindness and mercy because they might not know what they do.  Only the Lord knows the heart.  It’s not for us to judge.

Firstly, Isaiah 6.  I’m going to read the scriptures, then talk about the prophecies that will happen.  And you would know the quality and the nature of the prophecies we give forth.  We will always give scriptural verses, then we will give you extra-Biblical revelation that is in line with it.  Then we will also tell you what we hear from the Lord.  It says in verses 1-3: “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple.  Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.  And one cried to another and said: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!’”

Number 1:  There will be many Uzziahs who are taken away by the Lord this year.  Some of those I‘ve already spoken of last year; this year, there will be many.  If you read the story of Uzziah, he was generally a good king − a good king who was not perfect, a good king who stepped into areas he should not.  And then he died.  He was a king, he tried to be a priest and he died.  And it was also because of pride.  The first judgment that God will bring forth in 2016 is a judgment on all pride.  Whether the pride be in the body of Christ, or the pride be in the secular world, the Lord says, it is time.

You know the verses in James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5.  God resists the proud, correct?  But He gives grace to the humble.  Sometimes we don’t see him resisting, the proud seems to be going on and on and on and on and on.  But even Nebuchadnezzar, the leader of what we call the golden empire, was judged in the fullness of time.  And what is happening is God is accelerating all things and this year it’s a call to humble ourselves in fasting and prayer.

2014 was the Year of Judgment − Part 1.  2015 was the Year of Judgment − Part 2.  Now part of the judgment of 2015 drops into 2016.  So I was asked by one of the twelve: “Is 2016 also a Year of Judgment?”  I said, “Only on those things which were carried forward, but generally 2016 is not the Year of Judgment.  It is the Year of Transition − it is the year when we enter into something deep.”  That’s why all your preparations should have been finished last year.  This year, we step across the Red Sea.  (And this year we are actually going to the Red Sea, hallelujah, except I’m not sure about Eddy going there with the rod and parting the Red Sea.  You are training yourself, right, for the next 9 months?  Or the priests stepping into the River Jordan and the River Jordan parted.) 

But symbolically, this year is the Year of Transition.  All that you have believed for, all that you have dreamed, all that you have visualised − this year the Lord opens the door for you to walk in.  Which is why the verse read by Deborah was good − Be strong and of good courage.  And go forth into that which the Lord has for you.  And this year, February, by the end of this 40-day fast, we have gone forth to the United States.  And United States only has six years and in six years, because of signs and wonders, not only all of USA, but the whole world will hear the voice that cries at midnight.  All will take place in the six years as we launch forth. 

This year is the Year of Transition.  Don’t just focus on Uzziahs dying, two queens dying, three kings dying, two Jack of trades dying here − don’t focus on that area.  Yes, people will be going home.  And there will be people going home that you never expected because this is the Year of Transition.  Not everyone who goes home goes home because of sin or something wrong in their lives, so don’t be judgmental.  Don’t say, “Huh, I knew he should die, that one should die.”  And don’t start predicting because of this, you know, which mega-pastor must drop dead and die and all that.  Please don’t!  You are looking at the wrong thing.  You look like that, you yourself something wrong.  You know, you might be actually in the midst of saying somebody will die, your hand goes [Illustration], and then you yourself die.  So don’t!

Focus on this other part: Transition.  It was time for Isaiah to rise up − “In the year…”  Remember, in the year, not the same day, not the same month, but in the year of many being removed from this earth, both of rulers of the earth and of men and women of God in the ministry, and of many Christians.  Your heart and mind are saying, “How many?  Pastor, can count?”  So many until you can see there is no coincidence.  You will be awakened to the fact that something is happening here.

When you say, “Wah, this man on earth just died…”  Then remember Job.  Job when the disasters came, and one of his servants ran, I don’t know why, all the servants died except left one to give the bad news.  It’s almost like the devil wanted him to hear the bad news.  They killed everyone except… then the devil told his other little devils, “Let that one go to give Job the bad news.”  So he ran, with half-torn shirt or half-naked, and he ran, and said, “I’ve got to tell you this: All the sheep are gone, all the camels are gone, all the children are gone.”  One after the other, no coincidence.  Remember Job, this year is like that.  So while he was still relating, “Huh, this person died ah!”  Then you turn around, “Huh, this person died ah!”  Turn around, “Huh, this person died ah!”  Hold your horses. 

Behind all these people going home, a great thing is happening.  The Isaiahs are rising up.  Do you know why people have to go home?  Because until they go, the new ones cannot rise.  And God is taking them home to allow the transition to take place this year. 

The new figureheads, remember the European prophecies?  The young man in Germany (by young, I could call him 50 years old) and the young man in UK, who will lead Europe, and then the young man in France who will join them − God has to make space for these to rise.  Also, in the church and in the ministries of God, because some of these established ministers are so influential, God says “enough” and He removes all.  Then people say, “Huh, where do we look to now?”  And everyone is shaken.  They have to look to the Lord.  And then they realise in their very midst are people who love God. 

The new generation will rise up, which includes of course some of the first generation who have been on the sidelines waiting.  And of course the second generation who have been waiting on the sidelines to rise up.  For the Isaiahs.  The Uzziahs die, so the Isaiahs come.  The “U” goes out, the “I” comes in.  And the Isaiahs rise up in order for God to do a new work.  Technically, even though Isaiah was a prophet already, he didn’t have the voice that God wanted him to have because Uzziah was very influential.  Until Uzziah died, in the same year, all these rise.

So this year, the good news is the rise of really, really Godly people, beginning to find their place where God wants them.  And these are the Joshuas who have been waiting on the sidelines under the shadow of Moses and it’s time for them to cross the Jordan, launch into something that they have never had before.  In a sense, this is like a new beginning.

Point 2: (You can ask questions in the second service.)  In the book of Daniel, as Daniel was fasting and praying, Gabriel appeared to him.  Daniel 10:12-13 (Daniel has been fasting for 21 days): “Then he said to me, ‘Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words.  But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.” 

Now, notice all these archangels are working with all the natural kingdoms?  Gabriel said he was with the kings of Persia even before he came to Daniel.  And on his journey to Daniel, there was this opposing fallen angel that came against them.

Then he said…  Usually we read the contents of what he is saying, but the contents are basically about the 70 years, so most of you know that by now, but the sidelines, the messages in-between, inference of what was happening in the background, Daniel 10:20-21 − “Then he said, ‘Do you know why I have come to you?  (He asked Daniel) And now (You see, what happened to Gabriel after he delivered the message?  That is what we are interested in − now.  He was with the prince of Persia and he said ‘Do you know why I have come to you?’  And now) I must return to fight with the prince of Persia; and when I have gone forth, indeed the prince of Greece will come.  But I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture of Truth.  (No one upholds me against these, except Michael your prince.” 

In Daniel 11:1 − “Also in the first year of Darius the Mede, I, (says Gabriel) even I, stood up to confirm and strengthen him.)”  They control how many kings in each kingdom can rise and fall.  It says here (verse 2) − “And now I will tell you the truth: Behold, three more kings will arise in Persia, and the fourth shall be far richer than them all; (they even know which king will be the richest) by his strength, through his riches, he shall stir up all against the realm of Greece.”

Now, why are we reading this?  This was a historical epic battle going on in the political times of Daniel which nobody saw, only Daniel knew all these things.  The world just saw things happening in the human level and they thought it was only human.  No, if Gabriel didn’t strengthen Darius the Mede, you think Darius the Mede could come up?  No, if Gabriel didn’t push back the prince of Persia, you think the Medes could come up when the Persians were so strong?  You see, they are controlling, the devil is not in charge, God is in charge.  And God allows what He allows and disallows what He doesn’t allow, which comes to prophecy No. 2.

It is the destiny of China and Russia to be the greatest power − Russia first, and China second, during the decades to come.  And they will reach the height of their power after the tsunami which will happen in 2029.  From 2029 to 2034, these will be the two greatest powers allowed by God, allowed by God, to rise because no one can rise without God.  Read Daniel 2 − it is God who removes kings and sets up kings.  He is the One who allows or disallows.  And by 2034, both these nations are so strong, they fight a war, and Russia will win and China will sue for peace.  Then they continue to co-exist as No. 1 and No. 2. 

But now we are in 2016.  Russia, the Lord says (these are the words of the Lord or the angels): “Russia and China are rising too fast.”  So He must strike them down to keep them at bay for their time has not come yet.  From now 2016 until the year 2022 and 2027, it is more the rise of the power of USA and Europe. 

Many people are asking and there are some books, I am also aware of what’s happening in the secular world.  We are not ostriches that hide our heads in the ground and don’t know what’s going on.  I am aware of the many books written by different authors and economists that predict the great, big disaster / recession that is going to come.  They are right but wrong in their “time”.  It will not happen in 2016, it will not happen in 2017, it will not happen in 2018, it will not happen in 2019, it will not happen in 2020 − these are still the prosperity years. 

So God allows, even though they are weak, USA to be strong with the coming of the next year’s President.  This year is their running year, before they elect the President for 2017.  All the prophecies are still true.  With the rise of USA, there will be the rise of Europe.  But because Russia and China want to rise up, you will see in this year 2016, a cutting down of Russia and China.  Things will keep happening until people say, “What in the world is happening?”  Because it is not time for them to arise and the archangels are pushing them down; not humans, not just economic forces.  There are archangels that say: “Stay, stay, you cannot rise yet!”  And Russia and China will create and allow different things so that they keep on trying to rise, but cannot rise.

So this year you will see, because they are too strong, Russia and China being dealt with in many ways and the opposite happens − USA becoming stronger, much to everybody’s surprise because we all know their currency is just printed money, and Europe also rising.  So these are the nations that will control the world or influence the world to some extent.  So that’s the second part of the prophecy.  And the second part of the prophecy is based on observing, seeing the work of angels, and sometimes God allows you to hear what the angels are saying and also what the angels are doing.

I know one thing: Archangels have been assigned into Russia and into China to push them back.  How it was going to work out in the natural, you will read in the news in this year.  Also, archangels and angels of God have been sent into USA and into Europe to push them up, to make them rise up, and then you will see the side effects in all the natural world.  That’s the second major thing that is going to take place this year.

Third major thing, and the other things I will touch on in the second service.  I will preach a short one, then we will have questions and answers.

The third thing, we look at Joel 2, it starts with and we all know this prophecy.  This prophecy has been quoted in Acts 2.  In the outpouring of the Spirit, they quoted Joel.  Now, if you read Joel 2, you wouldn’t see any place where it talks about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.  You have to infer it to be able to see where it takes place.  In fact, the book of Acts only started quoting from Joel 2:28 (which we all know very well): “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.  And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.  And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.  And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the LORD Shall be saved.  For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, As the LORD has said, Among the remnant whom the LORD calls.”      

I want you to notice this: We have been teaching on New Jerusalem.  Every time you see Mount Zion is a duo thing.  Mount Zion refers to the City of David, Mount Zion in the book of Hebrews refers to New Jerusalem.  This prophecy also tells us the rise of the glory of New Jerusalem.  And even though it was partially fulfilled in Acts 2, I want you to know Acts 2 is only fulfilled up to Joel 2:29.  Where are the wonders in the heavens and in the earth?  Not fully, correct? 

This year has already begun.  Just last week, some people saw a phenomenon in Canberra − a big ball of light appeared.  Scientists classified it as ball lightning.  If you do a research on ball lightning in the internet, Wikipedia and everything, you find that some of them are unexplained, very hard to explain, nor do they know what causes it.  What causes a plasma ionization?  What they saw is a natural side effect.  What I saw was the archangel Raguerael commanding all his angels (millions of them) to do a work in all of Australia, to change the weather pattern because of what we did on Snowy Mountains. 

There will be unusual signs and wonders that the scientists will explain with something.  But there will be signs on the earth and signs in the heavens above.  Between now (this year 2016) to the Rapture, and you thought the world weather is changing − not just world weather, the whole atmosphere of our solar system seems to be different.  Because last year it is already done − all the 30 archangels have realigned the boundary between the pristine universe and the warfare universe and have pushed them all to our solar system on the planet earth.  The side effect of that done in the spirit last year (in 2015) will start this year (in 2016) with strange phenomena in the sky above us.  And you think that we have normal meteorites coming and going.  Do you know what it’s like in the Tribulation?  The things that happen destroy one-third of the sea, one-third of the trees, one-third of rivers, one-third of plants and all those things and life.  The earth is, like exposed suddenly, like to a meteorite belt that keeps pounding the earth.  That’s the worst case scenario in the Tribulation.

What I’m saying here is between now (2016) to the worst case scenario where big, giant things that keep falling on the earth in the Tribulation, it is a graph that goes upwards.  So you begin to see more and more strange signs and phenomena on the earth below and the sky above because the whole creation is groaning with the impact and the pressure that have been put on by the archangels in redrawing the boundaries.

But here’s the good news in point 3: There is a new outpouring this year.  And when it says blow the trumpet in Zion, it is the news of New Jerusalem − the New Jerusalem Glory.  Why was I teaching about the New Jerusalem Glory for the past five sessions and then I’m continuing this coming Sunday to conclude it?  Because it is to prepare us for the New Jerusalem Glory outpouring this year.  It will have side effects − like Moses’ face shining; like transportation; where in the meeting, suddenly you might see and people might see visible light and glory upon your lives − because of the interface of New Jerusalem Glory this year. 

And this year, to those who are hungry and seek God in fasting and prayer…  You see, this is the year to humble ourselves.  In a transition year, what do you see happen?  This year is the transition year.  You know how important it is for the transition year?  I always tell people (even in your personal life): In the transition year, fasting and prayer is very important because you don’t want to miss anything that the Lord tells you.  This is the Year of Transition.  In this transition year, we must fast and pray a lot.  Spend time a lot with God.  Because many, many outpourings are taking place, liken to Acts 2.  Outpourings − this year is the outpouring.  This year has been assigned Acts 2 all over again.  And you say, “What must I do?”  Do what they did in Acts 1 and the beginning part of Acts 2.  Do what they did and gather in prayers as often as you can.  And when the outpourings come, it comes.  When the time comes, it comes.  But this year you will see an outpouring − that’s the third thing that will take place.

Now, we have some more, but I will deliver that and finish off this sermon in the second service, part of it, and then open for questions and answers.

Let’s go to God in prayer:

Father, we thank You for Your grace and Your mercy that You establish upon each one of our lives.  We look forward to this year, the Year of Transition.  No doubt, Lord, we will bear the impact of the judgment that is falling, where (like our Lord Jesus says) the wolves and all the dogs are being slaughtered, that, Father, we as Your people humble ourselves before You.  We want to flow with all the fullness of Your kingdom, for this year You are pouring out Your Spirit.  And those who are hungry and desirous after You will be brought into a high dimension that they never had before. 

Let Your will always be done on the earth as it is in heaven.  Let Your kingdom come. 

We commit ourselves to You afresh, Father.  When we begin to see the signs and wonders fulfilled this year, it’s going to rock the core of every being.  When we begin, Father God, to see the prophecies being fulfilled this year, we will be shaken to the core because we know God is real and He is visiting the people, calling out unto Himself a bride worthy of Him.

Father, we have heard so many times that Jesus is coming and Jesus is coming.  Indeed, You have allowed the Antichrist to be born last year, the false prophet in 2004, and You have already established the boundary between us and them.  And this year is the transition year where finally we cross into that which You have for us.  Thank You, Father, for everyone here and what it means personally in each life, the things that everyone will cross into, the things that they will transit into.  Speak into every heart and life, Father, and establish it so clear without a shadow of a doubt that we know, Father, finally the time has come.  Thank You, Father. 

Bless Your people, bless their angels and strengthen their angels.  And we all bless You, Father, for Your mercy and grace.

Thank You for forgiving us, Father, for our disobedience on 20 September 2015.  Thank You for Your mercy shown.  Thank You for the lessons that we have to learn to wait upon You.  Thank You, Father. 

And this year, Father, as we begin this year, we begin it with fasting and prayer as always but also with a readiness to spend more time waiting on You, so that when this outpouring that is assigned for 2016 takes place, may not a single one of Your people miss it and it won’t just be in one place like in Acts 2.  It will be in many places simultaneously as Your Spirit pours out in volumes that have never been seen before.  Thank You, Father.  Let Your glory and grace, we pray, and all honour go to You.  In Jesus’ name.  And everyone says: Amen.


(Transcribed from sermon delivered on 10 January 2016 afternoon)

I want to point to some of the events that are coming forth.  Let’s look at the book of Genesis, in the life of Joseph, we all know about the famous seven years’ famine and the seven years’ prosperity, before that was prosperity, then famine.  In Genesis 41, Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, in verse 25.  And these things are pre-determined.  We are still in the seven years’ prosperity and the years of prosperity will proceed all the way to 2020.  It might not be exactly day and night, but you will see the transition into the recession years from 2020 to 2027, then begin the war years which are from 2027 to 2034.

In Genesis 41:25-30 (it says here as he interpreted in verse 25) − “Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, ‘The dreams of Pharaoh are one; God has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do: The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good heads are seven years; the dreams are one.  And the seven thin and ugly cows which came up after them are seven years, and the seven empty heads blighted by the east wind are seven years of famine.  This is the thing which I have spoken to Pharaoh.  God has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do.  Indeed seven years of great plenty will come throughout all the land of Egypt; but after them seven years of famine will arise, and all the plenty will be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine will deplete the land.” 

Now jump over very quickly to the time when the famine actually took place after the seven years of prosperity that seemed to be very fast over, in verse 46: “Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt…”   Verses 47-48: “Now in the seven plentiful years the ground brought forth abundantly.  So he gathered up all the food of the seven years…”  There was so much (in verse 49) that he stopped counting because it was immeasurable.  Verses 53-54: “Then the seven years of plenty which were in the land of Egypt ended, and the seven years of famine began to come…”  You see, it was not a day and night kind of thing.  It slowly moved into the other years of famine.  It began to come.  The famine was in all lands, no country was excepted, but in all the land of Egypt, there was bread.

And I have used Bible verses to support some of the prophecies that are coming.

This year 2016 is the Year of Transition.  We are already two years into the years of prosperity.  We’ve got another five more years to 2020.  The fourth point: In this year, you will be enabled to identify the places of refuge.  How will you identify the places of refuge or where to go?  Because there are many, many pockets and there are general countries.  We are given some general countries, like the eastern side of Canada, Brazil, Argentina and all those places.  How will you identify the places of refuge?  You don’t wait until the famine.  It’s a bit too late.  But you can identify those places because they are distinct, that in those places God is prospering the agriculture and the weather is blessing those places. 

We talk about coming famine.  Famine is caused by world weather, beyond human control.  As you all know, places like Machu Picchu and some of these places where they were great civilisations and then suddenly the weather changed, same like some areas of Europe in the northern side, Iceland, all those Vikings and all that, in some of them, the weather changed and it almost destroyed an entire community.  Also, this weather, we have to move and flow with it.  There are some things that are happening on the earth where, like I say, there will be great droughts that happen in North America and the water is being drained out.  The angels are actually at work, changing the scenario.  This is the word that the angels used: Realignment.  So they are realigning all things.  You can identify the places that are places of refuge in this Year of Transition, thus be able to start investing.  You know how you identify?  From this verse.

How did Egypt become the place of refuge and food?  Not just in the time of famine.  In time of famine, it’s obvious, everybody can see it − you are the only place with food.  In the years before the famine, they had extras.  The extras started seven years earlier.  And in the same way (this year is the Year of Transition), the countries, cities and places or pockets of refuge − you will begin to see the weather bringing lots of good rain, lots of ability to build the agricultural industry.  In other words, God is prospering them agriculturally even in the years of prosperity, far beyond normal.

Okay, here’s the question: During the years of prosperity, other places are also having enough food, correct?  What was different about Egypt?  They had a lot, a lot more than normal.  They had more than they could eat, whereas all the other countries had just enough to eat.  And then when the famine came, they had nothing to eat, only Egypt had.  So when did they prepare for the years of famine?  In the time of prosperity, which is why point 4, for those of you, because the coming famine and recession that are going to take place are going to affect everyone, food especially will become scarce.  All come together. 

By the time the tsunami hits (and earthquakes that affect the whole world hit) in 2029, it’s too late.  But way before that, people are moving.  The great exodus that will take place starts roughly about the year 2022 and we will be greatly involved in that.  So from 2022, even right now, this year 2016, you can identify them.  That is the ability that God gives.  Watch the agriculture, watch the weather, watch the extraordinary blessings on the land. 

While every other country keeps getting…  Like in North America, they are getting more and more drought, less water resources, they begin to dig deeper and deeper, pumping water from the underground table.  These places continue to have good rain and plenty of water.  We have been talking about that 2-3 years ago.  And recently in Australia, this year for the first time a place called Lake Eyre started to fill up.  It was totally dry and that was just last year (2015), and over the last week or so of rain, last 2-3 weeks of rain, started for the first time to fill up. 

But by this year, it will be obvious where the cities or the places or countries of refuge are.  And God is making the difference − a line is being drawn in transition, so that people will know to go from where to where, places that will be in deep famine into the places of refuge.  That’s the fourth thing that will take place.

Fifth thing that will take place: Let’s look at Amos 1 and it’s linked to Isaiah again.  But let’s look at Amos 1, something happened.  Remember, I talked about Isaiah 6:1, in the year that King Uzziah died that Isaiah rose up and he had visions of the Lord.  And I also talked about the outpouring of the Spirit in Joel 2 that is going to happen this year.    

This year will be significant.  There will definitely be outpourings on people who are hungry for God.  It’s almost like, like many people can trace the Pentecostal Revival to the year 1906, correct?  And then from there, a lot of outpourings came all over.  We have in our church history records of a particular year which is significant (1906), or the year of the First Great Awakening under John Wesley, Charles Wesley and George Whitefield; the Second Great Awakening under Charles G Finney and Father Nash, and all these people.  We have dates.  History will look back at the year 2016 and realise that an outpouring has begun.  What was happening in the past 2-3 years?  All those are preparation years, preparing our lives.  Outpouring is something that begins to take an effect on the community at large.  It is happening this year.  That’s why Jesus talks about the amplification of the voice that cries at midnight. 

Amos 1, you probably found it by now.  Something happened that most people don’t realise when they read the Bible.  Amos 1:1 − “The words of Amos, who was among the sheepbreeders of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah (interesting, everything points to the days of Uzziah), and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel, two years before the earthquake.” 

Note the fact.  Two years before the earthquake, Amos, a shepherd man who became a prophet, began to prophesy about judgment on the nations.  With the judgment coming on the nations and the shaking that was coming, there was a side effect in the nature of an earthquake.  So the earthquake was so important that when the Bible scholars recorded the prophecy, they even pointed to, oh, this happened two years before the earthquake.  It looks like a very major time event.

Now, turn to Zechariah 14 and you’ll hear these words about the earthquake in the days of Uzziah.  In Zechariah 14, notice it prophesies about Jesus’ second coming when He lands on the Mount of Olives and the Mount of Olives split in two, in verse 4?  But then you notice something else in verse 5.  What triggered the prophecy?  Verse 5: “Then you shall flee through My mountain valley, For the mountain valley shall reach to Azal.  Yes, you shall flee As you fled (as you fled) from the earthquake In the days of Uzziah king of Judah.”  You see, a lot of people know about the earthquake, except us because we are so far from them.  But the Bible people were conscious of the great, major earthquake in the days of Uzziah and that was the timeline everyone looked forward to or marked things by, when things would happen.

These are coming and this year is a year of great shakings and earthquakes.  The earthquakes are caused by two major factors.  This will still be the fifth point.  This is a sub-point: two major factors.  5(a) is natural factors of the earth that has been groaning; since Romans 8, the earth is groaning.  Let’s look at Romans 8 very quickly and I’ve got to give all these points out, so at least I can say that we’ve covered this ground. 

In Romans 8, it says something about the manifestation of the sons of God.  Because this year, the manifestation of the sons of God will become more visible.  Wouldn’t it become more visible when in this year the transfiguration happens, and in this year when new arms and legs grow, and in this year miracles happen (when a person with a heart pacer and his heart pacer disappears or a person with the confirmed blind eye suddenly receives healing)?  Wouldn’t it be significant?  It begins to be like a light bulb that suddenly shines.  This is the year, but together with what I call the rise of the manifestation of the sons of God which is taking place this year in this outpouring. 

Romans 8:19 − “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.”  Or the manifestation of the sons of God.  This year, the sons of God grow up.  This is the year when the Lord says this is good.  It was supposed to be last year, but our [COG’s] growth was delayed slightly.  So this is the year that the manifestation of the sons of God begins.  Notice, it talks about creation in verses 20-22 − “For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.  For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs…”  So there’s a reaction.  Everything that you see that is visible is affected by the things that are invisible, even on the planetary scale − earthquakes.

Then you all remember, I’m not going to turn to those verses, most of you know very well.  1 Kings 19 − remember that Elijah was called to Mount Horeb, then there was a fire, there was a wind, the wind was so strong that the rocks broke apart, there was an earthquake, correct?  1 Kings 19 − what caused the earthquake?  The presence of God has a side effect. 

When this outpouring happens this year and the presence of God increases, the earth will shake, not just natural shaking, it has a side effect.  I’ll prove it to you from the Bible, that in the Bible, spiritual presence of God can shake even the earth.  Remember, signs on the earth below, signs in the sky above. 

Then we also have when Jesus Christ was risen from the dead or at the time when Jesus was on the cross.  In Matthew 27:54, it says “So when the centurion and those with him, who were guarding Jesus, saw the earthquake…” − Jesus on the cross, what caused the earthquake?  It was not a natural earthquake, it was a spiritual transaction taking place − Jesus dying on the cross for our sin − tremendous cosmic, universal forces were at work, side effect sure to affect the earth.  The earth is just a tiny little dot affected by the cosmic event of universal salvation on our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then of course when Jesus rose from the dead, Matthew 28:2 − “And behold, there was a great earthquake (again); for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven…”  I tell you, the day Jesus died on the cross, those three days, there were a lot of shakings and earthquakes, spiritually caused.

You all remember of course Acts 16 − Paul and Silas were in prison, singing, and then there was an earthquake. 

So there are earthquakes.  And this year because of what is released on the earth finally, what is released and received, remember the Lord says about great shakings in the prophecy I read this morning, there’s going to be a literal shaking.  Every place.  And we will look, now is January, we will count the earthquakes from January to December.  But as the presence of God increases, it will be extraordinary.  Of course, our prayers are that the earthquakes won’t be in populated centres that innocent people die.  But what we want you to know is that in this year, (point 5) the very earth beneath us will shake.  Of course, scientists wouldn’t put two and two together and say, you know, how can that earthquake be related to this event.  Because this is a spiritual event.  For them, they need a natural explanation.  But scientists will observe, towards the end of this year, as they analyse and look back at this year, that in this year there are a lot of natural phenomena and shakings taking place and they will wonder why.  Because of the outpourings of the Spirit and the manifestation of the sons of God that are taking place.  Events, revelations of God and His angels and glory − there’s a side effect causing earthquakes. 

Sixth event, there are only seven.  I’m moving very fast without going into too much details.

We look over in the book of Joshua.  Again, Joshua was in the transition.  You notice this was a transition event?  They went forth and they conquered part of the land of Canaan and their conquest started, but something happened as they began to conquer the land of Canaan and the people that were conquered.  First, there was Jericho.  After Jericho, of course they went on, they lost some battles in Ai, and then they got themselves right with God because of the sin of Achan.  When it was all dealt with, they continued to have the victory.  But as they renewed the covenant after the victory of Ai, they made some mistakes in the treaty with the Gibeonites, and then they began to fight against all the kings that were before them.  But what happened as they began to be victorious in their fight against all these people that were before them?  You notice that as the people knew about them, it says in Joshua 10:1-3 − “Now it came to pass when Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem heard how Joshua had taken Ai and had utterly destroyed it ─ as he had done to Jericho and its king, so he had done to Ai and its king ─ and how the inhabitants of Gibeon had made peace with Israel and were among them, that they feared greatly, because Gibeon was a great city, like one of the royal cities, and because it was greater than Ai, and all its men were mighty.  Therefore Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem sent to Hoham king of Hebron, Piram king of Jarmuth, Japhia king of Lachish, and Debir king of Eglon…” − they formed a pact to go against Joshua.

We have talked about what’s happening in USA, and what will happen to Canada.  Then we talked about what will happen to China and Russia this morning.  Let’s talk about the Middle East.  The Middle East is going to be gathered together in two different groups in preparation for what is to happen in the war years.  The war years take place from 2027 to 2034.  But between 2027 when the war years start to 2029 just before the great tsunami and earthquake that hit the whole planet literally and Singapore is gone − when we say that, some people don’t believe, you know.  Well, you wait and see.  You can go to the back and ask your questions later.  That’s 2029.

Now, between 2027 and 2029, two nuclear missiles are launched.  One is launched by, it started with Iran, Iran launches one against Saudi Arabia and there is an immediate response back to Tehran.  Only two are launched.  At that time when we spoke about this happening, it’s not a nuclear warfare, just two missiles.  But when those things take place…  We spoke about this, you can trace our records and audios and also online, we spoke about this 2 / 3 years ago, before Iran ever got into this nuclear thing.  They will have nuclear power.  And the question you ask is: Why do these two countries fight against each other?  Because they are in two different camps − Sunnis v Shiites.  Now, the Antichrist will be the one person who will actually unite them.  Because they are going to marvel: “Wah, that guy is a clever talker.”  That’s him.  And that’s why the world will think he is a man of peace, but he is a false fallen angel with the pretence of god.  He will be a man of peace at first.  That is far up the road.

But what’s happening is now 2016 we are interested in.  We say no, that’s far up the road.  Now what’s going to happen in the Middle East?  Because this is the Year of Transition and you’ve already seen signs of it, the Middle East will be divided into two blocks, like these groups, and they will encamp and it will be very clear where these countries will be.  But people are wondering: “Where are the leaders?”  There will only be two leaders.  These are all predictions that were given.  There will only be two leaders − Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Watch them over these next years.  Because this year is the Year of Transition, they will rise up as obvious leaders.  And all countries of the Middle East, except Israel, will have to come into either camp.  There will be no neutral camp − they are either this camp or that camp.  Because this is the Year of Transition, the plumb line is being drawn.  Transition year where the line is drawn − you are either here or there.

Turkey will try to rise as a nation to be a leader but their time is not ripe yet − like China and Russia who will be mowed down by the archangels (when I talked about Daniel) because the archangels are pushing them, keeping them down − so the same will happen.  But there will be something like an earthquake on the western side that will shake them up, things will happen that will prevent them from rising forth, so that the only two powers allowed between now and 2027 are these two [Saudi Arabia and Iran] because the time of Turkey belongs to after the tsunami, just like China and Russia.

So prophecy, we have covered USA, this and Middle East.  Last part, in point 7, what we want to look at is Acts 12.  This is the final part and then you can ask your questions. 

In Acts 12, we see Herod, in verses 21-24: “So on a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat on his throne and gave an oration to them.  (As he gave this oration to them) And the people kept shouting, ‘The voice of a god and not of a man!’  Then immediately an angel of the Lord (May I remind you, this is New Testament.  You are reading the New Testament in the time when the Gospel has already been preached.  But God still does these things in the New Testament.  This is not Old Testament.  Immediately an angel of the Lord) struck him, because he did not give glory to God.  And he was eaten by worms and died.  But the word of God grew and multiplied.”  Why was Herod targetted?

Because this is the seventh point, the part concerning what the Lord says, besides the great shakings that I’ve covered in the fifth point and the two camps in the sixth point.  This seventh point is what I call… 

In visions, we see Archangel Uriel going forth with all his other archangels slaughtering all the wolves and the dogs.  Who are the wolves and the dogs?  In Acts 20, Paul, as he said his goodbye to the Church of Ephesus, all the elders gathered there (in a place called Miletus) and as he said his goodbyes to them, he said these words: “When I am gone, ravenous wolves will come in and these wolves are just wanting to eat up the sheep and destroy them.”  In other words, those who are attacking the sheep.  Remember the other vision we have?  When the dogs are allowed to fester and grow, they will turn into wolves.  When the wolves gather in great number, the snakes will come.  Snakes represent fallen angels.  Wolves represent demonic powers.  Dogs represent religious people.  In Philippians 3:2, Paul called religious people (the Judaizers) − “Beware of dogs…”  Then Paul called wolves − false prophets are called wolves and they will come in under pretense to be god. 

In fact, you know, the false prophet that will work along with the Antichrist (the Antichrist was born last year, the false prophet was born in 2004) − the false prophet will actually be a minister of the church.  I’m not going to say minister of God.  No, that’s our term.  He will be a Christian minister.  He is actually coming in the guise of a Christian minister.  So people will think, “Wah, this is a great prophet of God.”  And he’s got certain signs and wonders also.  He will rise as a false prophet within the church.  You think that he will be a false prophet, you know, with some other religions?  No, he chooses Christianity.  So he might even be attending Pastors’ Conference or prophetic conference.  Who knows, he might conduct some seminars there.  These are the wolves.  They are actually false.  They are wolves.  And demonic activities, of course with the false prophet, even fallen angels.  But then when the snakes come, the fallen angels have entrenched themselves inside.

What will happen this year?  As we pray and in this outpouring of iridescent glory, every single dog and wolf will be killed. 

Again, may I remind you of this morning’s service: Not everyone who dies is a wolf or a dog.  You say, “Wah, that man of God died.  Pastor said, this year, wolves and dogs all got slaughtered.  He must have been a wolf.”  Ah, I didn’t say that.  Remember I said for some people it‘s time to go home.  But the Lord is doing this for us this year in preparation for the revival − as we go forth and we allow the transfiguration to take place, and as we go forth to certain places. 

Once we start the church in Washington DC in February 2016, some time after that, and as we go to do some of the things, Aruel and I will go to about five places to build altars (only both him and I), and after we have done that, you will hear of earthquakes happening.  Those are different types of earthquakes.  Those are earthquakes caused from the spiritual realm because of what we release.  You say, “Wah, earthquake there, you know, did Pastor go there?”  No, it doesn’t mean that every place we land, earthquake, so terrible, so destructive.  You know, if I go to a supermarket, earthquake, and the supermarket market split into two.  No, we don’t want that.  I’m talking about, you know, we are praying that no humans and innocent lives will be lost.  But so that the earth is responding.  It wants to groan and respond to the manifestation of the sons of God.  So that’s why I covered that as an event.

So in point 7, all the wolves and dogs will be slaughtered on our behalf.  There will be such a great slaughter that literally from the spiritual realm or natural realm, it will be like a pile of carcasses.  You say, “Wow, so many deaths!” − so many at one time and you will know that it’s not by accident.  If one random person dies here, one random person dies there, you can say, oh, coincidence.  But when a group of them die, you know there’s no coincidence, because the angels actually sweep right through.  Just like the Ten Plagues of Moses, all the first-born died, including the animals − that was no coincidence.  When in the time of Job, in one day he lost everything, including his children, that was no coincidence.  You know there’s something suspicious going on here.  And you are going to see the same thing, that in one shot, over this year, things that you cannot explain by concidence, happen and I pray that the body of Christ wakes up and hears this word, that the shaking has begun and it’s only going to get worse for one reason: God is dividing the foolish virgins from the wise virgins and you have to choose which side you are on. 

I did not say and I will never say that we are the only true church.  That is pride.  That is wrong and that is an error.  There are many good people in every church.  There are, I believe, many good ministers of God out there.  They might not have the voices.  Remember, this year is the year God gives them a voice.  This is the year God will remove those who stop their voices and God will give them a voice.  And this is the Year of Transition.  God will remove every hindrance and allow the five wise virgins to rise because they have the oil.  And that oil that they have is being supplied this year.

What’s the difference between the five foolish and the five wise virgins?  The oil.  Why did the five foolish go out?  No oil.  The oil represents the Holy Spirit.  And is this year that the oil is being poured out.  And that will differentiate the wise virgins from the foolish virgins.  Collect your oil on your way out.  [Laughter]  Pastor Eddy is supplying.  No, in every place where you are hungry for God, the outpouring is coming upon you, so that you don’t have to keep singing: Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning, burning, burning.  No, that oil is not to burn.  That oil is the spare.  You are already burning well.

So these are the seven things that we want to touch on.  I will write more in detail on some of these about the slaughter of the wolves and dogs, and those things that take place.  But that’s basically it.  Now, we are open for questions and a

Prophecy for Europe

This prophecy was delivered on Friday 24 July 2015

A vision of Archangel Uriel, and he is on a mission. His face is very serious and he went to various nations striking things down. In Europe he is clearing out and striking things in various European nations: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Athens and Spain. He said that there are many leaders in Europe who are going to die. The Queen in England is going to die. This year there will be a change in the Monarchy in Europe, the Queen of England and the Queen of the Netherlands will pass away (reference could be the former queen who stepped down). Many other European monarchs will go home; some to destruction and some to Heaven. The leadership in politics will also change and many will be removed. The German Chancellor Merkel is to be removed and a man will step up. This man is the key to building the European power structure that has not been able to rise until this time.  The change in the monarchy of Europe will be the opening to the change in the political leadership of Europe; enabling the merging together of European nations to work as one. During this time, the military of Europe will begin to come together. There will be a shift from individualistic nationality to a Father state. It will be led by the new leader who rises up in Germany. This man will have a charismatic clout that will surpass any leader before him. He will be able to move people not just from Germany but from the nation states of Europe and rally them to unification. This has not been allowed until this time. This man will be able to bring the main European super powers together: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. And also Switzerland, which is the main banking power, will be brought in; Brussels will also be brought in. And all the rest of the nations of Europe will be drawn to this man who will rise up in Germany. 

The Archangel and Spirit Being of Europe will be established in Germany and will bring the power center of Europe back to Germany. The United Kingdom and Germany will begin to build military and industrial ties that are stronger than any nation in Europe and they will prosper with one another. The UK and Germany Alliance will grow and grow until it is stronger than the UK’s alliance with America. As this happens, France will fall into line and will see the prosperity of this Alliance and want to be part of it. 

Archangel Uriel continued and said that Germany will be the key in creating an alliance with China. The trade door will be opened with China through this Leader who rises, like it has not ever been before. The Germans will help the Chinese perfect their manufacturing processes and technology. The products that will be created, from the interchange of Germany and China, will be blessed and even compete with American quality.  A new prosperous market will grow between Europe and China like it has never been before. And Europe will grow with this relationship that is spear-headed through Germany with China. 

New Leader to rise in Germany

The man who will rise in Germany will also be used to turn the favorable attitude towards America into opposing contrary attitude. The American western mindset of ideas will now start to compete with the European western mindset. Americans and Europeans will start to compete on every level. It will be like a sibling rivalry at first and then it will grow into a bitter divide until finally Europe and America will be enemies and Europe will betray America. This man who rises in Germany will be at a genius level of business and industry but he will also be un-parallel in being able to bring people together under an idea and mindset. He will give the youth of Germany a new furor belief in the greatness of the nation. The vacuum of defeat from WW2 will be forgotten and a new Idea of greatness will rise. This leader will not do this through a German ideal; he will do this through a United Europe ideal.  He will use the Americans as scapegoat of why Europe has been hindered from its greatness. He will preach that all the American intervention in the world has caused wars that just create more problems and poverty. He will also preach how America has unfairly leveraged its banking system to keep the money of Europeans at an unfair disadvantage. And how the trading systems the Americans have created have cheated Europeans and hindered growth, creativity and prosperity.  He will bring up how the greatness of Europe has been divided because they have not worked together because the Americans have pitted the nations against each other. This man will create a successful campaign of saying a Great America and Prosperous America exists because they have cheated Europeans. He will say that Americans have hindered deals with China, and South America and Asia in order to dominate Europe. 

The youth of the nations and the University leaders will come on board with this push of ideals and over time Europe will change to be against America. It will no longer be ‘let us align with America’ rather it would be ‘let us separate from them’. Europe will finally be allowed to pull together, economically, financially and then militarily. And an Army of Europe will arise, and the nations in the Union will now become like States (as in the states in United States of America). There will be a loyalty to Europe that will rise above the loyalty to a nation. There will be a unity of the brotherhood of Europeans. This Unity has not been allowed to happen before but has now been released. This unity is like the Unity that happened to bring all the states of the United States together from sea to shining sea. This unity will also rise in the new monarchs that will rise in place of the ones that will pass away soon. The Monarchs will start to look at their family relationships and history, and recognized that they are related, though from different nations, and they will want to come together. Then with this push from the Monarchy there will be another push from the controlling political world of every nation in Europe that will come in line with Unifying Europe.

At the same time of this unity not all Europeans will align with this idea. There will be a faction against this unity; and every nation will have a group. This is of the Lord. The push for unity will also happen by the Lord’s permission. The Lord will allow the call to unite the nations under Europe to be much greater than the faction against. But at the time of the Wars with America and Russia, these factions in each nation against unity will keep the integrity of the Nation states of Europe. 

Ten Tigers Grew Big

Then Archangel Uriel showed the 10 tigers in Europe that they will grow in this time of prosperity. I saw the tigers eating and getting very big. As America grows stronger to combat Russia the Europeans will grow just as strong. As the unity happens and treaties and deals in Europe take place, they grow to be a power center to be reckoned with. I was then shown that Europe will create specialised military equipment and airplanes, missiles and battlefield tech that will result in another military buildup as was seen before World War 1 and World War 2. The only advantage America will have over Europe is the secret weapons. Europe will grow to match and even in some cases surpass America in economics, military, entertainment, learning, science and other areas. You will see two power centers rise in the West (USA under the new president and Europe under the leadership of Germany) and then when the years of war happened and the tsunami take place, they will suffer loss and destruction and be subdued. The west will never rise to be the world power again. 

Uriel continued and said that along with the one major key leader in Germany, two more key leaders will rise. One in the United Kingdom and one in France. These two leaders will come together with the German leader and create a three part alliance and friendship that will not be split. They will support each other and put the ideas of the group and a United Europe above the nation states they belong to. Not only will they be able to do this but these three leaders will be very popular with the youth and the movers and shakers of the nations. They will be able to bring down the walls of divide and language barriers. Speaking more than one language will now be seen as superior because in general Americans only speak one language. These three leaders will be able to communicate in a way that brings a camaraderie to their followers. 

I was shown, many youths taking the culture of their nation and absorbing the cultures of others. As long as it was not American it started to become popular. American trends became less and less poplar and European trends became more and more. 

Archangels and a Fallen Angel at work

I then saw the Angelic and Spirit Beings of European nations have a flow of energy from the Main Archangel of Europe and Spirit Being over Europe. I saw the Europe Archangel and Spirit Being positioned over Germany and seemed to be over Berlin.  I saw the national Archangels turn and face the Europe Archangel and Spirit Being in Germany and receive energising from them. I saw the Flag of the European Union rise farther above all the other flags of the nations. However, even though I saw this, I saw in the United Kingdom, the EU flag seemed to fly equal to their own flag. 

I also saw what looked like a fallen angel come into Europe and reside close to the eastern side near Russia. It seemed to come from Russia and I saw a throne established in the eastern nations of Europe. It is like it was in the section of eastern states which also included the former Soviet Union states of the USSR. This fallen angel sat on a throne. It was like he was allowed to be there but not in the areas of Europe where the names of Archangels and Spirit Beings have been revealed to us. I saw a map of the western side of Europe that it seemed to be covered with the glory of the Lord and on the Eastern side near Russia was a dividing line of a territory between the Western section of Europe and Russia - the Eastern European section looked grey on the map. This was the Eastern European territory which included the former USSR states. This Fallen Angel that took a throne there started to send out demonic messengers to the Western side of Europe and also to Russia. I saw these demonic messengers go to the political leaders and speak things in their ears. Both in Western Europe and in Russia, I saw the political leaders push to include the eastern block into their sides. Then I saw the Russian leaders push to include the Eastern Europe section under their influence and the territorial dispute cause great anger from those on both sides. I saw the Russians planning various meetings and getting angry at the manoeuvres of the Western section of Europe. Then the same took place on the Western side, I saw in Germany great anger against the Russians over the Eastern side. War and destruction against each side was in the air. It was like a rage from both sides was stirred up by this fallen angel. 

Then I saw the Russians calm their political people and make a call to the Chinese. I saw the Russians and Chinese hashing out a deal. This is the deal that we know of already (USA prophecy), I just saw them make it. The Russians decided to be covert. I then saw the intervention of the Lord through an Angel with the Russians. It seemed some sort of wisdom was given that gave them the upper hand in the long run. 

Dogs, Wolves and Snakes

In this European vision, there was a vision of this little cute bull dog with white and brown spots with a red collar and massive teeth. Many of these bull dogs ran throughout Europe from Russia and they went all over the world. In Europe, this bull dog which at first seemed like it was happy and kind and nice come and bite the leg of the pants while trying to bite the legs. As this happened, the dog turned evil. At first, it tried to warm up and seemed friendly but then it quickly changed and barked and tried to bite. As the dog bit the leg of the pants, immediately Uriel come and strike that dog down.  

Archangel Uriel then showed what happened in various countries. There were dogs in the USA and Uriel struck them down. Then the vision went to South America and dogs also went to Brazil and Argentina. In each of those places Archangel Uriel struck them down.

In Canada the dog changed from a little bull dog to this big black wolf. And I saw a pack of these wolfs in Canada. I then saw Uriel go and one by one he struck them down it was a whole pack of them. I then saw the dogs change from bull dogs to wolves in the rest of the places we had not been all over. I saw Uriel in China strike them down. I saw Uriel in Africa strike them down. I saw him in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. He went around striking down many of these wolves. 

Then I was taken with Uriel back to Europe. Uriel said that when the bulldogs change to wolves watch out for the snakes that come. With every pack of wolves there will be a snake. The snakes are very powerful in darkness and must be dealt with or more wolves will rise up. The understanding and interpretation on the bull dogs, the wolves and the Snakes is given so that the glorious church can dealt with it in prayers and through the authority of Jesus Name. (The dogs, as in the book of Galatians 3:2 and Revelations 22:15 represent religious people and tares, the wolves as in Matthew 7:15 and Acts 20:29 are false prophets and the snakes as in Luke 10:19 and Ephesians 6:12 represent ruling powers of darkness).

Uriel continued, once the wolves come onto the scene you will find out where the snakes are. Not that you will not be shown in the Spirit but they Snakes will come up and expose themselves. They will bring many to themselves and more and more wolves will be created from the dogs. Europe is a power center for the snakes and you will encounter the snakes there first when they come out. If they snakes are not dealt with at the appropriate time they will produce more wolves that will go out to the world, Especially Canada and then from Canada to the US, Mexico and North and South America. They will cause great destruction within the body of Christ if left alone. 

Sealing and Seating of 500 COG Leaders

Archangel Uriel then said that the Lord is releasing and raising up many leaders and will do it quickly. I saw spirits of men from many places all over the world rise up to heavenly places where we were. I saw them being taught and scrolls were given to them. I saw visions of scrolls given to the twelve, the thirties, the seventies from first and second generation and the one hundred and twenties from first and second generation – five hundred leaders in total. I saw the whole group of us 500 leaders sitting in a room that had chairs in it. I saw this room that had like seats that encircled the platform and all the 500 were seated. Instructions were given to each one and each was divided into teams for each continent and country and city on where each would be and what each person would be doing. I saw that we were all in heaven and then we would operate on the earth. 

Europe 10 horns

Diagram of Ten Horns of Daniel 2:42; 7:8; Revelation 17:12

Prophecy for USA (2016 - 2027)

This prophecy released on Friday 27 March 2015

The Lord shows the next American president

The US election is coming forth in 2016. That’s their campaign. At the beginning of 2017, the new president takes over from the old. Their presidents are elected over 4-year terms, i.e. 2017-2020, that is the first term. The second term will be 2021-2024. The Lord showed that the next US president who will be elected and who will win the campaign will be the last president of the United States of America. The next president will be a Democrat. He will be as popular as John F Kennedy in his first term. This president, because he is popular, will rule and reign for 2 terms, which will be 8 years. That takes you to 2024.

We know we are in the years of prosperity from now until 2020.

The years of famine are from 2020 to 2027.

The years of war are from 2027 to 2034.

So, this president is going to rule in these years of prosperity and 4 years into the years of famine.

The Lord says that the next president will be allowed to be strong and powerful because the Lord will allow him to hold back Russia for a time. Remember the years of prosperity and the years of famine in the time of Joseph. Those things are going to occur all over again. Remember the prophecies in the book of Daniel, where the archangel Gabriel (who is here with us tonight) spoke to him and revealed to him about the 4 empires – the kingdom of Babylon, followed by the Median-Persian Empire, followed by the Greek empire, followed by the Roman Empire. Daniel existed and he was used by God during the Babylonian empire and during the Median-Persian Empire. After that, the Greek empire came. When Gabriel brought forth the message, the enemy (the Prince of Persia) tried to hinder Gabriel from bringing the revelation to Daniel. Michael the archangel came and Gabriel continue to fly towards Daniel to deliver the revelation. After 21 days of fasting by Daniel, Gabriel came and he brought the message to Daniel. All these stories are in the book of Daniel.

In the book of Daniel, as Gabriel was about to depart, he mentioned something, “I must go, because the prince of Greece will come” (Daniel 10:10). What happened was the Median-Persian Empire had not finished yet. It was supposed to still have a few more kings but the Greek empire was trying to come up. All these are the forces of the enemy trying to stir up the things to come. And so, Gabriel went to push them back, until the full time of the Median-Persian Empire can be completed.

Russia will be no.1 after the Tsunami

Russia will be strong, and second will be China. But Russia is growing too fast in strength. So, the angels will push them back. In two ways they will push them back: By allowing America to have a strong president that will reign for 2 terms. There are several things that are going to weaken Russia and that is why this US president is needed.

The Lord says:

“The next US president will be like John F Kennedy in popularity, and he will know their greatest threat will be Russia. He will rise to rally the American forces to quell the Russians, but only for a time. This president that will be Democrat will be very popular on both sides of the political spectrum. He will also start well and introduce legislations of righteousness at first. This will not continue throughout his administration but he will start well. He will lead America to its last peak of power. This last president over all the 50 states will lead America also into a civil war.”

Now the elections will be in 2016. If you add 8 years, it will only bring you to 2024. This president lasted until 2027 (the invasion of Spain, as in other prophecies mentioned earlier) because civil war will break out and martial law will be declared. Because martial law will exist in his second term, he will extend his presidency for another 3 years until 2027.

The Lord says:

“This new president will be elected twice. In the 2nd term, the civil war will arise. It will be so bad that the president will be granted war time powers and elections will be suspended. He will be the last president of all the 50 states of America. All who are leaders who arise after that will be faction leaders. Under this president, America will reach its final peak of power. This president will recognize the threat of Russia.”

USA secret weapons of mass destruction

Russia wants to be number one too early, so God will use this president to push Russia back. The reason he is able to do that even though Russia and China are growing stronger and stronger and in many areas have some superiority against American weaponry because America is facing more and more difficulties. The reason USA can push back Russia is because America will have two secret weapons of mass destruction during the reign of this president that will keep the Russians and the Chinese at bay.

Russia will be pushed back to arise at an appointed time later

The Americans and the west will continue to wage a financial economic war against Russia. They will be allowed to prevail for a period of time. The ruble (which is the Russian money) will continue to collapse, and its value will crash.

Right now, with the sanctions, the ruble has taken a hit and it has made it harder for the average Russian to buy food. During the next year, 2016, Putin will be forced to step down 2 years ahead of schedule because the average Russian cannot afford food. There will be hardship in Russia and nothing that Putin does will be able to prevent the crash. This will cause the whole of Russia to revolt and in certain places for a time major riots will arise, so much that they will be starving for a time. And he will not be able to quell the anger. There will be much rioting for Putin to step down because they will be angered by him that he has so much and they have nothing. Putin will be forced by his leaders to step aside early. When this happens, a new leader will arise in Russia; and Russia will be pushed back to await its appointed time.

In the meantime, the American president that will be elected end of next year will grow strong to keep the Russians and Chinese at bay through two secret weapons. That is the main reason why the American leadership will become haughty and proud because of these weapons. These weapons are so catastrophic to the world and they alone possess these weapons at this time. They are not normal weapons that are even known and allowed by the governments of the world today. In fact, they are only known by the Russians and the Chinese in theory through covert reports. This technology is only known by the Americans. That’s how the Americans can face the buildup of the Russians and the Chinese militarily and remain proud. Now the Lord says, He wants to tell us about the story of these secret weapons because it is the story of these secret weapons that is going to affect the next 8 years to the next 10 years of the future of the world.

The first weapon is a nuclear weapon that is so powerful that it can lay waste to the whole world. It is like a nation or continent killer, more powerful than the nuclear weapons that we have that can destroy an entire city. These are specially configured so that they can destroy an entire country, an entire continent, an entire world.

This weapon is off the books. It is held in the most secret of US organizations. In a map, the Lord showed where these special nukes are kept. They are kept in a few places in the USA, and they are kept in rotation. But one of the places that it is kept is on the continent of Europe. Then the Lord said, there is one satellite that is now operating in outer space that is of the highest technology and will warehouse many of these nuclear weapons, and it is able to target and fire any place in the world. Because of this, the enemies of USA do not dare to attack.

The second weapon is a bio-weapon. There was a vision of a missile with a bio-weapon symbol — bio-hazard. This second weapon is one of the most horrible bio-weapon ever invented by man. This weapon that the United States built is the most secret and is only known to other nations in theory by the covert reports they have discovered. This weapon is designed to wipe out all human life. However, this weapon has a cure that is invented by the Americans. If this weapon is released, it is so toxic that it will destroy mankind if the Lord Jesus didn’t intervene. Only those with the cure can live. The Lord says not to worry – because even if the Americans fire this weapon, Jesus will not allow this to destroy all mankind. Jesus will allow a certain measure of the weapon to be controlled.

However, the Russians and the Chinese do not know that Jesus will not allow this. So, they are afraid that this weapon will be used. Even the allies of the United States of America are not sure how they will be protected in the event of another war, if these weapons are used. None of the nations of the world can confirm these weapons exist, or what their limitations are. However, the Americans will leak just enough information to keep everyone in fear – that it is not just a theory although they don’t prove it.

But these weapons do exist. They are not theory. The Americans will have a protocol on how to use these weapons: If the nations of the world rise up and attack the United States of America, and the United States of America is at stake of losing in an all-out war, then it will use these weapons as a deterrent measure. This is the protocol that exists.

How will the nations of the world beat America?

They will use this protocol against the Americans. They will find out the American protocol, and during the coming civil war in the United States, America will move the nuclear and biological secret weapons from the mainland of the United States and put them in submarines until the civil war is stopped; when the situation is deemed safe to bring the weapons back to the mainland. The satellite will not be messed with, and the ones in Europe will stay. The one in Europe is a strategic counter measure against Russia. During the civil war, the bio-weapons are not allowed anywhere in the United States because it is so deadly and they don’t want to risk anything happening within their own soil.

The Russians and the Chinese will know about this protocol and have a secret arrangement against the United States to fund and help create a civil war. The Russians will not directly fight the United States of America, but will be funding a proxy war through China, and at the right time make a deal with the European Union to destroy the Americans. They will use propaganda and buy off government leaders at every level of government. This strategy is well planned and as of today is already in effect.

There are many USA government leaders who are bought off by the Chinese and some by the Russians. They will pretend to do the best for the United States but will be selling secrets, obeying orders, making deals of all kinds to their own destruction. Each faction will have its own agenda and will play its cards against the other for dominance of the world, and the destruction of United States.

The United States and Europe will be allies until the years of famine, when a wedge will be driven between them. They will not directly fight until China attacks USA in 2027. Then, Europe will attack while the Chinese play their part in the plan. Europe will have a strategy against USA, Russia and China. Russia will have its own strategy against Europe, against America, against China. China will have its own strategy against Europe, against America, against Russia. Each one is playing against each other and that will be the world that you will be living in during the next coming decade.

Finally in 2027, when the serpent leaves USA to go the Spain (as in the 7 Thunders prophecy), the 10 tigers will come will come and bite off its head. And then the dog will come and attack the naval base that is over the eastern side of the India-Pakistan peninsula. Thus, the war years in 2027 will begin. The nations will not face each other directly but they will plot and plan against each other.

The Russians will be building their weapon arsenal and work to find out the secrets of these two secret weapons to disable them. They will make a deal with China to give the lands of the USA to the Chinese to dominate once the civil war has weakened the nation and the secret weapon protocol goes into effect. The first goal of Russia and China is to find out where the designated submarines are and destroy them before they are able to fire the secret weapons. Then, the next goal of the factions against America is to destroy the satellite where they warehouse the special nukes in space and destroy it.

The problem here is this: Europe will be allied the USA. However, during the time of famine when USA invades Spain, Europe will make a deal with Russia and China to use the banking system against the USA and provide the secret information they need to sink the submarines and destroy the satellite. Europe will allow the Chinese to be the attack dog to attack USA. The Chinese will destroy the submarines, two in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic. Once these three submarines which are specially equipped are destroyed, the bio-weapons will be destroyed, and most of the secret nukes. Then Europe will be pivotal in helping the Chinese to destroy the secret nukes in space by providing them information that the USA gives to their allies about the satellite. The Chinese will attack the Pacific fleet first, destroy the two Pacific submarines and sink them and at the same time destroy the satellite in space. Once this happens, they set sail for the Atlantic fleet to destroy the rest of the USA fleet. As they go and fight in the Atlantic, Europe will surprise attack the Chinese.

The goal of Europe is to wait until the last American special submarine with the special weapons is destroyed by the Chinese. Europe will pretend to be neutral until the last moments, when the Chinese have sunk the last submarine and destroyed most of the American fleet; completely destroy the American naval power. Then when the Chinese have done this with some loss, Europe will attack the Chinese counterparts, and destroy the power of their navy and push the Chinese back but only because at the same time, Europe will surprise attack the American base in Europe to get hold of the last remaining secret weapon that is in the continent of Europe. And they will use that to keep the Russians and the Chinese in retreat. The Chinese will turn back temporarily defeated.

Russia will be waiting to collect the spoils of war. They will recover the weaponry in the sunken submarines and then realize that Europe does not have the ability to crack the American system protocol so fast. They will know it because Europe will play their hand first. Remember the prophecy about the seven meteorites that will hit Russia, with two hitting the areas where the two fallen angels are released? After the meteorites hit Russia, Europe will take that chance to attack Russia. When they attack Russia, Russia will know they don’t have the technology to use the secret weapons; which is why they resort to conventional war in attacking Russia. Russia will attack back.

Russia will have bought and paid for many American scientists and military officers to help them. Once the American naval power is destroyed, it will be the culmination of American defeat. They will never rise again after 2027. By this time the United States will have been destroying each other from within. They will not see the secret attack coming or believe it is possible because they are too distracted and spread out to be able to see this coming. They will think their allied relationship with Europe and their economic relationship with China will keep them from being attacked and from the war. They are wrong.

The United States will engage in civil war because they will be pushed from the outside influences, politically, economically and on every front and internally. The USA will be more destructive to itself than Russia or China can ever do to America. State will fight against state in some regions. Two main sides before this will cause much destruction to each other and their populations so much so that the Chinese investment in the USA will be completely destroyed. And they will find difficulty in securing their investments and there is not much worth saving.

At this time, the Chinese will be allowed to attack the USA by Europe provoking them to be the attack dog. America will be starving and under martial law, fighting each other and killing one another. In one last attempt to try to unite the nation, the president will go to Spain as peacekeeper to try to secure food. That is when the Europeans will decide to go forward to betray their allies. Europe’s main strategy against the USA is to break up their banking system and provide secret military intelligence to the Chinese to thwart the Russians, not knowing the Chinese have made a secret deal with the Russians to destroy USA and divide the spoils. The Russians will get back their former Soviet territory and the Chinese will get Taiwan and major American investment centres.

Europe will not see this coming. They will think they have secured the power to keep Russia at bay and also have destroyed Chinese naval power. They will be wrong. Once Europe defeats China and pushes them back, they will be at odds with Russia. They are no more Americans in the way and the secret weapon belongs to them. However, Europe will realize they have a secret weapon they cannot use. So, they will pretend that they know how to use it. This strategy will work until they attack Russia. They will be mobilizing their military to establish dominance. When Russia is hit by the meteorites, they will decide it is time to hit at Russia. As they momentarily win, conquering all the way to Moscow, Russia will figure out that Europe did not have the technology to the USA weapons and know that they can’t use it. Then Russia will attack back and defeat them. As they are defeated, the Tsunami takes place. 2029 comes along.

The Coming Civil War in USA

Then the Lord showed a map, I saw at first a large Map of America, The west side was colored red and had a massive soldier figure from the revolutionary war facing the east side he held an old time musket and bayonet toward the east side. Then the East side was in blue and had the same kind of revolutionary soldier with old time musket and bayonet facing the West side. The two sides were divided by what looked like lightning. I saw the bayonets were shinny and each looked like they were charging each other.

Then the Lord said, this civil war will not be like any before. It will be worse and there will be more than two sides fighting each other.  Then the Lord showed a new map of the USA. He showed that there would be five sections, every section He showed became highlighted as group of states that formed together as one. First He showed Texas and the states to the right all the way to Florida and including Florida they turned red and the Lord said this is the Southern States Faction. Then from the main line down where (it looked like the original 13 states from a distance plus some more) all the way up to the Southern States faction line and it was highlighted in Blue and the Lord said this is the Eastern States Faction. Then the Lord showed the West which included California and the west Coast all the way to Texas and said this is the West States Faction.  Then the Lord showed the North West States section it was above the West part. Then there was an open space in the mid to northern states it had no color. And the Lord said that these sections will not be in one group. Some will be fighting each other and some will be allied with others. This is the chaos zone and where the Civil war will start from. It was hard to tell the lines that divided the states because these sections became colors and it looked like new boundary lines were drawn. Almost like the zones in some areas split the state lines, like the Southern group section looked like part of Oklahoma was in the Southern States Faction and then part of Oklahoma was in the Chaos section. The impression was that the boarder lines weren’t exactly set and changed due to the fighting. It was the basic groupings that needed to be seen.

The Lord said the timing of the Civil war will be in the second term of the new president. Then the Lord showed what will lead up to the civil war. This time will be the time of the riots which will lead into anarchy which will lead into the civil war. All these times are subject to the prayer of the Church. If the church does not pray, the years of the riots will come two years early into the years of prosperity, which will then start the time of anarchy which will begin the years of the Civil war earlier and will prolong the time of the Civil war. If it is prayed and pushed back the time of the riots, anarchy and civil war will be pushed back and held in to the years of the famine. The prayer is to prevent it from starting earlier. (Note: There was a call to a three day fast for USA from Saturday March 28th to Monday March 30th 2015, and during the Lord said on Sunday that from the first day of prayer, He has already answered and the years of the civil war will be pushed back to begin only during the second term of the last president of USA).

Then the Lord said that when the time of the riots starts there will be 5 things that will cause this. The first is the price of food will increase and there will be a lack of food. The second is racial divide that will come. The Lord continued and said this racial divide will be strategies that are pushed to divide the nation into civil war from Russia and China. There will be paid factions in the media and all kinds of people who will promote racism and racial divide, every color will be pitted against each other: white vs black, black vs white, Hispanic vs black, etc. It will be promoted and help given to raise up leaders and fund leaders in each division to create race war. Then the third is rich vs poor, there will be an attack on the wealth of America, the upper middle and lower middle class will disappear. It will become the Poor vs the Rich.  This will happen when the American monetary system collapses. The wealth of many will fail and billionaires will be turned into paupers begging for food. The dollar will fail and be replaced with a new form of money. This will coincide with the price of food inflation that will happen and destroy the wealth of the land. Many middle class will lose their homes and be in financial ruin.  The fourth is freedom will be reduced and taken away. The government will slowly introduce measures that will try to quell violence and rioting.  In the time of the lack of food, the government will start to take control of the natural resources and production of America and start seizing food from its citizens, then it will take the water, and lands, and start even go to the extent of taking control of the private sectors of factories, and production until it is all state controlled directly or indirectly. It will enact a repeal of guns and go house to house to take food, guns and supplies for the preservation of peace.  And then it will ration supplies to citizens. In this time freedoms will be reduced. And Americans will fight this because it will be different in every Faction. The final thing is terrorism will be released. China and Russia will fund terrorism secretly and help them enter major cities that are rioting. The terrorist will begin to blow up public areas and other places killing many and unleash anarchy into these major cities. At first these riots will be controllable but once this happens the cities will be turned into war zones. Such that they will be turned into war zones ruled by mafia, drug lords, and military leaders.

Then the Lord showed me the new president. The Lord said during the time of riots the President will be used to take more and more freedom and will transfer the private resources of the nation to the government. This will all be under the desire to quell the riots and violence and fighting and respond to the famine. Then the Lord said during this time the Government will align with the Apostate Church and freedom of speech and righteousness will be fought against. The Lord said when the riots hit a point where they begin to take freedom away from citizens. In an effort to stop the violence, the government will promote the doctrine of the Apostate church and align with it. They will promote false love and all the abominations of the Apostate church in the attempt to keep people distracted and tied up in fulfilling their fleshly desires.  Drugs, fornication, prostitution and many other horrible things will be legalized and promoted through the Land as to keep control. This will also cause the American government to outlaw religious teaching and teachers that are righteous and label them as religious extremists and they will be declared terrorists.  At this time things will grow from bad to worse and the more they release evil in the land the worse things will get.

The landscape of USA was shown. An angel with wings who had a sword drawn the river. Then the river started to dry up and stopped flowing such that the river bed was dry and cracked. I then started to see all the water in America dry up. I saw many Angels going through the land striking the water supplies in regions. I then saw other of the same kind of Angels go and strike things. One Angel struck the trees, One Angel struck a field of wheat, one struck the green grass, and I saw the land turn from lush green to brown till I didn’t see any vegetation is was like a desert.

This message is delivered together with other messages that prepare the Bride of Christ to be ready for His Coming. Please also listen to the other positive messages as to how to be part of this revival that is beginning this year with creative signs and wonders. Many other things have been revealed and many messages from God has been delivered to the people of God. In the light of this and in obedience to God, we are launching COG, USA on 7 February 2016 with Sunday services followed by miracle services where God will confirm His endtime word with signs and wonders (John 10:37-38; 14:11-12).

The Lord is coming for His bride, go out to meet Him (Matthew 25:6)

In Christ’s love,
Ps Johann Melchizedek Peter

2015 Genesis Year of Good and Evil

(Transcript of part 1 of message preached on January 11th 2015)

2015 continues the year of judgment

Last year was Year of Judgment 1. This year will be the Year of Judgment 2, 2015. Last year was judgment for the church. This year was judgment for the world. This year is a very significant year in that God permitted the Anti-Christ to be born. He has prevented that for a long time. The book of Revelations (chapter 10:1) records a mighty Archangel coming down from heaven clothed with a cloud, (with a) rainbow on his head. His face was like the sun. He feet were like pillars of fire. We know him now to be the Archangel over the whole planet earth, Uryaluzzael (also the archangel over Australia).

He had a little book open in his hand. He set his right foot on the sea, and his left foot on the land. And he cried out with a loud voice. When he cried out, seven thunders uttered their voices. And when the seven thunders uttered their voices, John said, I was about to write, but and I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, “Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and do not write them.” Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven. And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said,

“There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.”  (Note: there is no single seven thunder prophet but rather God reveals it to His prophets; this includes apostles who function as prophets in their ministry before attaining the office of apostle – e.g. Paul, Silas, John the apostle).

Remember that this takes place after the sixth trumpet. So the seventh trumpet was about to be sounded in this vision that John the apostle saw. And between the sixth trumpet and the seventh trumpet, which took place in chapter 11, verse 15, the Seven Thunders (prophecy) was given.

For at the sounding it says: 
The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever.

So the Seven Thunders, in summary, is what we call the judgement and defeat of Satan and his cohorts. And there is only one conclusion to all the details of the seven thunders: The defeat of Satan and his cohorts and the coming of the kingdom of our Lord, which is heralded by the sounding of the seventh trumpet.

Part of the seven thunders prophecy was given on November 14th, 2012. It’s been about 2 years plus. Within the first delivery of the seven thunders prophecy, there was a statement made on the birth of the Anti-Christ. The reason why in Revelations chapter 10 the seven thunders was hidden, held back and only revealed in our time, is because the moment the seven thunders are allowed to be revealed, permission by God is given for Satan to gather his forces. The birth of the Anti-Christ will be the gathering of satanic forces, which God permitted. It is predestined that God will defeat them.

If Satan already knows that he is destined for defeat, why does he still do what he does? Firstly, that is his nature. Secondly, he is trying to cause a Pyrrhic victory. A Pyrrhic victory is a win that causes so much damage that it is a loss to everyone. He is trying to cause as much damage as possible so that the joy and the essence of God’s victory will cost too much. God is not going to allow that. That is why God is releasing more angels in this revival. And we are working quite closely with the angels now.

We are working so closely with God and the day is coming when all the churches are established, I’ll be preaching here, and I’ll turn around and I’ll disappear and I’m in another church. It will be very common as we work closer and closer with the angels. On the Internet, there are some people that claim to travel in the spirit: Some guy who goes to a particular room, a particular place. I would like to tell you I’ve seen those things in the spirit: They are not true.

The only people who have to a certain extent, experienced some of those things, would be people like Smith Wigglesworth and John G Lake. Some of those claims are false claims. Travelling in the spirit and being transported physically takes three things. It takes the vessel to be ready. It takes the work of the Holy Spirit. It takes the work of angels. So, there are 3 parties involved, and this we will teach at a different time.

In the meantime, we have said that God has permitted the Anti-Christ to be born this year. Because of that, two major events will take place. One will be the actual taking over a human body by a fallen angel, in some manner swallow up the human spirit, and take the place of the human spirit. That will be a little child in the womb of parents dedicated to Satan for generations. And that will be a major event. When we talk about the year the Anti-Christ is born, one event is the Anti-Christ actually inhabiting the foetus in the womb.

That is major. It’s the work of fallen angels equivalent to the work they did in Genesis 6:1-2. ("Sons of God” refer to the angels – once in Genesis and three times in the book of Job). From Job, contextual interpretation tells us that ‘sons of God’ refer to the angels. Plus, we do know that cross references refer to the falling of angels beyond their domain in the book of Peter and the book of Jude. You trace that back to Genesis 6, where angels created an ability to merge with human flesh. There was a mixture of two species – angels and human flesh, and giants were born.

The first of the two events will take place only after 11th February 2015. When we can say we are sure, I’ll say, “surely”. Prophecy has to be exact when you know it is exact. The specific time has not been revealed. I only know it cannot be done until after 11 February. Most likely, it will be March by the time Satan gathers all his forces to do this. So in March of this year or shortly thereafter, there will be a titanic event in the dimension of the spirit, where for the first time in the history of mankind, a fallen angel takes human form slightly different from the manner in Genesis 6.

They’ve never done it in this manner before: A fallen angel will find permission given by humans who are either direct or indirect worshippers of Satan, or who subscribe to his darkness. There will be a conception of a human child. This human child will be of parents who are a mixture of Jewish and Middle Eastern blood, of royalty. Within 7 to 14 days of the child’s conception, the demonic realm will create a titanic event, where a fallen angel that has already been chosen among them (not the Plastic Tree – he remains the Plastic Tree) will enter into the spirit of this foetus, and somehow swallow up the human spirit. We are looking at the birth of the Anti-Christ around October to December if it takes about 9 months of human gestation for childbirth. However, being supernatural this human time gestation might not apply, which means it could be expedited.

There are two titanic events in the year 2015 in the spiritual world. One – the conception, will take place after 11 February. The other – the birth, will take place after 23 September (after our Pergamos trip).

How will these spiritual events translate into natural events? In 2004, the False Prophet was born. The False Prophet is already living in our midst. He is presently living in South Africa. This year, he is about 10 years old. On 26 December 2004, there was a major earthquake, a tsunami that hit this part of Asia.  That’s just the False Prophet. The fallen angel in the False Prophet specializes in manipulating the forces of nature through the spirit beings that have fallen along with them during the Satanic rebellion. As a result, you’ve got disturbances in nature.

To the world, the Anti-Christ will appear as a man of peace. His domain is in words, in diplomacy, in military prowess, in strategies. His goal is one world government, with the nations of the world under him. He will succeed towards the year of 2048 onwards, when he begins to bring more and more of different parts of the world under him. Since his domain is in the area of nations and society, you will have major waves that affect the social and political dimensions of humans in around those two events. When the Anti-Christ finally reveals himself in fullness (Revelations 13), two beasts will emerge: The beast from the sea and the beast from the land.

The beast from the sea is from verse one to verse 10. The beast from the sea is obviously the Anti-Christ. The beast from the earth from verse 11 to verse 14 is the False Prophet. Verse 15 says he will cause all to serve the image of the beast (and that is the Anti-Christ). So they are going to work concurrently together when they reach their fullness. The beast from the earth, when he was born, caused effects on the sea. There was an earthquake under the ocean, and you got a tsunami. You will get vibrations from the land when the beast from the sea, which is the Anti-Christ, is born. (The sea represents the people.) He actually lived as a man who brings all nations together.

I only tell you what I saw. The vibrations are very interesting. In the sea and underground are earthquakes that take place. There can be volcanoes under the sea too. On the earth, there are also earthquakes and areas of volcanic activity. So you have social and political things. Some of it will look negative, but some of it will look positive. Remember, when the devil comes, he turns the black into white and the white into black. So, to the world, it looks like good news.

So the beast from the sea affects the land and the beast from the land affects the sea. I don’t know why. I can only tell you what the Lord tells me. I know some of you are asking, “Do you mean economic collapse or economic boom?”

I’m going to say that there will be some shakings in two times – closer to March and closer to October, in social and political areas. On the land, you would have some physical activity. It would be in the form of probably of volcanoes, earthquakes and all those things. It will be more so towards the end of the year (October to December) rather than the beginning of the year. But the two will be related to each other. One is the coming into the physical dimension. The other is the actual birth into the physical dimension. Plus, since the Anti-Christ wants to control money, there will be economic impact. But to the world, it will look good. But those who truly know it will know that actually it’s bad.

It’s just like when you’re already in debt up to 90%, suddenly you’re offered more credit. Is that good news or bad news? But to some people, it’s good news, because they can postpone the repayment of their debt. But when the repayment is postponed, the quantum to be repaid will be a greater one when it comes.

2015 (the year of the birth of the Anti-Christ) is what I call the genesis year of evil.

Those who study the bible will know that everything in the rest of the bible, from the book of Exodus to the book of revelations, is found in seed form in the book of Genesis – in terms of number, in terms of the Anti-Christ. You have Jesus’ burial, death and crucifixion in the life of Joseph. He was sold for silver, and Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver. The year of 2015 is the genesis of evil. You will see pockets of evil foreshadowing the fullness of evil that will be in the Great Tribulation and in the time that the Anti-Christ begins to have more dominion, which takes place after the tsunami year in 2029. The tsunami year is only 14 years away. All of the 144,000 who are mentioned in the book of Revelations 7, would have been born before the tsunami in 2029.

So, there is a genesis of evil, there is a genesis of good. This year is the genesis of evil. But there is a genesis of the goodness of God – Powers of the age to come for the glorious church.

The Lord showed me about transportation. I have been transported in a group in a car. I’m looking forward to a personal transportation. There’s always a first. A genesis. There will be raised up amongst the second generation the twelve who function in all fivefold ministries, and the mighty thirty men and women in the first generation; and the seventy times two (from first and second generation) and the one hundred and twenty times two. One of the things that they will be able to do is communicate in spirit. So, we don’t need email anymore. We don’t even have to telephone. It’ll be just like in heaven. When you go to heaven, you can be in all your different mansions, and you can be scattered across different parts and you can be at different parts of the galaxy, and then you can still talk to each other. So it’s that kind of communication on earth. It’s like the powers of the age to come operated here. At the moment, 3 of them have risen up to that level. So, we tested them and they were able to communicate in that dimension. I was communicating with one of them via email and said, “This email is too slow. So, let’s communicate in the spirit.”

There are a lot of things happening in the spirit that are a genesis of evil and a genesis of the good things of God. All those things are founded this year – 2015. So this is a very important year. We have got about 30 days of the forty day fast to seriously fast. In this fast is a blessing. There are going to be encounters in the Lord. A lot of things will have their genesis this year – Every evil thing that you see towards the end of the evil decade.

Isaiah 60:1-2

1. Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  
2. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.

Isaiah 60:1 describes the 7 years beginning from (September) 2014.

Isaiah 60:2 talks about the genesis of the glory of God and the genesis of evil happening at the same time. Evil has been prevented from increasing to give us time.

God has been gracious since we began. We are the ones that need time to enter into this. This is the fourth year of this fresh mandate that God has given us. This fourth year is important because God feels that we are ready. And indeed we are. Because from September 18th of last year, a lot of things are now dry cement. A lot of things are sealed. We’ve discovered more and more of the destinies of where we are, and what God has called us to be. And with that sealing, God has allowed darkness to come this year. So there is a genesis of evil as in Isaiah chapter 60 verse 2.

Evil will be so evil that people rejoice when they do evil – things that you cannot even comprehend. A person of conscience, even if he’s a soldier when he shoots someone, will feel turmoil. But the evil person will delight in killing people. That’s an example of what you will see in this genesis year.

Slavery will be back after 2029. You might see some strange things happening that seems to rise to the surface – an increase of evil like never before. In the genesis of evil year 2015, you will suddenly see pockets of evil that foreshadow all the huge holocausts that will take place over the coming half a century leading to the Rapture.

As for the genesis of good things, some of the good things that God’s people are going to experience include creative miracles, transportation, transformation, and all the different things – you will have a genesis of it this year. There is great good. There is great evil. You will see that the year 2015 is a year of contrasts between the bad being very bad and the good being very good. What a year it will be when we reach the end of the year 2015. So, that is part of what I call the contrast of the two geneses that are there.

I have been waiting on the Lord about these things, and the Lord showed some visions as well as dreams all continued into one another.

To be accurate, I always believe, that when it comes to prophecy, and when it comes to ‘thus saith the Lord’, you’re not allowed to miss even one word. There is no such thing as missing. So when it comes to ‘thus saith the Lord’, I perceive you must share the vision you see as you see it. So, I share it as the Lord showed it so that you will know I don’t add interpretation. Then when I add interpretation, which allows you to add your interpretation, then we can test the prophecy together.

Church, government, society, nature shaken

I saw a vision that looked like it took place in America. And I was looking and there was a mass of people gathered. Then, it looks like the Lord was showing me the ministry of a very prominent man of God. Then the vision changed. This man of God died suddenly and there was a funeral procession service. I had a close look and I saw that it was a black American preacher. (Since the visions came along with this download, I assumed that it is going to happen this year – that the vision is part of the download for this year.)

Then, the vision changed to show many different men and women of God suddenly dying.

Then, I said, “What is happening, Lord?”

The Lord says, ‘This is part of the judgment from last year.’

The Lord gave them 2 years to turn their lives around. And if they don’t turn their lives around, they will be taken home. However, not everyone who dies is because of judgement. Some of them die because they have finished their work.

My perception and understanding of the vision is that there will be more people of the Lord just taken home like that. Some of them are taken because they are under judgment because they have not turned around. But not all are in that category.

I believe a change will take place in Christianity, and what I saw is how there will be a sense of loss that people will feel.

Then, the vision changed. From America, it moved back to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, I saw a very prominent leader of a country die. And its impact was very great. There is a little bit of shaking in the society and its impact was very great. I saw the completion of this person’s life. The person wants to hold on, but the Lord says, ‘No, you cannot hold on.’

As you go, the calendar cannot change. This person represents a calendar. The calendar is not just of this person’s nation. But the calendar is a calendar for all of Asia. So, I saw that too.

Just because I saw it when I was praying about this year, I assume that it is taking place this year. Then, the vision changed into a vision of nature. It looks like nature went out of control in a genesis form. We see nature going out of control at its worst in 2029. But we will see in the year 2015 pockets of nature going out of control. You have topsy turvy weather in all of Asia. And you have even more areas of drought in North America. Then, you have even more kinds of sicknesses appear in the continent of Africa. You thought Ebola was bad enough, but more seems to be coming from that area and some parts of Asia.

The vision seemed to link the year 2015 to 2016. It looks like these two years are connected, just like this year is connected to last year in that last year was the year of judgement 1 and this year is the year of judgment 2. Some genesis effect seems to flow over to the year 2016 (perhaps because to some extent prophecies are based on the Jewish year). So, those are the things that are seen in this area.

Glorious church holds back Anti-Christ

We are officially in the year of prosperity up to the year 2020. The years 2021 to 2027 are the famine years. Genesis 47 records the time when Joseph was in control of Egypt. We are officially in the years of prosperity (2014 to 2020). The year of 2020 begins the cycle of famine years. There was no food, however, in the whole region because the famine was severe; both Egypt and Canaan wasted away because of the famine. In Genesis 47:13 the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan languished because of famine.

When the Anti-Christ comes, there will be 4 horses that will be important (in Revelations 6). A white horse represents the reign of the Anti-Christ, permitted after the Rapture (verse 2). The red horse represents war, and peace being taken away (verses 3 and 4). The black horse represents famine (verses 5 and 6). The pale horse represents diseases and death (verses 7 and 8). These are the 4 domains of the Anti-Christ, which will not take place during the time of the Glorious church. We will be holding him back because we have the opposing 4 horses, which are all white.

They are as follows:

  1. Against the Anti-Christ we have Glorious Dominion
  2. Against war we have the white horse called Victorious Peace
  3. Against famine we have Abundant Prosperity
  4. Against death we have Resurrection Life

Those are the names that God gave. We have had the 4 horses since the Tasmania Altar Building Prayer Walk. So they will hold the Anti-Christ back. So, that is the genesis of good on this side.

It is good to know what the genesis of evil is like because you will see more dominion given to the Anti-Christ in the genesis of evil. You will see some parts where peace is taken away. You will see some parts where famine takes place.

In Genesis 47, there was famine in verse 13 and no grain at all. Food is going to be an important thing. On the good side, you are going to see something taking place in agriculture. Sources of food and places where there is food are going to be important.

Flee from 2029 Great Earthquake

Earthquakes happen daily, but they don’t come out in the news until they hit a major city, affected many lives, or reach a certain Richter scale. In the map below, light green and dark green are low hazard. Yellow and orange are moderate hazard in terms of likeliness of an earthquake. Dark red and brown are high hazard, where all the fault lines are located.

                                                       Global Seismic Hazard Map

In 2029, earthquakes will go from Northern Europe all the way to China (black line over to red zone). There are also fault lines underwater, which this map doesn’t show. Major countries, including the Philippines, will be destroyed in 2029. The worldwide shaking that will take place is predicted in the book of Hebrews 12:2 …He has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens".

We have always interpreted that as a spiritual shaking, but it is also correct to interpret that literally. I reinterpret that as both physical and spiritual because we saw visions of that.

The cross reference is in Haggai 2:6-7

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory.’ " says the Lord Almighty.

All the nations will be shaken. We now know this will happen in 2029. The whole world map will change. North and South America will no longer be joined by dry land. Water levels will rise so high. England disappears. More land will appear on the southeast of New Zealand. The world will be a different world after the year 2029. This year, you will see pockets of (geographical) instability coming in.

Places of refuge greener and warmer

The map also shows you where the refuge zones will be. They will have to be away from the red zones. Australia is one of them. Canada is another. Interestingly, Indonesia is going to survive the Tsunami, with loss of some places. Since 2015 is the genesis year, the areas that will become good for places of refuge will become more and more prominent, in terms of weather and for agriculture. Ontario, Canada will become warmer and greener.

Let him who is wise hearken unto wisdom (Job 33:33) – Not natural wisdom, but spiritual wisdom, which the Lord gives to you. You will be able to discern the seeds and the places that will be good in those areas.

In the famine of Joseph in the book of Genesis, there was no food in the whole region because the famine was severe; both Egypt and Canaan wasted away because of the famine. Joseph collected all the money that was to be found in Egypt and Canaan in payment for the grain they were buying, and he brought it to Pharaoh’s palace. When the money of the people of Egypt and Canaan was gone, all Egypt came to Joseph and said, “Give us food. Why should we die before your eyes? Our money is all gone.” (Genesis 47:13-15)

Collapse of financial currencies

We will see in 2029 and before that, the failure of money. It will appear in the second cycle of seven years, which will be from 2020 to 2027 and onwards to 2028, 2029. The Tsunami wiped out entire countries and the world will need to press the reset button to restart.

As I said, 2015 is the genesis year. You will see symptoms of the death of money. There will be completely unexpected fluctuations, be they in the commodities or stock market, but quickly cured. In stock market, they always differentiate between a bear and a bull. A bull year is when the market progresses with some shakings. A bear year is unpredictable. So, this is another one of those years where there are going to be some things that are completely unpredictable because of the genesis effect.

If money is going to suddenly be strong, suddenly be weak, then money is going to be just printed by the governments of the world. Some people are going to run to gold. They will run to silver. They will run to metals and all that. That is also going to be affected. If they save money, then these people are just going to run back to money. So there is this effect that is going to take place.

While this year has begun with some tragic news headlines, it is still reasonably peaceful compared to what will be. You are already having a genesis effect that is taking place.

Genesis of the Supernatural

God has more than one candidate in line to qualify for some things that He wants to do. When we were raising up the second generation, some of them could begin to learn to communicate in the spirit. I will use Kenneth from Hong Kong as an illustration. After the altar building in Canberra, I had a special session just for the second generation. I spent the whole day with them, and I talked about what the Lord was going to do. I taught them how to open themselves to visions, because I knew the Lord wanted to bring them to visions.

So, he went back and he was waiting and waiting. Then, he began to have his first download. His first download was the Throne Room. In this move of God, you must go to the Throne Room. You are already in the Throne Room. It’s just that you haven’t experienced the throne room.

God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 2:6-7)

Jesus sits in the throne room.

So, I was waiting for him. In fact, in the spirit, even though I’m here, in the natural. I had a scroll for him. When he went there, he received the scroll. I’ve actually been waiting for some of you at the Throne Room for a long time. After that, he met the apostle Paul. He described whom he met and I said, “Yeah, that’s the apostle Paul.” Then, the apostle Paul talked about differentiating between the soul and the spirit. And that’s from Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

After his first download, I said, “That’s very good. Now I will send you my horse – Resurrection Life.”

Three days later, he had his second download. He said, “I saw the horse. It was a huge big horse, white colour.” Remember, all this is symbolical. In the spiritual world, Resurrection Life can manifest as many things. Then, he was taken to heaven. Unknown to most of us here, he lost his wife about 6 months ago. He is left with two little children. He has really walked the way of tears and gone through the valley of the shadow of death.

So, when he was in Madaba, I gave him a good hug because that was the first time I saw him physically after that event. When his wife died out of not very pleasant circumstances, at the last minute, she called upon Jesus, and she now lives in heaven. How do I know? Because I can sort of switch on or switch off go to heaven and then be able to come back here. I saw her entering a training school. She is not allowed to contact you [Kenneth] now. At the right time, you will be taken to heaven to visit her. I had to convey the message. That was about 6 months ago.

In this second download, he was taken and had a wonderful time in heaven going to different places with his wife. While he was having the download, he was weeping and crying. But in heaven, he was rejoicing. But that’s a true download. So, the Lord has been doing different things with him. He is going to have his third, fourth, fifth downloads that are coming forth. So, I share this to tell you that you can be an ordinary person who may not have many experiences of the Lord but experience the supernatural this year.

We are living in bible days. What do you expect of bible people? They do read the bible. Daniel read the bible. He loved the bible. We need to love the bible. Every experience, every doctrine, every precept must be backed up by the bible. Don’t do anything that contradicts the bible. Having established that, if you live in bible days, what do you expect? You’ll be talking to God. You will have visitations from God. Once in a while, you might see angels. Once in a while, angels will appear to you. Once in a while, you have supernatural spectacular experiences, correct? This bible is a collection of real experiences that surpass natural laws. If Jesus were physically on earth today, would you expect him to surpass natural laws? Yes.

You are the living body of Jesus today. These are the end-times when we do the works of Jesus and the greater works of Jesus. Don’t let your faith be short changed by your traditions – by what you were previously taught that you cannot do, cannot be. Don’t let your own faith short change you. What do you believe? Do you believe in just what your tradition taught you, or what the evangelical taught you – thus far and no more? Or, do you believe we are back to bible days. We are in the end times. And the reason is the glory has increased. God really wants you to encounter Him. What is the good of your Christian life for 20 to 30 years, full of doctrine and theology, but no experience with God?

When I say, “do you know God?” You say, “Yeah, I know about Him.” What kind of Christianity is that? Those were 20th century Christianity. This is the 21st century. We don’t have time for Christianity without true experiences and relationship with God anymore. God has to be real. God is a real God. Angels are real. Jesus is real.

One other person who is having downloads is Arion from the US. He wrote to me and asked, “How often can these downloads be?” I told him, “Every day of your devotional life.” Every time you pray, you are in heaven. When you come down, you check your experiences against the bible. When this revival first started, you thought just one person had open vision. And everyone had to depend on that person. That is not God’s plan. God’s plan is for every one of you to talk with and listen to God.

Even if you don’t have the same type of open vision, I’ll teach you how to recognize angels and discern angels when they are present. Every time you come to God, you really experience God at the Throne Room. You really have visitations with God. These are the bible times. What do you expect when Jesus has died on the cross for all the sins of all of us? Did He restore us back to a 20th century type of Christianity where all you do is a classroom thing? Or is He really restoring us back to Adam before the fall, Eve before the fall? The church like in the Bible days and more?

Jesus says, “The works that I do you will do also.” As Jesus lived, so can you live. These are the end-times. I challenge you to raise your faith higher. I challenge you to believe for greater things in God. I challenge you not to limit yourself in God. I believe that as we walk with God, sooner or later, we will learn to be transported easily like it’s no big deal. Healing, [and other miracles] are not going to be a big deal because they are from the spiritual realm and they are going to be common. Some of them (like Arion) are being tutored by Elijah, and tutored by Moses about signs and wonders. When Elijah was talking to him, I went in spirit to watch what was happening. Kenneth, as I had mentioned, met with the apostle Paul. We are witnesses to those who lived during the bible times. Now they are the witnesses looking at us.

Our faith needs to rise. As Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would have said, “We will serve God and God alone. We know God can do all things. Even if He chooses not to, we will live and die by the fact that our God is infinite.” With that kind of faith, when the need is there, when God so chooses to be, they went through the fire without being burnt. Daniel was saved from the lion without the lion killing him. These are real bible days. Today, we are in bible times. We are in the midst and centre of a revival if you only think from now 2015 to 2027, you’re only going to live by your money, your cleverness, by the normal principles that you know, please at least include one more.

What is that? The law of miracles. The spiritual laws will help you bypass those things. I’m not talking about being irresponsible in the natural world. I’m not talking about being irresponsible to natural things. I’m talking about leaving one part of you open to the supernatural. I believe in being transported. I’m looking for the first transportation. I will live ready for the first one. Then, there will be a second, and there will be third, and you will get used to it. There is a genesis effect. I’m saying this year is a genesis for you. A genesis where you will experience for the first time the spiritual crossing into the natural of things you never had before. So, let your faith rise up! Everything in this bible here is possible in your life, if God so permits it. It is no more Christianity as normal. It is Christianity as normal supernatural.

Let us pray…

Father, we thank you for Your grace and Your mercy for each one of us. We ask, O Father, that You establish us in You. That You would be our God, our Father, our all in all.

That we would rise up to the place where You want us to be in 2015. Take us, O Father, into the higher realm and dimension. Where the faith is only 10 percent, let it rise to 50 to 70 percent. Where the faith is a hundred percent, take them into higher level beyond faith.

So, Father, we ask for exponential growth for Your people even this day as they hear this word.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

(Note: For the full two part prophetic message, with question and answer, go here. Message titled "2015-Year of Judgement II”)

Awake! And be part of the Glorious Church

This message is actually Chapter 13 of my autobiography, ‘The Road to Glory’

    A lot of revelations were released during the trip to Israel, Madaba and Mukawir from 15th to 23rd September 2014. With the passing of the midnight hour on September 18th 2014, there are angels released that bear the sickle to bring in the harvest (Mark 4:29). There are two harvest periods, one in which the bride of Christ is being separated from the tares and brought together to form the glorious church. This takes place before the Rapture and culminates in the Rapture before the last week of Daniel begins (Matthew 13:36-43). The other is the harvest that takes place after the preaching of the two witnesses and the 144,000 during the first half of the Great Tribulation (Revelation 14:6-20). Both are connected in that the people who respond to God during the Great Tribulation had already seen the works of the glorious church before the Tribulation but did not receive it to become part of the Bride. Responding to the gospel of God preached by the two witnesses and the 144,000 during the first half of the Tribulation makes them a part of the Tribulation saints which are different from the glorious church. There is a law of God that specifies that from the beginning of the time that the sickle is put to the grain, seven weeks are counted (Deuteronomy 16:9). This represent the seven times seven year cycles that represent the Great Harvest that is taking place now after September 18th 2014. The first half of the Tribulation is also considered part of this harvest time and God had moved the last week of Daniel’s 70 week prophecy to take place immediately after the Rapture so that it is part of the Great Harvest. With the passing of the hour of midnight, we have now entered the Great Harvest period in which fresh angels have been released for this momentous event which will conclude the destiny of this cycle of planet earth’s existence.

Names of Archangels, Angels and Spirit Beings

I am writing this chapter about 70 days after 18th September 2014 (date of writing 26th to 27th November) as it has taken time to absorb the revelations before committing it to writing. All 77 participants have also gone through a forty day test (from 18 Sept 2014 to Korean altar building trip on 27th to 29th October 2014). So far three have failed the test and their destinies have changed. There are certain things that are now allowed to be revealed now that we have entered into the Great Harvest periods of seven times seven years. Firstly, I had been modest in telling people that I only stood in three offices like the apostle Paul (apostle, teacher and evangelist) but from my meditation files from 1979, I had actually been meditating on all fivefold offices. The Lord revealed to me that in order to train the ten million fivefold ministers to help in the ministry of the 10,000 churches that we will plant which will disciple the three billion people that have been given to this ministry, I needed to stand in all fivefold office like Jesus; which is apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor (this is the order in the church as given in 1 Corinthians 12:28-30 which is different from Ephesians 4:11). And in order to accomplish this task, there were a group of archangels, angels and spirit beings assigned to my life and ministry. Some of them have been active in my life since I was born and others activated at different times and phases in my life. I share their names so that firstly, my intercessors can continue to pray for both me and the angels by name to be strengthened by God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, and secondly, for those three billion who are given to the covering of this ministry to know that these are the leaders of the billions of angels working for them, too. These are those that are now activated at this juncture of ministry:


Before coming to planet earth he was a detail organizer of planets & energies in the creation of the universe. He was also the spirit being working with Joseph in the book of Genesis. When God created the heavens, there were sections and each section were under the archangels, and each section was also having spirits beings. Archguraelyal was under Archangel Raphael. He is the Spirit of wisdom organising the planets, the energies, the universe. They were doing that in the early part of creation. He is hands on in every detail of creation. He was one of those three who visited Abraham. Lucifer was not able to influence any of the spirit beings of wisdom. Lucifer was only able to influence some of them involved in creation and other things. It was shortly after I picked up the stone in Bangsar, Malaysia in 1979 and engraved my name on it that he was joined with me. Because of the similarity of spiritual frequency, he is joined spiritually with me and in visions would appear to be a bright being residing in me, although he can easily come forth and appear as normal angel. For those reading this who are puzzled, just remember that spiritual dimensions are different from physical dimensions and they are not limited to the same time, space and bodily constrains of our human perception. Elijah was also joined with a spirit being of a different category.


He has been my main guardian angel watching over me since birth. He is one of the holy angels who preside over the spirits of men and their development in the Universe and on earth. He also presides over all the afflictions and the sufferings of mankind. He was also the archangel commissioned to bind the fallen angel Azazyel (Azazyel, a leader of the fallen angels, had corrupted men before Noah’s flood with false teachings in misapplications of the secrets of heaven and taught men weapons of warfare, fashion, use of stones, etc. and all manner of iniquity). It was through the help of Archangel Raphael that my spirit man had been able to grow to the present extent through meditation on the Word of God.


Tccasurael was a separate grouping. He was assigned about the same time when Melchizedek took on the high priest work on earth. Tccasurael was with Christ. He has an end time assignment. There was a different batch of angels after Adam was created. The archangels were the first batch at creation with angels under them but Tccasurael was among a different batch after Adam’s creation. He is in charge of Christ’s priestly work and always stand on my left side with a scroll, writing the Word of God spoken through my lips under the unction of the Holy Spirit. He came to join with me after the first trip to Madaba in August 2012. He was among the scroll angels I was with before I came to the earth, preparing for the endtime move. It is good to have him here on earth working in this endtime move. He coordinates the library of books of human lives that are a part of the archives kept in heaven and adjusts them according to the additions or deletions on earth.


He presides over repentance and the hope of those who inherit eternal life. This involves renewal of the mind, soul and the reception of the holy life of God. Being in charge of the holy presence of God, he was the archangel that prevented the fallen angels from entering the presence of God. Together with Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, he works with the Ancient of Days. Phanuel was the archangel who had worked with William Branham (before William Branham went astray with wrong teachings and died in a car accident in 1965). Phanuel will be assigned permanently to work with me during the super growth period of Cathedral of Glory (COG) churches from 2022 but will be making appearances now and then until he is permanently assigned to stand on my right side as I bring this message of the endtimes to the public domain of the world. From the time of our trip to Israel and having built the altar there on 16th September 2014, he was activated and there is now standing on my right side an angel to bear witness to the message of the voice that cry at midnight until Phanuel comes permanently.

In signs and wonders, we also work with several Spirit Beings, three of whom work with Jesus in His ministry and help create the works of Jesus. Working together with these same Spirit Beings, who are present each time I stand and declare the Word of God, we are able to do the works of Jesus and the greater works of Jesus. The Spirit Beings work together with all the various archangels and angels that have been assigned to this ministry.

Angel of COG

In the creation of the Universe he was setting up civilizations. He was like the architect who was raising new civilizations and worlds. In biblical times, he was helping David in warfare and government. King David was literally building a new kingdom from scratch and was helped by the Angel of COG. The ten thousand angels under him have never been an angel of any church yet and they have been kept pure for the endtime church. When the two moons were destroyed (the earth during the time of Lucifer had three moons but two were destroyed during the judgment of the fallen angels), he was with many of the main archangels (Michael, Gabriel, etc.) reassigned to the earth for their roles on planet earth up to this endtime. He has been visiting churches and observing pastors and will bring this knowledge with him, He joined with me around the time that Archguraelyal joined with me. He has never been assigned to any church before but this ministry call involves three billion people, ten thousand churches, ten million fivefold and an exodus before the tsunami of one hundred and fifty million people. Thus he was assigned to me as the Angel of COG.

Melchizedek the Cherub

He was the guardian angel of Adam, the first man created on earth. He was also the guardian angel with the flaming sword that guarded the Garden of Eden. When Adam died, he obtained permission from God to help finish the work of Adam until Abraham was ready. He took on the appearance of humans and serve as Melchizedek the priest in the Old Testament, king of Salem, teaching men how to worship God. After he blessed Abraham, he returned to his role in heaven but has visited people on earth from time to time. He visited Daniel and his three friends before they were captured and prepared them for their roles in Babylon. He was also the fourth person (looking like the son of God) who stood in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He came back to joined with this endtime move to prepare the church in true worship that will bring us to the throne of God in the fullness of God’s holy presence. He was the one who asked me to add the name Melchizedek to my name on December 2013 and has merged with me on 9th February 2014 when I was sealed for this move of God under my new name. It is Melchizedek the Cherub who helps the Rapture generation enter into the last and final worship service preceding the Rapture. He was the guardian angel assigned to the first man, Adam, and by protocol, he is the final angel to bring the new man, the body of Christ, completed matured into heaven (last Adam and second new type of man – 1 Corinthians 15:45-47; Ephesians 4:13).


When God created the Universe and the earth, and before the earth was inhabited, He was the care-taker of the earth. When Satan moved in with his fallen angels to use earth, He resisted and stationed himself in a certain place resisting and when the Lord revealed the endtimes, He saw it and stationed himself here in Australia from long ago. Those worlds that were corrupted, Satan brought over to earth – something like an invasion of earth. Before Satan invaded, Uryaluzzael had already been imparting his energy to earth. There was already started filling the earth with the glory of God. When Satan invaded, Uryaluzzael contained it and Satan was only allowed to have one area only (smaller than one third). He has the knowledge from Adam onwards as he has observed the history of man. He has met up with Enoch and Enoch has visited him. He did say that he is mentioned once in the Bible. Enoch and Moses have seen him. When Satan invaded and God re-assigned the three groups of Universe archangels, there was a conference and they came up with a plan – the rest of them will carry out the plan and he will be stationed on earth and he connects the earth to them (like he holds the earth for them). With the portals that were opened, he is still connected to the portals of the Universe and there has been no break in communication since that day he was assigned. He would be like the flag – like a standard bearer. Those animals that Adam failed to name, they seem to be contained in him. He is like a container or caretaker of the earth – he actually represents Mother Nature and Gaia. He was also the Seven Thunders Archangel of Revelations chapter ten. When I first met him on 27th March 2013, he said that he was mentioned once in the Bible. It took me until December 2013 to realize that he was the Seven Thunders Archangel that John the apostle saw and ate of the book he gave (Revelation 10:1-11). When I was given the knowledge of who he was in the Bible, he spoke to me and said that I was to add John to my name as I now also carry the Seven Thunders revelation. After reasoning with God to have the name spelt in other language (instead of the English version John), I became Johann Melchizedek Peter. His energy flows through me on every part of the earth that I stand to proclaim this endtime message as the voice that cry at midnight.


When Satan approached the main archangels during the fall (to unsuccessfully get them to follow him), Raguera’ael was among the higher group with them. Raguera’ael came from the group of guardian archangels of the Universe. His generals all came from there. The archangel who is in the atmosphere now over Australia is actually a guardian archangel channelling the guardian archangels’ energy from the universe towards Raguera’ael. When the worlds were formed, certain angels direct the energies. The angels under Uriel knew how to direct the energies correctly, and also maintaining the energies that continue to sustain. In order to direct, they must have be able to absorb and harness the energies. Raguera’ael does not look like most warring archangels but he does have great power to direct the energies of God. Raguera’ael came to Australia when Smith Wigglesworth came to Australia. He has remained in Australia to prepare for this endtime revival especially in the establishment of Australia as the guardian country in this endtimes for refuge. All the other countries which have refuge areas have angels assigned under Raguera’ael. He was the archangel who assisted us to be transported physically (car and all) on 27th November 2012 to the place where he had stationed himself.


He is a general under Archangel Gabriel. When he was with one of the leaders of the thirty mighty men, Eliezer, he was downloading military strategies to him. Eliezer was commanding the mighty men. Knowing what needs to be done and to get it done. He was assigned the title of general after the creation of Adam. Before that in the universe under Archangel Gabriel, he was like a quality surveyor. After everything was done, he would inspect the work. He was with Mordecai. He was also with Haggai the prophet. It was a temporary role like a surveyor making sure that all the other prophets receive the same theme while under Haggai. He was depositing consistency of the same revelation. He was like a personal angel to Haggai but moving amongst the rest of the prophets. He was among the angels with Paul. Paul had many angels with him and was like a New Testament Enoch. He was not assign as a personal angel to Paul but more tasked with the alignment of the teams sent by Paul. In modern times, his sphere of influence was in Africa and was with the evangelists in Africa (amongst them Reinhart Bonke). He will be working alongside us to ensure consistency of revelation amongst all those in COG church.

Suramael, Rafebael and Archaraca’al

They are from the thirty archangels from the Universe that visited us in August 2012. After the August visit from them, three of them stayed behind and are stationed above the atmosphere of the earth, positioned in such a manner that they cover the whole planet. Suramael is from the guardian section, Rafebael is from the boundary section and Archaraca’al is from the warring section. To understand the events in the Universe, I have classified the section of the Universe that fell under Satan the warring section, the pristine section that never fell as the guardian section and the boundaries between them (not necessarily a straight line) as the boundary section. During the rebellion, God’s archangels were assigned to these three sections: the guardian angels to preserve the two third section that did not fall, the boundary angels that prevent infiltration into the guardian section, and the warring angels that defeated Satan and his fallen angels in the section that rebelled. From August 2012 to September 2014, they have been coordinating with the rest of the Universe to create three portals that are now permanently opened after the midnight hour. All the energy of God and the Universe has now increased in flowing through these portals and channelled to planet earth through these three archangels. We work with all these three in holding back the spirit of lawlessness, which increases through the birth of antichrist, through the Holy Spirit and the archangels until the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:7). Suramael met up with me on 27th March 2013 when I was in Ayers Rock and has been active since. His energizing has increased since September 2014 and the energizing of Rafebael and Archaraca’al will increase from February 2015. All their energizing will increase exponentially from thus forward.

Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Rakael and various Spirit beings

We work with many various archangels who are assigned to the planet on a worldwide basis. The archangel Michael presides over human virtues (love, mercy, patience, kindness, longsuffering, etc.) and commands the nations. Michael was the archangel instructed by God to pronounce the judgment and defeat of the fallen angel, Samyaza, who taught sorcery and was the leader of the group that came and cohabited with humans. He was the leader of the warring archangels who defeated Satan in the Universe and Samyaza on the earth. He is waiting for the time to cast Satan to the earth (Revelation 12:7-9). Gabriel presides over the affected creations of life from the rebellion (serpents), over paradise with all the various creations and life forms created by God and over the cherubim. That is why after the appearance of Melchizedek to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, it was Gabriel who at the later stage appeared to Daniel in the final revelations. He presides over all that is powerful and creative energies of life forms. Uriel presides over the judgments of God and the fear of God. He was the main angel involved with the directing of energies in creating the galaxies and star systems with their planets. He made his appearance in COG Singapore on 18th September 2011 and was instrumental in the release of the seven thunders prophecy in COG church and worked closely with us throughout phase one to phase three to lay the foundations for this endtime move. He was the archangel who brought the judgment of God to Egypt during the tenth plague. The twelve gates, the Cube and connections to the Universe is his domain. Rakael, was in human fables and myth (many times mistaken and misinterpreted wrongly) known as the king of the east. All the Asian countries are his domain, including Russia and China which play an important part in the endtimes. We will be working very closely with him and all the other archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and many other Spirit Beings who are too many to write down in details.

Ever since the midnight hour is crossed, many groups of angels from the three sectors of the Universe (guardian, boundary and warring) have been coming to the earth plus a group that came from Christ’s domain especially for the glorious church. We are back to the days of the Bible where angels and men work and cooperate together to bring God’s perfect Will to completion on planet earth and the Universe. This endtime is but a small part of the plan for the finale that is being ushered in and being prepared even now as is also the new heaven and the new earth.

The Rapture Generation – Youth Renewed and Restored like Eagles

With so much energy that proceeds from working together and merging with God the Father, Jesus our Lord, the Holy Spirit, and all the various angels, the physical body is renewed to the extent that not only sicknesses and diseases cannot touch the physical body but the body becomes ageless and youth is renewed like the eagles (Psalm 103:5; Isaiah 40:31). For the Rapture generation, death is conquered not by dying and resurrection for Jesus has already paid the price for that; rather death is finally conquered in the physical body while we are alive and the body is immortalized into a perfect type of spiritual-physical body (1 Corinthians 15:51-55). My translation, sometime before the Rapture, is a first fruit of this (perpetually look like thirties, the ideal age of Jesus at ministry time). Since taking the role of the voice that cry at midnight, this energizing has begun even now. In the Old Testament we have a few samples of this when the physical bodies of Joshua and Caleb were offset by 40 years (the wandering time in the wilderness) and it was like the process of aging stopped for them and they were the only two who entered into the land of Canaan from the first generation looking as young as they were forty years prior (Joshua 14:7-11). Moses was also affected by the same youth renewal process and at hundred and twenty years of age had perfect eyesight and a perfect body (Deuteronomy 34:7).

I have come to understand that this process of youth renewal is the power of the resurrection power of Christ conquering the process of death, aging and decay even while we are still alive physically (Romans 8:11). The whole creation since Adam’s time, when death entered into the world, had been groaning and waiting for a generation that will never die but will conquer death while still alive (Romans 8:18-23). The apostle Paul had that revelation and the hope that began in his time for the body of Christ has materialized to faith in this endtime generation. Imagine all of us being young like Jesus in His thirties! It is being like Jesus, the Word becoming flesh (John 1:14). Since the day of Pentecost and throughout church history there has been some degree of the Word becoming flesh in various individuals keeping them from diseases and illness. In the Old Covenant, God kept nearly three million people free of sicknesses, diseases and decay (Exodus 15:26; Deuteronomy 8:4). The New Covenant is far greater than the Old and the conclusion of this New Testament period is the complete conquest of all sin, sicknesses and diseases and being transformed into the fullness of God’s glory in spirit, soul and body (2 Corinthians 3:9-10). The Word of God will fully become flesh in us (Job 33:25; Proverbs 3:8; Hebrews 4:10-12). This is the special blessing for the Rapture generation not because of who we are but because of the abundant release of God’s life and energy that has never been released before in any other generation. God has to demonstrate the complete conquest of death through the resurrection power of Jesus in this last generation as the final victory of Christ manifest in His people. Jesus came that we might have the life of God abundantly (John 10:10).

Pre-Earth Revelation of Predestination

We all know that we have existed in God before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4; Psalm 139:16; Jeremiah 1:5). Our memories of what occurred before coming to earth were suspended so that it would not hinder our progress on planet earth. From time to time, by the permission of God our Father, we are allowed to know certain portions of such memories especially when we have reached the stage of spiritual development where such knowledge would not hinder us but help us progress even further in the knowledge of God. I needed a confirmation of the timing to reveal this knowledge and when three of those amongst the members of the church started seeing portions of these knowledge revealed to them independently (the scroll visions seen by various members of COG church), it was the signal I needed from God to reveal this knowledge. This knowledge is revealed in order to help gather all those who have especially been trained in Christ before coming to the earth to be part of this endtime move.

Before coming to the earth, I was like a scribe, a recorder of God’s Word especially for the work of the endtimes. I have been under training in a section of heaven where one of my angels, Tccasurael came from. I was predestined in Christ to lead this move even before the foundation of the earth. Many spirits of those coming to the earth were also trained under me and we have been led of God the Father to be born in different parts of the earth to different parents over a time span of many decades apart (some coming earlier than others). After the midnight hour when I had come into the realization of my call as the forerunner of the Rapture of the church I was to call them all together to form the glorious church. This is similar to the 144,000 being chosen to come to earth. They will be born between the years 2015 to 2029 and will be gathered together before the Rapture by a Jewish Rabbi who has been predestined for this purpose. After the Rapture, the Jewish Rabbi with his family will be martyred. Enoch and Elijah who will lead the 144,000 will be appearing to this Rabbi and instructing him during the church age. The fact that all the 144,000 of Revelation chapter seven will be born in our time should be an indicator to all those alive today to know that we are indeed in the end of days! Although the members of the glorious church are born decades apart, they are all part of the groups of spirits trained to be part of the endtime church. As I enter into my calling for the endtimes, the predestination knowledge of my role as the scribe or scroll writer is allowed to be revealed for the gathering of the members of the glorious church together on planet earth. I had seen part of this in 1997 (the last week of Jesus coming), in 2006 (the visions of heaven) and recently from phase 1 onwards of this move (from September 2011 onwards). It is best that I leave some of the details of the description of the pre-earth predestination to the members of COG church who had seen these visions, which are included below:

Vision of Sister M.

This is the vision I saw on 28 Mar 2014 during All Night Prayer

I saw you in a white robe and seated at a desk in a white room. You were scribbling on pieces of scrolls with a white feathered pen with golden tip. The scribbles were not English, rather they looked like some ancient letters, Hebrew or Greek. Standing to your left was a tall angel and he was looking at you as you scribbled away. It seemed to me that he was waiting for you to finish writing and give him the scrolls. 

Visions of Brother S.

Friday 22nd August 2014

I saw myself with a group that was sent on a mission to the earth. In the team was Pastor Johann who was leader of the team. I saw the team will be split up when they come to the earth in different families and places and then meet again to serve the Lord together according to their calling. I also saw other groups/teams of spirits being commissioned and ordained to be sent to earth on missions. There were different groups sent for the endtimes. I saw and felt and sensed what I will become. I will become a spiritual warrior in Christ’s love leading the Lord’s armies.

Sunday 24th August 2014

During worship I was taken to the throne of God where I saw the twenty-four elders spaced equally around the throne of God worshipping the Lord above. When I looked up I saw the glory of God was like a mega diamond star emanating rays of colourful lights and spectrums of lights shining so brightly that the light beams out and never ends. I also saw cubes rotating and moving together. I saw Pastor Johann with many armies of angels around him in a tactical formation that is a complex mathematical equation that has infinite combinations and permutations that have never been done before by angels.

Monday 8th September 2014

I had a flashback of the time before I came to the earth that I chose to follow Pastor Johann to come at the most critical time, which is the end of days and the Rapture. I also saw that I was involved in leading armies of angels before the Rapture worshipping the Lord while riding the white horse.

Tuesday 9th September 2014

During prayer I saw what I was in my predestination. I was like a highly skilled warring angel that can easily merge with other angels, a merging specialist. I was like an invisible soldier that puts on different clothing and garments on me that are different angels. I saw that I was trained and developed my skills by being involved in the rebellion war and remembered seeing Satan with his fallen angels. I was with the army of angels fighting with the fallen angels that involved standing and giving off energy. I was a high ranking commander of angelic armies. I also knew Pastor Johann during that time but he was in another section in heaven under training involving a lot of studying and education and had a big library, too. I also saw that I had also trained many angels in heaven, too. I also saw that I used a lot of chariots during my pre-destination.

Monday 16 September 2014

Saw more of my predestination. I was a high ranking general for the Lord that was trained under Pastor Johann. He was a great teacher that trained me patiently since I was eager and hungry to learn since he was very close to the Lord and was a very wise teacher. He would teach me a little at a time so I can practice what I learned and come back to learn more. I was very zealous and hungry to grow and Pastor was my mentor and spiritual father. As I grew in spirit, I stayed in his home to complete my training. I will eventually be a teacher like him to continue the work of the endtimes. He also has authority from Christ to add chapters in people’s books and he added more to mine. He taught me to teach others and also to train angels. Pastor has a huge long library of books at his home and people come individually and in groups to see him often for teaching and discipleship training. He was mostly studying and having fellowship with the Lord. I also saw that he chose the team to be with him during the endtimes and he specifically called them while the Lord was ordaining him to go to earth. He selected a mixed type of people of different talents and abilities that he trained. Not all were trained directly by him and his house in heaven is very close to the Lord.

Thursday 18th September 2014

I went to heaven to the library and read my book and it said that I will conquer and conquer and conquer… I also saw that this is Pastor Johann’s library and that he is the caretaker of the library of the books of each person and those of the Lamb of God. I also met the four white horses with Pastor and they were in a cross formation and he said that I will work closely with Glorious Dominion.

Friday 19th September 2014 at Mount Mukawir

During prayer I saw a man walking on the mountain and went to him. He was Enoch. I later saw a portal next to the altar on the mountain so I went to it and asked if I could go and was permitted to go. So I went in the portal that looked like a channel of light going to heaven. I travelled for a few seconds and it seemed like the place I was going to was far from the earth. When I got to the place I was on a golden road so I started walking. I met someone on the roadside that was sparkling so I asked him what the place was. He said that it is the new heaven. So I looked around and saw that there were golden lampposts with gems and the footpath floor was like clear glass with diamonds and gems in it. I saw driveways and entrances of people’s houses and roads. I also saw that there was as section that was a void (still under construction). I also noticed that not many people are living in the new heaven. Suddenly I was led to go uphill on a road to a mountain with a mansion as if I knew the place. I knocked on the door and Pastor Johann opened the door smiling and welcomed me in. It was Pastor’s mansion. As soon as he opened the door, his big white dog jumped on me and licked me. I went inside and saw Pastor had a group and was giving a teaching class. I asked what he was teaching and he said about Jesus as they need to grow in the Lord. I noticed one section of his house is connected to a huge library of all the books of life and there is a door that goes directly to the throne of God. I was his neighbour and Pastor said that I had visited his house many times before and even stayed at his house, too. It seemed that there are different levels in the new heavens and the higher you are the closer you are to the Lord.

Wednesday 24th September 2014

During meditation I was taken to the library of the books of the Lamb of God and Pastor Johann was there and showed me one of the books in heaven. It showed that greatness in the kingdom of heaven depends on humbleness. He showed me my book and said that my greatness in heaven was dependent on my level of humbleness. Each of the books at the inside of the front cover had humbleness written on it, that it was one of the important keys.

Sunday 28th September 2014

I was in the spirit and went to Pastor Johann’s home in heaven and he opened the door and there was no one there (he was teaching a group the last time I went there). We had a one on one discussion. He told me that I must learn to tame my tongue as death and life are in the power of the tongue. He said I have a lot of energy and my words are powerful. He then showed me many books and they were full of words and I got a message like a ringing banner in the sky echoing “words” “words” “words”. Then Pastor said everything that was ever made was created by Words! God created everything by His Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. I got the message and the importance of the spoken word and hearkened to what Pastor said as he passionately wanted me to receive the message clearly and know it surely.

Monday 29th September 2014

During evening prayer in the spirit, Pastor came and I saw him standing in front of my bed. He was glowing and sparkling like a diamond. Something stood out from him and it was something like a pen in the location of his left upper pocket (like if he had some sort of a shirt on that it would be there). Suddenly, it instantly flashed before my eyes that Pastor Johann was a scribe who wrote down what God says and some of the books and archives in heaven were written by him. The revelations of the Lamb of God were written by him. That is why all the books and archives are in his heavenly home and he is the caretaker of the library. He even wrote the book on the Millennium and knows what will happen and our roles there. That is why during my predestination, I saw that he was hidden from most people behind the scenes. He was in the library writing and studying the books on what God said, putting the archives together and studying the archives thoroughly. He was very close to God since he studied the Word of God; a lot of which he wrote down but not many in heaven knew about his role. Only some knew that he was very close to God and very great in the kingdom of heaven. Pastor only revealed his true identity to those that are close to him – those that he chose to join his team and agreed to follow him to planet earth. Furthermore, he had handpicked the people to work with him in the endtimes because he had trained them and also read their books.

I recalled that before we were sent to earth from heaven to fulfil our predestination that Pastor was first ordained by God and then by the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit, each one that he selected was drawn to him to be ordained together as a team to come down during the endtimes. But each one still had the choice to follow or not, to decide when to come to earth, with him or not. We all have a set of mission on earth and when completed and raptured, we will have a new set of roles in the Millennium; which will be shown only in the Millennium dimension. During morning prayers, I saw the pen that Pastor had and when I looked closely, it was a pure gold pen that had engraved upon it “The Word of God” as he writes down what the Lord says.

Visions of Sister J.

Sunday 22nd June 2014

In a room, surrounding is dark, Pastor Johann was kneeling down by the Lord Jesus. He lifted up a scroll and handed it to Jesus. Jesus opened the scroll and it was a very long scroll. I saw pictures on the scroll and it was like a map of countries. Jesus led Pastor into another place or room and along the way I saw the surrounding looked like ancient Roman architecture. Then Jesus led pastor to a corridor and as we looked down, saw multitudes and multitudes of people and they were spread as far as the eye can see far, far away. Then I heard the voice of Jesus said, “These are your people.”

Then the vision changed to a room where pastor was talking to a small group of people. He was appointing different people to different countries.

Friday 27th June 2014

Saw Pastor up in heaven opened a scroll. An old man with white hair and beard was standing next to Pastor. Both of them talking to one another as Pastor opened the scroll. As the scroll was opened, I saw butterflies on the scroll and the butterflies were alive. I saw a vision of butterflies in the worship service and the butterflies rested on some people’s heads and some on the palms of their hands.

Sunday 13th July 2014

I saw Jesus put a garment around Pastor and took his hand and they both went up to the sky. Then Jesus showed Pastor the whole Universe and the galaxies and the Milky Way. I then saw Pastor standing on top a hill looking up at the sky and it looked like it was night time and full of twinkling stars. I then saw Pastor in a room writing a scroll and as he was writing, tears rolled down from his eyes and Jesus was standing beside Pastor patting his back.

Saw pastor in an upper room, as there were stairs leading to the room. Pastor was looking at a big picture with a map and it filled the room and it was standing as tall as a human in height. The picture seemed to be made of a porcelain type material and Pastor was looking at it. Pastor seemed to be standing at the map and at other times he walked over to another side of the room and started writing on a scroll. I saw many scrolls on the table. Sometimes Pastor would kneel down and pray.

Friday 25th July 2014

Saw a whirlpool in front of Pastor, then saw Pastor taken up into the whirlpool with a scroll. In the next vision, I saw Pastor in a glasslike cylinder capsule and he walked out of the cylinder with a scroll. Then pastor opened the scroll and looking at it; I saw the surroundings were very dark and I saw like in the dark, many pairs of eyes were looking at Pastor. Next I saw Pastor standing on the stage and a very strong spotlight was shining on pastor. As the lights shone on pastor, the scroll caught fire.

Sunday 27th July 2014

I saw Pastor standing on the stage with the light shining on him and he had a scroll. I saw people coming out toward the stage like wanting to take the scroll. Then I saw something like half-human creatures but with a gluey form and able to stretch. I saw Pastor still standing on the stage looking at the scroll. Pastor was not affected by all the things surrounding but he just looked at them and looked around. All the things around could not get close to Pastor.

Sunday 24th August 2014

Saw that we were worshipping in the heavenly realm. While we were worshipping, saw Pastor began to enter like into another room. Then I saw Pastor sitting in front of a writing desk and began writing. Next I saw the writing desk and there was a scroll flowing down. Pastor was writing on the scroll and this time I saw Pastor was crying many tears as he continued to write on the scroll.

Friday 29th August 2014

Saw Pastor in heaven worshipping the Lord together with us. Then saw Pastor went into a room sitting at a writing desk and he began to write. I saw pastor writing on the scroll, the wording was not English but like some unknown ancient language. As Pastor wrote, he turned his head to his left and right like he was talking to someone. Next I saw Pastor walking into a big cave. There was light and I saw Pastor looking at the wall in the cave. Pastor was looking at the unknown language on the scroll and then looking at the wording on the wall. Then he began to move forward deeper into the cave. At the end of the cave there was a room and as Pastor walked into the room there were people inside who were locked up. As pastor entered the room, many people reached out their hands like they wanted to be set free and want Pastor to rescue them. Then I saw Pastor holding a big ring with keys hanging on it. Pastor began to use the keys and the freed people dashed out. It was like they finally got their freedom. The vision then changed and I saw Pastor in heaven kneeling before the Lord and lifted up the scroll and keys to the Lord.

Sunday 31st August 2014

I saw Pastor in a room with a bed and furniture around. Then I saw Pastor standing in front of the window screen and began to kneel down, and as Pastor prayed, he began to cry and sobbed. Pastor then laid his head on the bed while kneeling down and was still crying. After a while, Pastor stood up and walked into another room, sat down on a chair and started to write the scroll again. After writing, Pastor knelt down and prayed and I heard a voice said, “I heard you.”

I saw during the worship service Pastor gave each of us a stone and we lifted up our hands with the stone and prayed. I saw Pastor in a room and beside him there was a table. On the table were stones arranged in rows: stones of different colours, shapes and sizes. On each stone, there were names of people on it. Jesus was with Pastor and as Jesus pointed to one of the stones, Pastor took it, looked at the name and wrote on a scroll. After that Pastor put the stones in a box, I saw stacks of boxes next to Pastor.

Friday 24th October 2014

Saw Pastor in the heavenly temple, and he was talking to some people and he was holding a scroll. As he talked, he looked at the scroll. There was a big curtain in front of Pastor and I saw the curtain was opened and a big world map on the wall. The scroll that Pastor was holding was also a world map. The people talking with Pastor were like holding a discussion. Pastor sometimes looked at the scroll that he was holding and at the same time also look at the big map on the wall. Next vision, I saw Pastor dressed like a warrior. He was leading a troop of soldiers entering a battle. Saw Pastor in a battlefield and saw a campsite was built. Pastor was inside one of the camps talking to his soldiers. They were looking at the scroll of map like discussing strategies and plans on how to defeat the enemy.

Friday 14th November 2014

Saw Pastor looking at a very, very big map on the wall. On the map were many, many red dots stuck on it. And on each dot, there was a photo of a person next to it. Pastor and some people were talking and discussing about the map. While they were talking, I heard the voice, “Ten thousand churches.” Then the vision changed and I saw Pastor in a worship service holding up the same map with the red dots and photos to the congregation. Then Pastor pointed to the map and told the people, “The ten thousand churches we are going to build.”

Sunday 16th November 2014

Saw Pastor looked around a wall that had maps of countries hanged on it filling the wall and all four corners. Pastor took time to look at each map and studied it intensively. As Pastor looked at each map, he began to pick up a scroll and wrote on the scroll. There were many scrolls all over the floor. Sometimes Pastor walked around, do some thinking, sometimes Pastor knelt down and prayed. Then I saw Pastor lifted up all the scrolls to the Lord Jesus and Jesus was pleased and began to bless it, and heard the voice, “Send forth.” Then I saw Pastor brought all the scrolls to a worship service. He placed all the scrolls on the pulpit and began to speak to the people. He told the people that they will be sent out to the world to build churches. He asked the people to look at the scrolls, and then he asked, “Are we prepared?” Then I saw a big thermometer on the wall and the scale was moving up and down (the red marker inside). Then Pastor said some people’s scale were right below and they were cold to the Lord, some people’s scale move up a little bit or to the centre and they were lukewarm. There were also some in which the scale moved upwards and shot to the top. These were the people who were on fire and ready for the ministry. They were ready to go. Then Pastor asked the people, “What is your scale?”

All of the above visions seen by three witnesses are true and the spiritual events that are seen did take place. There were more than three people who had seen me in visions with the scrolls. As our Father God saw it expeditious to reveal such things at this time, this portion of revelation is given forth. It will divide many people because it is controversial (but not unbiblical or contrary to biblical theology for the Bible is silent on many of these heavenly things) and hard to accept. But we have no more time to waste and it is time to rally the glorious church to come together. As you read this, and if you are among the members of the glorious church that are called to join with me together in preparing for the final revival in these endtimes and the Rapture, then repent for not loving God with first love, set your house in order and prepare for the second coming of our Lord in the Rapture. Deep in your heart and soul, you will know if you are amongst those that God is calling to be part of this revival. Some of you have forgotten why you came here to planet earth, while others are distracted with the temporal things of this life. It is time to Awake! Awake! For the midnight hour has come and our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon to gather His glorious church unto Himself (Matthew 25:6; 2 Thessalonians 2:1). Awake! O church of our Lord Jesus Christ to your eternal glorious destiny!

18 Sept 2014 – Midnight Hour for Planet Earth

18 Sept 2014 – Midnight Hour for Planet Earth (written on Sept 11 2014)

A group of seventy-seven of us are preparing ourselves to be on Mount Nebo for all night prayers on 18 September 2014, which the Lord has revealed to be the Midnight Hour for Planet Earth. On August 9th 2014, we began a second forty day fast which will culminate on September 18th 2014 on Mt Nebo, Madaba, Jordan. Forty of church members from Sydney, Singapore and our online church came together with me for the close of the altar building trips in Australia at Ayers Rock. Since that trip to Ayers Rock, the Lord started showing me the end of days and what is to happen after September 18th 2014.

18th September 2014 – the Midnight Hour

One of the things the Lord showed was that the midnight hour has come upon the planet earth on September 18th 2014, and the Lord will begin to separate the wheat from the tares (Matthew 13:24-30). The time of the harvest has come and the reapers will be sent from that date. As it is the pattern in the Bible, the moment the sickle is put to the grain, seven weeks will be counted (Deuteronomy 16:9). The Lord reminded me of the vision I saw in 1997 of the last week before the Rapture (the second coming of Jesus in the air). Like the prophecy of Jeremiah revealed to Daniel, the last week that I saw was actually seven weeks of years – 7 times 7 years (Daniel 9:2, 24). It is like the last week of Noah before the great flood when God told Noah to move into the ark together with the animals (Genesis 7:4). From September 18th 2014 onwards there will be seven cycles of seven years marking the end of days for the planet earth (Daniel 12:13). The first cycle is like the seven years of prosperity in Joseph’s time (2014-2020), the second cycle is like the cycle of famine in Joseph’s time (2020-2027), and the third cycle will be a period of wars and turmoil on the earth (2027-2034) (Genesis 41:25-36). The other cycles that God has shown, will be revealed when the time is closer.

It is from 18th September 2014, that I enter into the fullness of the calling of the voice that cries at midnight (Matthew 25:6). On 9th February 2014, when I was in Pergamos having my new name sealed by God, I was told that there were two prophecies in the book of Isaiah regarding my calling:

  • Keep silence before Me, O coastlands, and let the people renew their strength! Let them come near then let them speak; let us come near together for judgment. Who raised up one from the east? Who in righteousness called him to His feet? Who gave the nations before him, and made him rule over kings? Who gave them as the dust to his sword, as driven stubble to his bow? Who pursued them, and passed safely by the way that he had not gone with his feet? Who has performed and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? ‘I, the Lord, am the first; and with the last I am He.’ The coastlands saw it and feared, the ends of the earth were afraid; they drew near and came. Everyone helped his neighbour, and said to his brother. ‘Be of good courage!” – Isaiah 41:1-6
  • Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done. Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure.’ Calling a bird of prey from the east, the man who executes My counsel, from a far country. Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it, I will also do it. – Isaiah 46:10, 11

I knew these prophecies as a student of biblical prophecy and always thought that it referred to either Abraham or Cyrus. I was awestruck by the responsibility of the calling. The Lord also said that as John the Baptist was the voice that cry in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord (the first Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – Isaiah 40:3; Matthew 3:3), so I am the voice of one that cries at midnight that the bridegroom is coming (Matthew 25:6). John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah to prepare for the first coming of the Lord and I have the spirit of Enoch upon me to prepare the church for the Rapture, the coming of the Lord in the air. The real Elijah and the real Enoch will both come to prepare for the Second Coming of the Lord in judgment (Revelations 11:3-7). While pondering these things at Pergamos, the Lord said that if He had predestined Moses to lead the biblical exodus out of Egypt which involves about three million people, wouldn’t He have predestined the vessel to lead the end time move that involves the exodus of about one hundred and fifty million people and the salvation of about three billion people? He took me into the Spirit and showed me the predestination even before the foundation of the earth and the amount of preparation involved in preparing for this end time move. In awe, I trembled at His revelations and accepted the responsibilities to lead this end time revival to prepare in Christ a glorious church without spot or blemish (Ephesians 5:27). My only desire now is to see the answer to Jesus prayer for the church in John chapter seventeen.

The Separation of the Wheat and the Tares

As I write this chapter we are about seven days from September 18th and on the thirty-fourth day of a forty-two day fast. So many things have happened and so many changes had taken place that it looks like all things have been renewed. The Lord also revealed that after September 18th, the apostate church will rise as the wheat separate from the tares and the tares gather together into the apostate church (2 Thessalonians 2:3). During the church age which ends in the Rapture, the antichrist is held back by the Holy Spirit and the church working together with the angels of God and only the apostate church is allowed to manifest first before the antichrist reveals himself as god after the rapture at the beginning of the Great Tribulation of Daniel (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, 7; Daniel 7:20; 11:36). However, the apostate church will rise first then after that the manifestation of the antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

The Lord showed me five judgments that will come upon the present church:

  1. Repentance for not having first love, otherwise the lampstand will be taken away (Revelation 2:4-5).
  2. Repentance for the sin of Balaam (the love of money, the merchandising of the anointing and the giftings of the Holy Spirit) and for holding the doctrine of Nicolaitans (the rule of laity not recognizing the many appointed men and women of God whom God sent as His voice to them), otherwise He will come with a sword against them (Revelation 2:14-16).
  3. Repentance for sexual immorality and spiritual idolatry, otherwise He will bring the sentence of death upon them (Revelation 2:20-23).
  4. Repentance for being dead spiritually, otherwise they will not be part of the Rapture (Revelation 3:2-3).
  5. Repentance for being lukewarm, otherwise they will be vomited out by Jesus and cast out of His church (Revelation 3:15-17).

With the birth of the antichrist in 2015, it is no longer enough for Christians to just be nominal Christians or lukewarm. Darkness will cover the earth while the glory of God will arise upon His people (Isaiah 60:1-2). The story of the wise versus foolish virgins is a story of the separation of the wheat from the tares, for the Lord said to the foolish virgins ‘I do not know you.’ (Matthew 25:12). The contrast between the wise and the foolish is the definition provided by the Lord Jesus, that the foolish hears the word but does not do them and is destroyed (Matthew 7:24-27). The Lord also showed me during these forty-two day fast the reason why He held back the release of the seven thunders revelation until 14th November 2012. On the release of the revelation (hidden from the time of John the apostle), permission is granted to satan to begin the work to bring about the birth of the antichrist on planet earth (Revelation 10:4). It was reserved for the end of days when God’s glory had first come upon Pergamos on 9th February 2012, and as the enemy begin to organize a flood of evil, God will raise up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19). Since then the glory of the Lord has risen upon us (Isaiah 60:1).

Passing over into Midnight

The forty day fast that began on 9th August 2014 on the day that we travelled to Ayers Rock and will end on Mount Nebo, Madaba where we will have an evening of prayer on September 20th, is in three cycles of 14 + 14 + 14 = 42. When we began the fast we did not realize the significance of the forty two days. Without purposefully planning it, at the end of the first cycle of fourteen days (August 22nd to 23rd), we had water baptism and three of us went up to Bukit Timah hill and built an altar to the Lord. The angels in Singapore moved to that hill as a staging ground and continue to do so until Singapore has completed its part in the end times. At the end of the second cycle of fourteen days, we celebrated with communion in church after the all night prayer meeting (September 5th to 6th). The number fourteen is a number of the Passover when the Israelites first came out of the land of Egypt (Exodus 12:8). It is also the remarkable number of three cycles of fourteen generations from Abraham to Christ (Matthew 1:17). We will have seventy-seven people in all night prayers on Mount Nebo on September 18th 2014, the night of the crossover into Midnight hour for the planet earth. All things on planet earth will change from thus forth. The Lord showed three different groups of mighty angels who have been reserved for the end times released: a group that executes judgment, a group that joins themselves to the glorious church and a group that joins themselves to the existing angels who have been serving on planet earth since the days of Noah, and some before that.

There are so many other things that have taken place by this crossover point on 18th September 2014 that we will teach in time to come. For us it is the end of phase three. Now we understand that phase one was for the glory of God to come at Pergamos, phase two was for the release of the Seven Thunders, and phase three was the entrance into the Midnight Hour for the planet earth; resulting in the final closure of all time in seven cycles of seven years. The Great Tribulation in itself is in quantum time which ends the complete annihilation and removal of all evil on earth and in the Universe. What a glorious moment in human history to live at the crossover time! While evil is allowed by the permission of God to be gathered together, in the church it is time for the glory of God to rise upon each and every member, in exceeding glory (Haggai 2:7-9; 2 Corinthians 3:9).

For those of you who cannot make it to Mount Nebo on September 18, join with us in prayers in the Spirit, as we enter into a different epoch of human history from God’s perspective.

In Christ’s love,
Ps Johann Melchizedek Peter

Journey to Madaba, Patmos, 7 Churches

June 27th, 2014

Journey to Madaba, Patmos and the Seven Churches

Under the instruction of the Lord, from 26May 2014 to 6 June 2014, I went to Madaba, Patmos, and the Seven churches together with a team of around twelve leaders from COG (some of them joined only on the visit to Patmos and the Seven churches). This was to seal some of the things that the Lord has asked us to seal by prayer walks and building altars at various sites. We had very interesting spiritual experiences.


We had all night prayer on Mount Nebo on the night of 26 May 2014 after we built an altar there. We discovered when we went there in the evening that the old altar built on August 2012 had been demolished. Before we went to Madaba, God had already informed me that it had already happened and a symbolic message of the enemy’s infiltration and seeking to destroy the vessels that brought the endtime message for this season. We re-built a stronger altar and during the all night prayer at around 2am, God spoke to me to go to another site and build a second altar. I went alone to build the second altar while the others were praying, but several angels went with me. When some of those praying discovered that I had gone from where I was praying, they looked for me and saw me on another site. But strangely, they also saw the manifestation of another person who was with me. It was an angel of the Lord who had physically manifested to their eyes. Also at the beginning of the all night prayers, three of them noticed a person who looked like a security guard watching us from the trees on a hill. After some time, he disappeared. Since I was praying near the area where they thought they saw a security guard, I told (the next day when they shared their experiences) that there was no one with us except millions of angels. The angel s of the Lord had manifested physically to some of them! During the all night prayers, the spirits of the 144,000 who are about to come to earth in batches visited with us. We will be working closely with the Israelite dispensation who are preparing for their time during the Tribulation and will be in fellowship with us who are working on the endtime glorious church.

In the early morning, we came down from Madaba and went to Mukawir to build altars there before retiring to our hotel for a rest. On the evening of 27 May 2014 at between 6:50pm to 7:04 pm, I was visited by various angels who delivered their messages. The Archangel Raphael with his host of angels came and spoke three things to me: that he will have an increased work in my life from thus forward, that his armies are now around us and that he has established a deeper type of inner open vision into my life.  After that, the angel of Australia came and explained to me the network of lights that I had seen on the all night prayer (some of the others also saw a network of lights). It was made known to me that the network of lights shielded the whole earth from the cleansing of evil that was taking place in the Universe, as the angels of God swept the Universe clean of evil and directed them to the bottomless pit that will be opened in the time of the Tribulation. There were three major grouping of angels involved in this work and it seems to cover three dimensional portals. The portals restricted the fallen angels into the time dimension section of the Tribulation (with the exception of the two fallen angels to be released in 2027). The portals also serve as dimensional corridors for the passage of glory and angels from the throne of God to the earth, and some other functions which are beyond the description of human language.

The Seven Angels of the Seven churches also manifested and one of the interesting revelation was that the rainbow around the throne (Revelation 4:3) was actually a reflection of the seven spirits of God (Revelation 4:5). The earthly form seen from Noah’s time was a shadow of that which was cast by them during their work in this endtimes (the time of Noah’s flood was linked to the Tribulation through a time quantum shift) (Genesis 9:12-17).  After that hosts of angels downloaded various understandings and impartations. That night, my whole body was trembling from the download and the whole bed shook.  Some of those who built the altar at Mount Nebo also felt a trembling and shaking during the prayer over the altar. One of those revelations given was that we will be working side by side with the 144,000 during the endtimes and the glorious church has a role in preparing them for their work during the Tribulation.

Patmos on 29 May 2014

Before I arrived on the island of Patmos with the team, the guardian angel of the apostle John greeted me in Madaba and told me that he will meet up with us when we go there.  I was told his name and also the meaning of his name. His name means “light.” We built three altars on the island of Patmos as directed by the Lord. At the first altar an army of God was released. At the second altar, I saw the heavens open and John the apostle visited with his guardian angel and a host of other saints in glory. At the third altar, I had to stay and close a physical gate which I held open for the rest of the team, and told the team that the angel of the Lord has caused a wild goat to take them ahead to the site of the altar. This has happened before in the Bible when God used angels to direct the cows to bring the ark to Beth Shemesh (1 Samuel 6:7-12). The only difference was that we need not sacrifice any animals since Jesus is the one and only sacrifice for all of us at the cross. The wild goat went his way after leading the team to the site.

That evening after we returned to the hotel having built three altars to the Lord, the Lord caused rain, lightning and thunder to come on Patmos as the Australian archangel (the Seven Thunders archangel of Revelation 10), accepted the altars that we built for the Lord. There was the sealing of the revelations of the Seven Thunders and the anointing that was upon the apostle John, the first recipient of the Seven Thunders revelation, was sealed upon me.

Journey to the Seven Churches

31 May 2014 – Ephesus and Smyrna

We went to Ephesus by train and walked to the site the Lord showed to build an altar. Before arriving, I was shown a vision of a cave-like structure of rocks and we headed for the hill that had that formation of rocks and built an altar to the Lord.  The angel of Ephesus appeared at the first altar that we built. After that we took a taxi to Smyrna where we climbed one of the hills along a range of mountains and built an altar to the Lord. The angel of Smyrna visited us and many of the team felt the great presence of God’s love. I myself was moved to tears when he visited with us and bless us.

1 June 2014 – Pergamos

After broadcasting the Sunday messages in the early hours of the morning, we set off later that morning for Pergamos. We built another altar to the Lord and placed the stone from Madaba and from Ayers Rock on the altar that we built on 9 February 2014. There was so much glory and presence that day and we basked in the glory of the Lord. I received much revelation of things to come and of event that will take place both globally, nationally and those of a personal nature. Some of which will have to be kept secret until the time comes to reveal.

2 June 2014 – Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea

We started off early in the morning by van to Thyatira and since the modern town of Akhisar had no high mountains, we went to one of its suburbs to build an altar to the Lord there. Again the Lord directed us and we found the place that the Lord showed and built altars to the Lord there. It was a hill full of olive trees, symbolic of the anointing of the Lord. It was appropriate for Thyatira represents the Spirit of Power.

The journey to Sardis (modern name Sardes) took us through a range of mountains and we had a stopover where there was spring water coming down from a mountain range. The spring water was regarded as holy by the people and our chauffeur and driver went there to pray and say blessings.  We saw a lot of prayers tied to a tree near the river and it is all interesting because Sardis represents the Spirit of Life. We built altars along the range of mountains that overlook the town of Sardis.

After Sardis, we headed back towards Philadelphia. The modern city of Philadelphia was supposedly Alasehir but research has shown us that this was not the original site of the biblical city of Philadelphia. The original city of Philadelphia was built on a range of high mountains and it is the modern city of Bozdag. Bozdag was like a little Swiss village hidden amongst mountain ranges. The stones there were unusual; there was marble and rocks with shining particles on it. The mountain was high and I climbed high up to build an altar to the Lord and then came down to have the whole team build two more altars on the lower sections. We read from the book of Proverbs 8 after we built the altar.

“Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice. She takes her stand on the top of the high hill, Beside the way, where the paths meet. She cries out by the gates, at the entry of the city, At the entrance of the doors…” (Proverbs 8:1-3).

There was also a fragrance in the area from the wild flowers present on the hill. Indeed the Spirit of Wisdom is sweeter than honey and honeycomb. Upon descending the hill, we saw a shepherd with sheep. Jesus our Wisdom is the shepherd of our souls.

Our final destination was Laodicea of which is now a suburb of Denizli, the modern town in Turkey. The old site was still there but in ruins with sign posts pointing to it as Laodikea. There was no place to build an altar on the old site of ruins so we went to the suburb of Denizli called Honaz to build altars to the Lord. In our research we knew that Honaz was near the old site of Colossae, which was about 11 miles or 17.7 kilometers from Laodicea. Our modern cities are now bigger and Honaz (part of old Colossae) is now a part of Denizli, which included the old site of Laodicea. Colossae and Laodicea are now suburbs of the modern town of Denizli. The high mountain areas are towards Honaz and we build altars there. The night after resting in Denizli upon completing the altar building, the Lord spoke and said that we had just fulfilled biblical prophecy! Laodicea is mentioned four times in Colossians (Col. 2:1; 4:13, 15, 16). The Colossians were asked to read the letter that Paul wrote to the church in Laodicea and vice versa. In the rebuke to the Laodicean church in Revelations, Jesus said that He will spew them out of His mouth (Revelations 3:16). The blessing to the overcomers of Laodicea was now upon the Colossian church, which now also represents the endtime church. And the letter of Paul to the first church, Ephesus, was about who we are in Christ, while the letter to the last representative church, Colossians, replacing Laodicea, was about who Christ is in us (the hope of glory).  It had always been predestined that Colossians represented Laodicea and we fulfilled it by building an altar representing the last church Laodicea in Honaz, which was Colossae! What a divine coincidence! All planned and predestined by the Lord.

Having completed our seven churches mandate, we rested that night in Denizli and allowed the team members some free time to look around. Even on the next day, when we looked around, we happened to go to the site of Hierapolis which was a site mentioned in the book of Colossians (Colossians 4:12-13). Epaphras who was one of Paul’s main associates, ministered in all three places of Colossae, Laodicea and Hierapolis. And we went to all these three places by divine coincidence!

After Hierapolis we went back to Pergamos and spent time there fasting and praying. The Lord sealed all the work of altar building and spiritual everything is linked: Madaba, Mukawir, Patmos, Pergamos and the other seven churches to Ayers Rock, where the Archangel of Australia, the Seven Thunders archangel of Revelations 10 is sited. What a glorious journey and we built 27 altars in 10 places.  Each of those who participated received a strong impartation from the Lord. The next prayer and sealing work to be done is at Ayers Rock this August and then Madaba again in September, which ends the third phase.

2014 – Judgment in the house of God

What a year 2013 had been. It felt like 5 years with the many things that had taken place. As we looked to the year 2014, the Lord said that the year 2014 is judgment in the house of God and the year 2015 is judgment on the world.

For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God – 1 Peter 4:17

As I waited on the Lord for this year’s message, the Lord spoke about both this year and the next year. The two years of 2014 and 2015 are closely connected and flows into one another as judgment that begins in the house of God rolls over to the judgment upon all that is in the world. What is this judgment for and how do we respond?

Firstly, this judgment at the house of God is to shake all Christians, ministries and churches in two areas: those who have been yielding to demonic spirits and those who have allowed the world to compromise them. As the holiness of God increases and in preparation for the glory of God to be present in His physical church, God is firstly removing all those who have allowed demons to work in their lives. Demons have no place in the church of God and God is cleansing His church from those who have opened doors to allow demons to follow and live with them. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons (1 Corinthians 10:21). Those Christians, ministries and churches that have allowed demons to function in their lives will be utterly shaken and if they do not repent, God will take their lampstand away and remove them (Revelation 2:5). By remove, it could mean two things, either they will no longer be effective or they might possibly die physically, lest they sin further by becoming so demonized that they lose their salvation.

The second area that God will be shaking is Christians, ministries and churches who are worldly. We are in the world by not of the world (John 15:19; John 17:14-16). From now to the year 2020, we must perfect peace, love and glory into our lives. The love of God cannot be perfected in those who have the love for the world. Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15). For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever (1 John 2:16-17). Those who are worldly have the doctrine of Balaam, who is a lover of money, and leads to idolatry and immorality. The instruction of Jesus is to repent, or else He, Himself, will fight against them with the sword of His mouth (Revelation 2:16). God is shaking off the demons clinging to His bride and the mud of the world that pollutes His bride.

There is also the law of parallels that take place between Israel and the church: what happens to one happens to the other. Both are olive branches join to the same root (Romans 11:16-18). As God’s judgment is effected on the church, there will be parallels of it manifesting in the nation of Israel. Historically, the events of Israel have also paralleled the events in the church: in 1948 Israel coming together as a nation parallels the healing revivals in of the fivefold ministries in the 1950s; the 1950-1960s rise of the healing evangelists is paralleled by the conquest of the Sinai Peninsula by Israel in 1956; the gain of large sections of territory including Jerusalem in 1967 parallels the charismatic revival where Christianity finds its Acts chapter 2; the 1973 war parallels the rise of the mega churches establishment of the charismatic churches worldwide; and the difficult years of 1982-2006 mirrors the difficult times and scandals of the church worldwide. In 2014-2015, there will be signs that show forth the dealings of God on both branches of the olive tree as God prunes both Israel and His church for the coming restoration revival that heralds His second coming.

In the move of God in Cathedral of Glory, on the overnight prayer of 13-14 December 2013, the revelation was released as to the identifying of one of the angels working together with us in this revival as the archangel of Revelations 10. We have come to know that he is the seven thunders archangel, the original archangel in charge of the entire planet earth and now fulfilling His role as the archangel of Australia. In encounters with him on that night and early morning, I was instructed to take on the name  ‘John’ (I was given the freedom to use any other language derivation of that same name – Hebrew ‘Yohanan’ and Greek ‘Iohan’ or ‘Iohannes’ – so I settled for the derivation ‘Johann’). On Sunday 15 December 2013, while still absorbing the revelation, Melchizedek the cherub, impressed upon me to also take on the name ‘Melchizedek’ in order to lead and train the second generation for the rapture that will take place as a finale to this revival. I kept the revelations secret until I had returned to Australia and registered the name change. We made two trips to Canberra to effect the name changed. In the first trip we were transported physically but different from the first transportation on 27 November 2012.

On 27 November 2012, we were transported around 110 kilometres from point A before Goulburn to point B just before the turning to Barton Highway through one frame to another in a nano second. On 24 December 2014, when we were travelling to Canberra, it was like entering many, many frames and being brought through multiple frames and being kept in it for a long extended period of time. This time my GPS was on, unlike the first time when it was off. If I had been transported from one frame to another, the GPS would have reacted by suddenly saying ‘recalculating.’ This time the GPS reacted erratically like the speed was changing from 110 km per hour (the legal limit along the freeway) to 100 km, the legal limit just before Canberra. I could also see frames of the highway into Canberra and it seemed that there were many sights and places along the highway that we did not see. It was like the transportation through the frames slowed downed purposefully and we were absorbing a lot of the spiritual energy released between each frame and time slowed down for us. The normal time to reach from point to point was three hours but we reached in two hours. One hour was missing. During our second trip on 2 January 2014, we were not transported and took exactly 3 hours to reach point to point. On both trips I had topped up my diesel tank to complete full tank, and on the first trip when we were transported, the diesel consumption showed about two-thirds of one quarter tank while the second trip on Jan 2 showed a fuel consumption of one quarter tank plus another slightly more than half of a quarter tank. The fuel consumption meter showed that we had saved roughly about a third of normal consumption. It was quite an awesome experience to see the frames passing and time being held back. The presence of God was very, very strong and my physical body is still reacting to the after effects of the energy released.

To the spiritual world, this name changed was very important and God had demonstrated His power once again to confirm His perfect Will in doing all this. The acceptance of the new name God gave me, Johann Melchizedek Peter, was like a circumcision of the old me, taking away all of the original name I was born with and putting on of the new spiritual name from the Spiritual dimension of my eternal destiny. Peter was the spiritual name I had taken when I was converted to Christianity and it has become my surname, as I am called to be an apostle like Peter to lead His church, being blessed with the keys of the kingdom as Peter was in Matthew chapter 16 (Matthew 16:18-19). Johann is the new name given because the same Holy Spirit anointing that was upon John the apostle will now come upon me; and the name Melchizedek was given so that the same anointing that Melchizedek the cherub operated upon would also come upon me to lead the bride of Jesus into glory. It takes three anointings plus the anointing that Paul the apostle had to bring the bride of Jesus into His full glory. I am still trembling from His impartations and anointings.

Several reasons, not all intellectually comprehensible, were given to me for the adoption of the name of John (for the adoption of the name of Melchizedek – we already have a teaching series on the Melchizedek generation that explains the relevance of Melchizedek the cherub’s working).  The first is that the archangel of Australia, who is the archangel of Revelation chapter 10, will now work with me as He had worked with John in the giving of the seven thunders revelation. The second was that the anointing of John the apostle in all its full intimacy and  revelation of the Lord Jesus would come upon me and the third, was that the words of Jesus ‘that if he remain till I come, what is that to you’ (spoken to Peter in John 21:22-23) would come to pass in some form. We all know that John himself clarified that it was not a word of prophecy that John would not die, as John did and clarified in John 21:23 that such was not the interpretation. Nevertheless, it seemed that the words of Jesus many times carries shades of meaning and power that moves into the spiritual world to be fulfilled, and the faith of many Christians in John’s time and thereafter, was that he would live to see the second coming of Jesus or appear again, somehow needed also to be fulfilled. This was the third reason, and it sealed the acceptance of the calling that I had, that I would be translated and not die but see the coming of the Lord, besides leading His bride into the glorious church. The fourth reason was the reception of the endtime revelation that John had that would come upon me for the endtimes and the fifth was that somehow in the Spiritual World, just a ‘John,’ a name supernaturally given by archangel Gabriel to Zacharias for his son, John the Baptist, who herald the first coming of Jesus, another ‘John’ was to herald the second coming of Jesus exactly as John the Baptist had herald Jesus first coming (Luke 1:13-17). I am trembling under these anointings and impartations and still absorbing the impact of these changes into my being.

The Lord also said to me that in the culmination of absorbing the anointing of the Spirit of peace (angel of Ephesus), the Spirit of love (angel of Smyrna) and the Spirit of glory (angel of Pergamos) that the message to the overcomers are to be fully absorbed into the church within these remaining years to 2020 when the church reached its glorious state and enter into the decade of power (2020 to 2030). And being anointed and called to lead this move, I was to partake of all the promise to the overcomers literally: the Tree of Life fully (absorbed the eternal immortal life of Jesus, our Tree of Life), be untouched by the power of victory over the second death (spiritual death) to such a degree that physical death is conquered – become translated physically without seeing death, and as I would receive the hidden manna and the white stone with a new name that no one knows, symbolically while on earth, I had to change my name completely too (Revelation 2:7, 11, 17). He said that I had to become the living sermon to the world of the fullness of the Spirit of peace, the Spirit of love and the Spirit of glory in order to lead His bride into the fullness of glory; and progressively through these next six plus forty years, absorbed the rest of the promises to the overcomers to the other church angels (Revelation 2:26-28, 3:5, 12, 21). All these are spiritually transacted as I humbly, and trembling under the fear of God, received the new name God had given. It is going to take me this whole year to fully comprehend all that has occurred in the Spirit.

What and how are Christians to react to the message of judgment in the house of God for the year 2014? We should seek to turn all our lives around and apply our full heart, mind and soul to these areas:

1. Become sealed into the destiny for our lives.

On the negative side, the Lord says that those who continue to choose to allow demons to operate in their lives, that He would take His presence from their lives and allow destruction of the flesh to occur; and many would physically die (both these year and before reaching the year 2020) and mercifully, their spirits would be saved (1 Corinthians 5:3-5). There will be some who persist stubbornly and even go against the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord and the anointed of the Lord and they will be totally demonized, some lose their salvation and totally become demon possessed (Hebrews 6:6-8; 10:26; 1 John 5:16). For such, this is their last and final warning. Let us not be judgmental and think that all who die during these next six years are disobedient but some could die and go home to the Lord because they finish their work and calling.

On the positive side, those who live their lives right and make the right choices will have their destinies sealed and sanctified this year and be given anointings, giftings, impartations, and callings that will empower them into the glorious church (1 Thessalonians 5:23; John 14:27; 15:5-6; 16:13-14). In the year 2014, the Lord marks those who are for Him and those who are not for Him.

2. Enter into a time of waiting on the Lord.

On the negative side, those who serve God in their own strength and their own flesh will be brought to nought; first they will be taken away and then they will be case forth as a branch to be burned (John 15:2, 6). They are like salt that has lost its flavour and be thrown out and trampled afoot by men (Matthew 5:13). They are like the man who built his house on the sand without a foundation and in the rain and floods of judgment will cause their house to fall (Matthew 7:25-27). And in the judgment day, all their works are destroyed, they suffer loss, only saving themselves (1 Corinthians 3:15).

On the positive side, those who wait on the Lord and allow the Lord to build into their lives, the Lord will show them things which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the hearts of men, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him and wait upon Him (1 Corinthians 2:9-10; Isaiah 64:4). The revelations that God would pour into their hearts this year will establish them into the glorious church (1 Corinthians 2:7). Let us wait in fasting and prayers with a heart that trembles at God’s word (Isaiah 66:1-2).

3. Be faithful in small things as well as in big things.

This is a year when everything is accelerated and magnified. On the negative side, a small wrong decision can cause you ten years of your life or even total loss of life but a right simple choice can seal your destiny permanently and empower you into the glorious church. In 2 Kings 13, the simple act of hitting the arrows three times by a king in private audience with a prophet, sealed the fate of a nation (2 Kings 13:15-19). Instead of the nation of Israel destroying Syria, Syria destroyed them. Thousands of lives were affected because of one simple act. He that is faithful in little will be faithful in much and he that is unjust in little will be unjust in much (Luke 16:10). Those who are faithful in a few things will be given much spiritual authority over many things and they will enter into the joy and glory of the Lord (Matthew 25:21, 13).

4. Be established rather than be removed from the lampstand.

The call of the Lord is to ‘Repent!’ Repent if you have lost your first love. Repent for God is coming to take away your lampstand (Revelations 2:5). To those who are walking like Balaam and Balak, repent or else God Himself will fight against you with the sword of His mouth (Revelations 2:16). Two things can occur in the removal from the lampstand, the individual will die physically or the individual will become null and void, a vessel castaway or rejected (1 Corinthians 9:27). Those who cleansed themselves this year and sanctified themselves unto the Lord will become established as a vessel of honour, sanctified and useful for our Master and Lord Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:21). Where before they were hidden, they shall henceforth be given a lampstand that their light may shine forth in the era of the glorious church (Luke 8:16). The Lord shall make known His glory to such vessels of mercy, whom He has prepared beforehand for glory (Romans 9:23).

5. Know that we are in the final phase and chapter to the Lord’s return.

With the adoption of the name, Johann Melchizedek Peter, the Lord told me that once I proclaimed this name change, it heralds that we are to get ready as a bride for the second coming of the Lord. Just as John the Baptist herald the first coming of the Lord, Johann Melchizedek Peter is to herald the second coming of the Lord, and prepare the way for the return of the Lord. Name changes of leaders in the Bible are significant. Abram changed his name to Abraham and entered into a new phase of relationship with God, Jacob was given the new name, Israel, and entered in nation building phase (Genesis 17:5; 32:27, 28). Although John the Baptist carried Elijah’s anointing, he was not given Elijah’s name but rather was given the name, John (Luke 1:13). John the Baptist was a voice in wilderness crying ‘Prepare the way of the Lord and make His paths straight’ (Mark 1:3). The Lord told me that Johann Melchizedek Peter was now to:

Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a HIGHWAY for the Lord (Isaiah 40:3). He showed me a vision of the Highway which He has built from His coming to the present and that we are in the FINAL PHASE of this highway. It is about to be complete and WILL BE COMPLETED in this revival that He has anointed us for. This is the FINAL CALL to get ready for the coming of the Lord, and to become His glorious church without spot, wrinkle or blemish (Ephesians 5:27).

As we prepare ourselves in fasting and prayer to be part of the glorious church in 2014 and 2015, I would like to share two visions of endtimes that significant to the times that we live in:

A vision of the prosperity of the wicked

Souls of wicked men on earth, who look ugly, deformed and grotesque, were prospering exceedingly greatly and spreading out with tentacle-like shapes all around the world. They were fattening themselves with the best on earth and growing large, producing numerous fruit abundantly but the fruit was also as ugly and grotesque as themselves. Yet they desire after these fruit and valued them highly. In their prosperity, they seem to fare better than people of God, although their light shines forth brightly. The prosperity of the wicked seemed to completely overwhelm the righteous and completely covered them so that the righteous cannot be seen any more. Although they were completely overwhelmed, they were not destroyed but rather, hidden from view. Then a voice from heaven proclaimed, ‘The time has come! The judgment of the Lord has come!’ Immediately, a great demolition took place and all the wicked were destroyed. Then the righteous began to show their prosperity that was hidden from view. They had been prospering all along (even during the time that they were seemingly overwhelmed), and now it was revealed as great prosperity. This prosperity was much, much greater than the prosperity of the wicked and the fruit of this prosperity was extremely beautiful to behold.

A vision of false and genuine signs and wonders

The people of God, sons of God, were on the earth and to many of them were given an anointing to work and perform the signs and wonders of God. They worked miracles and demonstrated great signs and wonders on the earth turning many to the Lord. As soon as the sons of God began to work miracles, signs and wonders bringing great joy and worship in the churches of God, the sons of darkness began to also work miracles, signs and wonders through the power of demons and fallen angels. The signs that they wrought were greater and more spectacular than the sons of God. The sons of darkness began to deride, mocked and scorn the sons of God for their lesser signs and wonders. Not only were their lying signs and wonders more spectacular but they were also more numerous. These signs and wonders deceived many, who are first looked at the true signs and wonders done by the sons of God but now they turned away to these lying signs and wonders. When the Lord would do a work and a sign, the enemy would do many more works and signs.

Throughout this time, the Lord Jesus was present and watching. He said, “I have allowed the enemy to demonstrate his power, yet he will not be able to deceive My own whom I will give sufficient light so that they shall be able to discern and know which are the true works of My Spirit. The people will have to choose which wonders are right and which are of Me. Those who truly desire to follow Me shall correctly define things as they are and shall NOT be deceived or led astray. But those who are not truly following after Me and do not desire Me shall choose the way of the greater and more numerous wonders and false signs. Deceiving themselves, these shall follow after the lying workers of miracles because they seek not to follow Me and deceived in themselves.”

In the vision, many who at first seem to follow the Lord, in great numbers began to follow after the greater signs and wonders, being greatly deceived. Yet, His own were not deceived. Those who followed the false signs and wonders did not return to the Lord, nor look to those who did the lesser signs and true works of the Lord. The Lord was present with the sons of God and was working signs in the midst of the sons of God. These signs and wonders carried a presence that was also of a transforming nature and changed those who remained with the Lord into a glory that far exceeds the light of the sun manifold. It became apparent to all that those who had left and followed the lying signs and wonders were never a part of the Lord or truly belonging to Him. In the end, no one that did not belong to Him was present amongst the sons of God but only those who were truly His and remained with Him.

The coming years from 2015 onwards are precarious years. It is not too farfetched or inconceivable that only those who truly love God with first love will last and endure and enter into the phase of the glorious church in 2020. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit of God is saying in these last days.

Love in Christ,

Ps Johann Melchizedek Peter

Prepare for the Coming Wars and Worldwide Catastrophes

June 28th, 2013

Prepare for the Coming Wars and Worldwide Catastrophes

This message is intended to prepare those of our friends and partners, church members in Sydney, Singapore and around the world and those Christians who believe this message, and their families, loved ones and friends to move to the right place at the right time in God’s perfect Will on their lives. It is most important that each of you discover God’s destiny in your life and know how to respond to the coming wars and worldwide catastrophes. This is not intended to cause fear or alarm but more to prepare those who believe this message for the coming events that will change the whole world. The events are a part of God’s shaking of the whole earth and cannot be prevented or stopped but our response to it in evangelism and the saving of souls and lives can be increased through prayers and intercessions.

Hebrews 12:26-20

Whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “YET ONCE MORE I SHAKE NOT ONLY THE EARTH, BUT ALSO HEAVEN.” Now this, “YET ONCE MORE,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire.

The above speaks of a spiritual shaking but in this last generation that will see the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, there will be a sign given to this earth that our God reigns and that He is about to shake both the heavens and the earth that we may turn from our wicked ways and return to our God and Father of all creation, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is understandable that many will find this message unbelievable and are sceptical. Our answer is that if God were to show this events in visions, is it right to keep silent and not warn the whole world? If the visions are not true, and we did tell people about it, it is only our reputation and pride that is hurt. On the other hand, if the visions are true and we fail to warn the world, woe to us for failing to warn the world and save as many people as possible. Thus in facing the choice of keep silent or telling the world, the choice is to tell and warn for when it comes to pass billions of lives are affected and many millions would have died who could be saved. In Noah’s time, when he told people about the coming flood, many choose not to believe him. When the day comes and these events take place, the world would know that God has in His mercy given advance warning. There are many other more capable, more talented and much better people whom God could have given the task to warn the world of this event. We are humbled by the task and responsibility God gave to warn the world of these coming events. Please critique, examine and test these prophecies and hold fast to that which is true and good (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21).

Seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine

From 2013 to around 2020, we will see a period of prosperity and wealth that God will give to allow His people and those who are wise to store up for the years of famine that are liken to the 7+7 years during the time of Joseph (Genesis 41:15-32). This does not mean that there will not be normal down curves in the growth cycle nor that every country is going to experience prosperity similarly as some countries will still struggle. At the end of this period, will be a period of great famines and recession that will affect major currencies of the world from 2020 to 2027. The advice to friends and partners and those who believe this message is to accumulate your wealth and move to the places and countries that are safe havens from the wars and worldwide catastrophes that are coming before 2027.

Events coming in 2027 – beginning of unrest and wars from 2027 to 2029

There will be a situation in Spain that will require the intervention of the United Nations and the world. USA will play a key role in this intervention and when this grows to the level of becoming a major USA intervention, many nations of the world will not flow with this. Within USA itself, there will be great unhappiness that takes place to the extent of the breaking up of the union of the United States of America. The many visions of internal strife and major riots and instability that God would have revealed to His beloved saints would have started growing during the years of famine and become uncontrollable during the intervention into Spain. Internal civil wars would result and this would cause many countries to be concern. Major European countries would disagreed with the intervention in Spain and seek to go against USA. Many other nations would begin to react unfavourably towards USA and ask that their troops and armies stationed in outposts in their countries to leave (South Korea, Japan, Philippines, etc.). The greatest surprise to all would be an attack of a major outpost of USA in India by China with 20 warships of which two of them are aircraft carriers. After successfully destroying the bases, the Chinese warships continue towards USA in the direction of Washington and New York while USA is internally fighting its own civil war. A major sea battle begins and the Chinese loses two warships (an aircraft carrier and a destroyer) with other ships damaged. Seeing no victory, the Chinese ships return back to China.

In the meantime, major unrest also takes place in the continent of Africa and major wars are fought between many countries. Out of about 50 countries in the African continent, only 8 remained with their borders extended all over the African continent. South Africa enlarged itself to more than two to three times its size. This major unrest spreads around the world and in Brazil three groups with mafia like connections fight for control over the country. In Argentina, a major coup d’état takes place. Countries of the whole world enter into a major period of unrest and riots. In Europe, the major countries of Europe led by England, France and Germany continue to press for a European union that would include the former Soviet east European countries and this would cause unhappiness in Russia resulting in outbreak of war between Russia and Europe. The whole is at war but not a war between the Axis and the Allies but each country has its own unrest, some civil wars and then border wars to enlarge and control more territories fought in Africa and Europe. USA breaks up into several countries and no longer exists as USA. This impacts the entire world. In the Middle East, the war between the Shites and the Sunnis intensify and two nuclear devices were detonated.

During the first phase of the European war, Russia suffers losses and in the midst of this war, meteorites hit Russia in seven places. The two biggest pieces hit the area where there are two fallen angels bound, releasing them. Their release is not caused by the meteorites as their captivity is more spiritual caused but the natural events are permitted as sign posts of events that take place spiritually. The areas that the meteorites hit in 2027 are as below shown in red dots, with biggest as red circles:


Taking advantage of the shock of the meteorites falling, England, France and Germany led the assault into Russia. They conquered Moscow. However, the Russians counterattacked on two fronts, from St Petersburg and from Moscow and successfully drive the Europeans back. Just as the Russians are about to conquer England, France and Germany, a worldwide catastrophic event strikes the whole planet.

Major Worldwide Catastrophic event in 2029 – Earthquakes and Tsunamis

A worldwide earth shaking movement took place in every country of the earth – like the whole earth being shaken simultaneously. Major eruptions of volcanoes take place and Iceland is covered by the sea. England disappears under water. The major fault that is present on the Western side of USA erupts and the earthquake extended all the way from North West continental area of the USA all the way down to Mexico with entire coastlines disappearing under water. The quake extended throughout the length of the South American coastline along Chile. The same fault line in the Indian Ocean that erupted in 2004, erupts more severely again. An earthquake that spans many countries all the way from Turkey to China erupts causing much destruction. An undersea earthquake erupts to the East of Philippines and causes the largest tsunami the world has never seen at a height of 300 metres at its epicentre. It is a crescent shape, with the top curve about longitude 165 latitude 45 and the bottom curve longitude 165 latitude 0 (equator); and the middle curve was around longitude 140 latitude 17.5 (near the Northern Mariana islands). The following is a rough map of the events:


The black lines in the map show the size of the earthquakes. The blue lines show the various water levels and tsunami covering the coastlines and the red line crescent shows the biggest tsunami that world has ever seen. It totally wipes out the nations of Philippines, Singapore, huge parts of Malaysia and major coastlines of Asian countries. It reached the Western coast of USA within a day and wipes out what remains of the earthquake that took place. In Australia, Ayers Rock is split into two and new land appeared to the south south-east of Australia such that Tasmania is no longer an island. New land appeared in New Zealand such that both North and South Islands became one land mass with more land added towards the north east region towards Australia. The world map will look different after the earthquakes and tsunamis with North and South America becoming separated by the sea. Sea coastline levels worldwide become higher by about four to five metres.

From 2020 to 2027, we will be involved in a major exodus of moving around 50 million people to areas of refuge as shown in visions. The major areas are Australia, Western areas of Canada, Russia, parts of Asia inland, South America, Ethiopia, etc. These visions will come to pass. In working closely with the angels, already supernatural things have taken place. On Tuesday 27th November 2012, when Ps David, Amy and I were driving between Sydney and Canberra, we were transported around 12pm by a distance of nearly 110 kilometres and taken to an area where we met with the angels and archangels. The map below shows the distance and approximate time when we were physically transported from point A to point B:


At point B, I realized that we were in a different place and made a U turn to go back by the Barton Highway (a north-west road to Canberra) when we would have originally taken the Federal Highway (a north-east road to Canberra). Our last time check during the drive was 11:30am and we were so caught in the excitement of the transportation that by the time we check the time again it was around 12:30pm and we were at point C, which is something impossible for if we had not been transported we would still be somewhere before the turning of the Federal Highway. This event has changed us physically and spiritually.

All these are parts of our many varied angelic encounters and there are many more supernatural things in store when we will go publicly around the world from 2022 to 2026 to warn of these coming events. In the meantime, to those of our friends, partners, church members in Sydney, Singapore and around the world who have a chance to hear these messages, please do prepare yourself during the next seven years and go to a place of refuge that the Lord has chosen and will lead you to. Our desire is that you be safe and continue to prepare for the rapture and the coming of the Lord which we will speak more about in the fullness of time.

For those of you who live in countries that will be severely affected by the coming wars and catastrophes, please start praying over these next seven years of the Lord’s Will and destinies for your life and where you should rebuild your base and family. Our prayers together with yours are that the Lord would save as many souls and lives as possible.

May the Lord preserve your spirit, soul and body blameless until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonian 5:23).

Love in Christ,

Ps Johann Melchizedek Peter

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